26 Things That Are WAAAAAY Bigger Than They Have Any Right To Be

Why be average when you could be freaking ginormous?

7/26/2021 6:36:00 AM

Why be average when you could be freaking ginormous?

Why be average when you could be freaking ginormous?

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Huawei CFO leaves Canada after U.S. deal on fraud charges

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou flew home to China on Friday after reaching an agreement with U.S. prosecutors to end the bank fraud case against her, relieving a point of tension between China and the United States.

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26 Game-Changing Things For Those Whose Cooking Style Is 'Fast And Easy'It's Rapid Potato Cooker Summer, y'all.

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.5 - SAN LUIS, ARGENTINA - 2021 July 26, 01:05:15 UTCMagnitude: mb 4.5, Region: SAN LUIS, ARGENTINA, Date time: 2021-07-26 01:05:15.5 UTC, Location: 32.53 S ; 65.66 W, Depth: 10 km. Descarga nuestra app LastQuake y recibe información sísmica en tiempo real! Comparte tu experiencia y lee la de los demás

Tchéky Karyo talks Julien Baptiste and why series two was his biggest challenge yetBaptiste returns to BBC for series – see our exclusive HELLO! Spotlight interview with frontman Tchéky Karyo on the future beyond Julien Baptiste… tchekykaryo Great actor, always a pleasure to watch 😅 tchekykaryo tchekykaryo tchekykaryo I am two episodes into the latest series of Baptiste. Probably your best yet. Thank you.

Why the Queen can't go to Balmoral just yetThe Queen usually spends summer at her Scottish residence, Balmoral Castle Same every year,this is not new

Why bride Lady Kitty Spencer didn't wear Princess Diana's wedding tiaraPrincess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer has married her partner Michael Lewis in Rome. See her wedding outfit and details about the Spencer tiara You didn’t actually state WHY she didn’t wear it. You offered a couple wimpy guesses. Maybe her father wouldn’t let her wear it/out of the country. Her cousins have worn it since Diana’s death. This was the Spencer tiara . Not Diana Spencer's tiara Maybe he wasn't invited!

Why empty offices aren't being turned into housing, despite lengthy vacanciesDespite lengthy vacancies, empty office buildings aren't becoming homes for anyone at any economic level, even though more housing is desperately needed. This statement is so RETARDED… offices were never designed to be houses. And this is from the way electrical grid to walls were design. Also, those buildings are either owned by companies or by owners who would prefer to rent them as offices… so please stop 😂😂😂😂😂 Maybe because the people who own the real estate don't want to make it Housing. Do you know the seer amount of zoning requirements, regulations, and permits one needs to pay government for this? Oh wait... Ignorance is bliss.