24 Spooky Horror Movies For People Who Scare Way Too Easily

24 Spooky Horror Movies For People Who Scare Way Too Easily

10/26/2020 1:46:00 AM

24 Spooky Horror Movies For People Who Scare Way Too Easily

Finally, you can watch horror without getting scarred for life.

(2010)Magnet ReleasingWhat it is:Another satirical slasher film about a group of college students on vacation in the woods, but this time, the villains are two friendly hillbillies who just happen to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.Why it's not too scary:

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"Does it have some kind of scary, gory moments? Yes. But the heart and the humor more than make up for it. I'm a horror fanatic, and it's the kind of movie that I recommend to everyone, even those who don't care for horror. Everyone I know who has seen the movie absolutely loves it."

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The woman in black shouldn't be on this list, (but death becomes her should be added) Spoiler alert . . . The lack of closure wrecked me. He did all that work for nothing 😩 JoeStein9 tisatoflavia itfalida I saw The Woman in Black as a play. It. scared. me.

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