270 medical experts write open letter to Spotify calling out Joe Rogan’s ‘harmful’ COVID-19 misinformation

A cohort of medical experts have written an open letter to Spotify urging the platform to take action against Joe Rogan for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

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1/15/2022 5:15:00 PM

A cohort of medical experts have written an open letter to Spotify urging the platform to take action against Joe Rogan for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

A cohort of medical experts have written an open letter to Spotify urging the platform to take action against Joe Rogan for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

LOS ANGELESIn anThe episode was published on Dec. 31, and featured Malone discussing a term widely shared online known as "mass formation psychosis."Malone went on to say that the phenomenon explained Nazi Germany.RELATED:The coalition of medical experts did not suggest any one particular form of action but urged more is needed to prevent misinformation from spreading to the podcast’s estimated 11 million listeners. 

Meanwhile, psychology experts say there is no support for the "psychosis" theory described by Malone.

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Can we take action against Fauci. He has been spreading misinformation for 2 years now. 200 members of congress have been treated with Ivermectin also...make it available for everyone I see this as part of slander campaign. Trying to discredit him, Spotify and any competitors or competing ideas. His show has discussions and debates. Something our media often funded by big pharma lacks.

The CDC and Fauxi have been spreading misinformation about covid since day 1 though so what? Don't listen then

Spotify Must ‘Take Action’ to Block Joe Rogan’s Podcast COVID Misinformation, Health Professionals UrgeJoe Rogan, who hosts the most-listened to podcast on Spotify, has become a public health menace by repeatedly promoting falsehoods about COVID on his show, according to a group of doctors and healt… It's about time. Long past time So the guy that invented the stuff speaks out about how it almost killed him and it killed the animals they tested it on and they want to silence him? idk what I'm missing here? This is like the guy who built the airplane screaming its not safe and people are getting on anyways.

270 health experts to Spotify: Joe Rogan's Covid misinformation is 'a sociological issue of devastating proportions'270 doctors, professors, scientists and health care workers signed an open letter to Spotify about Covid misinformation promoted on its most popular show, The Joe Rogan Experience. MakeIt MSNBC are the liars... MakeIt He joerogan has the same right as anyone else to seek info about a subject that no one else has a 100% understanding of. Media likes to spread mass misinformation in an attempt to create manipulation. Communism attempts to spread misinformation to “destructuralize” capitalism MakeIt And Bidens isn't?

Spotify Pressured to Stop Joe Rogan COVID MisinformationMore than 250 medical professionals have signed an open letter urging Spotify to stop the spread of COVID-19 misinformation, specifically calling out the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. Afraid of the truth. 🤔🧐 Thankyu EUvsDisinfo APFactCheck ReutersFacts ddale8

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How ‘Bout This Jazz newsletter: Joe Ingles shares his experience with CovidUtah Jazz guard Joe Ingles discusses his experience with COVID after testing positive Jan. 4.

'Menace to Public Health': 270+ Doctors Denounce Covid Misinformation on Joe Rogan\u0022Mass-misinformation events of this scale have extraordinarily dangerous ramifications,\u0022 said the experts of a recent interview with an anti-vaccination doctor on \u0022The Joe Rogan Experience.\u0022 lol. the only 'mass disinformation' campaign is led by POTUS, Fauci, & CDCgov via CNN and all the others. Common Dreams, I remember when your outlet used to be able to think independently & not buy everything spewing from corporate america, in this case BigPharma CommonDreams: There has been significant misinformation from “credible” sources like CNN, CDC etc. Rogan is not a news organization or a public health institution