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24 Hours of VMA Prep With BTS

24 hours of #VMAs prep with @BTS_bighit

9/15/2020 7:08:00 PM

24 hours of VMAs prep with BTS_bighit

Watch the K-pop supergroup get ready to perform their song 'Dynamite.'

Recently,Voguecaught up with the seven-member boy band as they got ready for the VMAs after months of quarantine, noting that the song was all too apropos to the times: "'Dynamite' is a song about focusing on what you can do even in difficult situations."

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The video was originally scheduled to be shot outdoors in Seoul, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic "and a lot of summer rain," the video ended up taking place in New York. The VMAs marked the first onstage performance of "Dynamite," and it stood out as a definite highlight of the night. A lot went into making the performance great, though, from carefully practiced choreography to vocal exercises to good-natured banter about who has the best part in the song. (Is it Jimin? Is it V? Who's to say?)

The video shoot itself involves a lot of collaboration, with all seven members of BTS weighing in on placement and alleged puffiness from eating jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) at 3 a.m. Late-night snacks aside, quarantine has provided the group with plenty of new hobbies; they sleep and game, sure, but they're also more focused on songwriting than ever before as they prepare to release their new album in the second half of the year. Their hope is to be able to perform live and meet fans again by the end of the year, but for now, a can't-miss performance at the VMAs will have to do.

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bts_bighit BTS_twt looking so dashingly handsome, how they’re very detail oriented BTS work so hard to make everything perfect, I am still struck by the reality of how gigantic they are yet how professional, discipline & hard worker they are. Their attention to details is really impressive bts_bighit You just didn't know what you've done to the ARMYs after you've shown this😍😍😍😍

andrianiJJK bts_bighit Loved this video of theirs. It's beautiful moments. 😍 bts_bighit Baby Cats - Funny CATS bts_bighit hobisan, jiminssi was telling you the truth! bts_bighit BTS💜💜 bts_bighit Youth gone wild pretty classic bts_bighit bts_bighit bts_bighit I just love V 💜🥰💜🥰 and whole BTS but he has something special 💜V💜 Taehyung BTS BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt

bts_bighit This is like the Vogue version of Bangtan Episode and Vogue Bangtan Bomb videos on BangtanTV YouTube Channel. We prefer behinds, music processes, motivations and views presented directly by BTS. This is how we experience the authenticity, integrity and qualities of BTS_twt. bts_bighit This is the only compilation of its kind amidst all media coverage to date on BTS_Dynamite, VMAs & BTS_twt. . I think most ARMY share my sentiment that we appreciate accurate media coverage about music processes, motivations and views presented directly by BTS. Thank you!

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bts_bighit Thanks 💜 bts_bighit Babe bts_bighit Loved this interview!! bts_bighit THE FITS THE FITS THE F I. T S bts_bighit Looking greatly forward to the new album 😍 bts_bighit Hey bts😅💕😍 bts_bighit yAaaAaaaY!!! bts_bighit I Like these more insightful interviews more. Glad our boys a finally getting the time and consideration by foreign media

bts_bighit hobi's hair be slickkkkk bts_bighit aw yeah JINSAINTLAURENT bts_bighit Love the video 💕💕 bts_bighit 😍 bts_bighit bts_bighit Thank You Vogue 🤩🤩 bts_bighit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜 bts_bighit 💜 bts_bighit bts_bighit v nervous about the possible swelling♡ bts_bighit BTS💜🌈⭐ bts_bighit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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bts_bighit Jungkook looking hot when serious and monitoring his clips bts_bighit If y’all pull any kind of bullshit on them..Just know y’all building will be set on fire. Thank you have a nice night😁 bts_bighit Ahhh mis niños siempre tan únicos 💜 bts_bighit we love you guys 💜🇲🇽 bts_bighit Feliz 15 de septiembre para las mexicanas

bts_bighit 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit Taehyung owwww😍😍 BTS_twt bts_bighit love_tae love_tae love_tae bts_bighit AMOS💜 bts_bighit Recently, Hoseok 's revealing forehead & undercut make me lose my mind ... Hairstylist did a great job ! bts_bighit I loved this💜 so proud :') bts_bighit My favorite😘

