Careers, Vol 53 Issue 06

Careers, Vol 53 Issue 06

26-Year-Old Feeling Self-Conscious After Seeing All His Friends Fail Slightly Less Than Him

26-Year-Old Feeling Self-Conscious After Seeing All His Friends Fail Slightly Less Than Him

10/26/2021 3:30:00 AM

26-Year-Old Feeling Self-Conscious After Seeing All His Friends Fail Slightly Less Than Him

NEW YORK—Saying it was hard not to unfavorably compare himself to his peers, part-time catering assistant Ian Presser, 26, told reporters Thursday that he feels self-conscious after always seeing his friends fail slightly less than him. “When everyone in my social circle is making $1.50 an hour more than me and…

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Jack Harlow on How Reading Harry Potter Made Him the Competitive Rapper He Is Today

While accepting his award for Variety’s Hitmaker of Tomorrow, Jack Harlow gifted the audience with a story from his childhood, revealing how a reading program stoked his competitive side, and…

Jerma985 that you bud? Nothing starting doing meth won't fix. op-ed: create scratch & sniff images; he would be like leather/musky ? Now that I'm four years older and wiser, I realize they haven't failed less, just differently. you mean a 26 year old smoker? Walgreens That’s a rough 26 Funny headline, but this man is clearly close to 40 lol

When minimum effort is no longer enough. If he’s 26 I’m 14 True friends don’t succeed slightly better and if they did, they never were true friends.

The 26 Best Hair Growth Shampoos, According to Stylists and DermsRapunzel-like locks, coming right up.

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Hang in there, you'll have more opportunities to fail. Again, and again and again and again... this one hit different 😂😭

Seven-Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Mauled to Death by Dog Adopted Three Weeks AgoThe dog was a normally-placid sheltie-corgi mix (via toofab) TooFab I'm so sorry for your loss TooFab But pit bulls are the 'most violent breed' doesn't seem to be true

Three Children Found Living Alone With Decomposing Remains of 9-Year-Old Brother in Houston ApartmentThe mother and her boyfriend were tracked down, questioned — and released without charge (via toofab) TooFab No charges filed? WHY?!? TooFab The only logical explanation for the mother being released is that she didn't have custody and was not the person who abandoned the children. If not this is messed up. TooFab Even if she didn’t have custody what the hell kind of lifestyle is she having that put the kids in the hands of someone else. Those kids should be her number one priority before herself.

Salma Hayek's 14-Year-Old Daughter Walked The Eternals Red Carpet In A Saint Laurent Dress

9-year-old boy's remains found in home along with abandoned kids: SheriffOne of the children, a 15-year-old, says his 9-year-old brother had been dead for one year and his body was in the room next to his, according to the Harris County sheriff. Some of y’all judging a 15 years old child is fucking ridiculous! Y’all have no clue what trauma he has experienced throughout his life. Shame you passing judgment instead of offering assistance. My God have some compassion. Horrific. Those poor kids. 意识形态治国是共产党所长,不同于它就贴标签扣帽子打死你,搞臭你孤立你。

'Beautiful' 900-year-old Crusader sword discovered by diver off the coast of IsraelThe nearly 4-foot long iron sword, which had become home for a cluster of marine organisms, was thought to have belonged to a Crusader who sailed to the Holy Land in 1100 AD. Fantastic find! god promised