28 Movies That Were Waaay Darker Than Their Trailers Led Us To Believe

Yes, Click will be covered here.

7/31/2021 11:35:00 AM

Yes, Click will be covered here.

Yes, Click will be covered here.

Warner Bros. Pictures"I put it on the other day for my 1-year-old, expecting something fun and bright with lots of music. Those moments were there, too, but stuff like the seal chase and religious extremism were super creepy. Then towards the end where Mumble is caught and kept in captivity to the point of almost losing his mind was very unsettling, considering what I expected.

ATEEZ Hit No. 1 on Emerging Artists Chart, While BLACKPINK's Lisa, Chloe Debut in Top Five 'Could be other indictments coming': Surprises at court hearing for Trump moneyman Jo Lasorda, wife of Los Angeles Dodgers manager, dies at 91

—"That shit gets real, quickly."—amyjazSome submissions have be edited for length and/or clarity! Read more: BuzzFeed »

How Taiwan's last 'fire fishing' boat is keeping tradition alive

As night falls, a group of fishermen set sail off the coast of northern Taiwan, where they prepare to catch sardines with a traditional method: fire.

gone wilddddddd

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Yes, Lizzy Howell Is Breaking Dance Stereotypes — But That's Not Her GoalLizzy Howell just wants to be as real as possible. ✨💕 Read her full interview with willahbennett ⤵️ willahbennett “I don't want to be labeled. I'm just a human being and I look different than you, which is fine because we all look different from each other.' ✨ LIZZY RULES!!! She is also a stunning dancer.

Yes, You Can Protest Without MarchingThis week, the Americans with Disabilities Act turned 31 years old. ELLE.com spoke with social justice and political leaders to get their advice on how drawing, tweeting, and spending can create lasting change, even if you're not physically showing up. This kind of a Belle post... Mercy!

Country's Neon Lights Are Brighter On Broadway. Yes, THAT BroadwayWhen country artists talk about playing Broadway, they’ve typically referenced the barroom stages on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. But increasingly, the stages in the genre’s sights are theatrical venues that will lead to Broadway NYC.

‘Luzifer’: Debut Trailer For Ulrich Seidl-Produced Exorcism MovieEXCLUSIVE: Here’s the first look at Luzifer, Peter Brunner’s feature inspired by a true story of an exorcism. Dog Days filmmaker Ulrich Seidl produced the movie. Franz Rogowski and Susanne Jensen s…