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bts_bighit So happy😍💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit a postura do hobi e do jm 🤩🤩 bts_bighit Yehhhhhh bts_bighit Iya so handsome😭😭💜 bts_bighit Now a cover please BTS_twt bts_bighit 🤯😍 bts_bighit OMG.! 😘😍 bts_bighit Vogue being Hobi bias 😁 bts_bighit Yaaaaaaaay we purple you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit bishamonshinki nossa jk tá lindo dms na entrevista sofri

bts_bighit I loved the video 🥺🥺🥺 bts_bighit Thank you for this content. The behind the scenes are who they really are and those are precious moments. 💜 bts_bighit HOSEOK 😭 bts_bighit 💜 bts_bighit 💜💜 Dynamite BTSARMY BTS_twt bts_bighit Beautiful 💜 bts_bighit и вам доброе утро bts_bighit Amoo KCAMéxico OnBTS BTS_twt

bts_bighit Yeah wow BTS_twt Dynamite bts_bighit VMAs thank you👍😍💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit bts_bighit bts_bighit the korean supergroup please no k-pop bts_bighit Truly Idol😊 bts_bighit centre jin yayyyyy🥰 bts_bighit All r looked great and stunningly beautiful 😍🔥💜 We love you❤💜 bts_bighit Los amo💜💜

bts_bighit I waited til I was free to watch this, what a long day it’s been. Thank you! 💜 BTS_twt bts_bighit WAAAAAHHHH bts_bighit So beautiful! Thank you 💖🇧🇷 BTS BTS_twt bts_bighit It's the cutest video, thank you! bts_bighit Awh 💚 Thanks for the interview I love my boys so much xxx bts_bighit Awh (hug) I love that quote ; hope is everywhere keep going 🥺💚

bts_bighit Suga looks like he really enjoyed it 😹 bts_bighit 👏✊💜❤️🥰 bts_bighit J-hopee 😍😍😍 bts_bighit Multi Talented Visual Fashion Style King 💜💜💜💜💜 Kim Taehyung BTS_twt V BTSV KimTaehyung Taehyung bts_bighit Aku merindukan nya. Walaupun aku tidak bisa bertemu nya😊😊😊😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

bts_bighit Can anyone drop me an orig of pictures? bts_bighit 🔥💜🔥 bts_bighit 💖💖💖💖 charts_k bts_bighit thank you for this behind the scenes video and supporting bts_twt bts_dynamite bts_bighit Thank you for your great efforts. bts_bighit When u go back to ’s page and see how many likes & retweets they have on their other tweets compared to this one. and YIKES! cause all of these likes are ARMY!!!

bts_bighit 👏👏 bts_bighit Loved this! Thank you so much!! We miss them terribly. 🥺🤗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌌🧨 BTS_twt BTS_Dynamite bts_bighit 💜 bts_bighit Aaaa... Bts we purple you💜❤😘fighting for you bts💖💖😍jiminnnnnnshiiii i love you👉❤👈🥺🥰😍💖💜❤ bts_bighit and bts_bighit bts_bighit Daebak! bts_bighit thank you for the article & the video 💜

bts_bighit 방탄💜💜 bts_bighit we all continue to grow in your individuality some reading more others working harder and BTS evolving more, as people and individually they are beautiful sexy adults they are perfect love more and more and even having this huge distance I know that BTS and ARMY are1in an heart

bts_bighit I enjoyed the video very much, thank you! 💜 bts_bighit They look so pretty❤❤❤ bts_bighit Awesome! 🤩 bts_bighit bts_bighit Aber bts_bighit Awww I loved this💜💜 bts_bighit These guys deserve to be nominated for VMAs. They have come so far. They were criticized for a lot of things during and after there debut . But they worked hard , and became the world's biggest boy band . I just love these guys a lottt. - An Indian army

bts_bighit El Hoseok me mató bts_bighit That was a pretty awesome set & event. 💜 bts_bighit J-hopeeeee is realy cool😱💜💜 bts_bighit I finally was able to watch video, long day at work. Thank you for sharing. Really a good video not only the question were good but as well the glimpse on making the recording for vma.

bts_bighit SEÑOR SJWUJQUQIWX bts_bighit THANK YOUUUU bts_bighit Taehyung , our happiness preacher bts_bighit THE PEOPLE WANT 73 QUESTIONS WITH BTS 😭💜 bts_bighit All of them look so freaking hot here damn 🥵 bts_bighit He is just so pretty! charts_k bts_bighit Thank you Vogue 💜💜 bts_bighit Jungkook is a prince

bts_bighit absolutely fantastic video which just highlights how much work and dedication goes into each and every bts stage, no matter if things dont go as planned, they will give their all bts_bighit bts_bighit Thank you, Vogue! BTS_twt bts_bighit Thank you for that awesome shoot and interview. 👍😘💜 BTS_twt

bts_bighit for your information, jimin, jungkook is NEVER 'lying'! bts_bighit Omg thanks 🌺💜 bts_bighit thank u for the interview my boys looked so happy and at the same time we were served with jungkook handsome looks bts_bighit Thanku so much for the video specially jungkook this scene 😍 bts_bighit 💜💜💜 BTS_twt

bts_bighit this is really cool! Thank you so much for this bts_bighit Thank you for this article! bts_bighit Jeon Jungkook the most handsome, talented and humble man. bts_bighit Jungkook looking like a model’s model. bts_bighit It was really fun thank you 🥺🥺 bts_bighit Thank you for the great video! 💜

bts_bighit Aww love this ! bts_bighit JUNGKOOK THE MOST TALENTED PERFORMER EVER 🔥🔥👑❤️ keep shinning Jungkook we are proud of you ❤️❤️ bts_bighit Thank you for giving us this perfection ❤ bts_bighit thank you !! bts_bighit JUNGKOOK I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ bts_bighit J-hope avec les cheveux rouges 😍😍💜

bts_bighit Cc SaraxBTS7 SelinaLuvsBTS7 SarahJaneCheeky DearMoon246 bts_bighit even with subs on his face Jimin is breaking my soft heart bts_bighit Thank you so much for this! It was great to some of the behind the scenes of the performance! 💜💜 The care and effort you put into it was obvious from how relaxed and happy they looked throughout the interview.

bts_bighit This is seriously so good! You've catched boys' personalities and relationship perfectly. Thank you for such a great input! 💜 I watched it 3 times already bts_bighit oh this was very nice! thank you! bts_bighit Thank you!!! bts_bighit Your my favorite so far! No awkward interviewer, just them responding and the questions were good!

bts_bighit This is so good! Everything about this is spectacular. Thanks for the amazing pieces as always! 💜 bts_bighit now we need a skincare routine asap! your move harpersbazaarus 😏 BTS_Billboard bts_bighit please do a cover shoot with them 😭😭😭💜 btspositivity7 bts_bighit Stylish 🕺 bts_bighit It was a fun video

jigguksfilter bts_bighit VOGUExBTS bts_bighit Thanks vogue. Now put them on COVER, please bts_bighit V doesn’t have a bad angle he’s perfect bts_bighit Hobi is killing us😱 bts_bighit it'd have been great if you'd cut out where jimin tried to accuse jungkook of 'lying' because jimin can't handle criticism. jimin, since the beginning of that group, tried and still tries to humiliate jungkook whenever possible. I don't want that you give jm a platform for that.

bts_bighit Thank you! 💜 bts_bighit Well done vogue 👍💜 bts_bighit I miss Taehyung so much, how can he look like this and expect me not to go insane over him ? bts_bighit Taehyung the most beautiful human alive bts_bighit This is so great!! Thank you !!! We love seeing behind the scenes of our guys!!!! Love you BTS_twt 💜💥🧨💜💥🧨

koo_smwings bts_bighit bts_bighit wow JIMIN omg his vocals, his perf, his visuals, his professionalism &his irresistible charms in interview on top of his soft/well spoken ways!!! SO PERFECT 💛!!! No wonder Jimin is the greatest idol ~his talents, impact & relevancy are unrivaled 🔥!!! bts_bighit bts_bighit This was a really nice interview

bts_bighit Kim Taehyung 🔥 Jungshook4life bts_bighit Istg- jeon jungkook is definitely the definition of gorgeous and beauty and thats on periodt 👁️ 👄 👁️ ✨ 💜 bts_bighit bts_bighit Thank you! bts_bighit omg i love this!! thank you 💜💜 bts_bighit Thank you💜 STUDIO_0613 bts_bighit Thank you! Hobi is so mean to jimin 🤭🤭🤭

u4eakooks_net bts_bighit Seokjin center yaaaaaas!!!! bts_bighit BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 BTS 방탄소년단 BTS_Dynamite BTS_twt bts_bighit i miss u guys so muchhhhh BTS_twt bts_bighit VOGUE OMGGG bts_bighit THIS WAS SO COOOL THANKSSSSS bts_bighit Can we have a Taehyung‘s bonus version of interview? Since he basically had no chance to talk. Taehyung is kindest and the most humble person doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ok for him not to speak or just skip his turn.

bts_bighit YES HOLY SH bts_bighit Loved it! From their thoughts on BTS_Dynamite, to seeing how they check their performance it was great seeing the VMA's behind the scenes All of them are so funny but Tae when he said '...want to see ARMY & get on stage before I age even more' 🤣 bts_bighit j-hope is so handsome & captivating!!! his verse and dance moves are out of this world ❤️❤️

bts_bighit Do photoshoot with them plzzz !! 🥺🥺 bts_bighit We loved it ! Thanks Vogue Magazine ! bts_bighit Loved this! Thank you so much bts_bighit can we get '73 Questions with BTS_twt ' ? bts_bighit AAAHhHHhH ThANK YOU BTs COvER Of VOgUE WHEN?! bts_bighit NOW GIVE THEM A COVER AND A SPREAD bts_bighit This was such a great featurette!

bts_bighit Thanks loved it💜 bts_bighit Gracias btsanalytics bts_bighit Ohh yeahahhhh🔥🔥🔥 bts_bighit HOBI 🥺💜 bts_bighit iseuunghhjm bts_bighit That was interesting 😁 bts_bighit 😍 bts_bighit THE PERFECT MAN!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪☀️☀️☀️ saltinchai bts_bighit Ah I loved this! Thank you Vogue.😊

bts_bighit thank you 💜 btsdiary bts_bighit Looking forward to it. bts_bighit That’s so awesome bts_bighit Jungkook Handsome 🥵😳 ❤ JUNGKOOK 정국 방탄소년단정국 bts_bighit KIM TAEHYUNG, ONLY MAN EVER 🤤 bts_bighit Look what you made me do, TeenVogue!! 👀 Not exactly the same but close enough!! BTS_twt BTS BTSARMY BTS_Dynamite

bts_bighit congrats bts jungkook i always admire you for all things that you do . keep going baby your doing great stay safe and we miss you😊 naaadmd bts_bighit Jungkook Is The Most Handsome and Sexiest Man in the world.💜 nikkekeke bts_bighit I just start my new day & see a lot of cutting videos from VMAs prep 😀😀 thanks for the length of over 8 minutes with our talented boys 💙 absolutely so many fun hang in there. And let's see how god bless me : JUNGKOOK FOREHEAD = MY WEAKNESS 😭😭😭 JUNGKOOK LOOKS SO CHARMING

bts_bighit KIM TAEHYUNG VISUAL KING bts_bighit thank you!! bts_bighit Vogue i’m in love with you asdfghjk thank youu bts_bighit So excited 😁😻 bts_bighit OMG bts_bighit Imagine a whole vogue magazine with just bts... can we make that happen? I’ll take 20 copies modooborahae bts_bighit latelateshow Papa Mochi, we also need a behind the scene when BTS was preparing Black Swan for your show.

bts_bighit Hot = Kim Taehyung sit together... 🔥 V VOGUEChallenge VMAs bts_bighit Taehyung💜 modooborahae bts_bighit Hobi's undercuts have been received. We appreciate your contributions vogue😇🙏 bts_bighit Thank you for this! _Hey_Natalie bts_bighit Loved every second of the video bts_bighit thats a good interview and thank you for giving them subs

bts_bighit Thank you, Vogue. Nice interview, for such a short time, showing their talent, skill and, of course, hard work. Not to mention though, their style and handsomness. bts_bighit YAY BTS_twt bts_bighit I love it 🥰 Thank you ☺️ bts_bighit thank you 💜 Thank youu!! 💜 BTS_twt bts_bighit Love it💜💜

Misshell7_KTH1 bts_bighit THE KING'S BTS_twt BTS_Billboard bts_bighit V is so funny. bts_bighit Thank you Vogue! 😍😇💜 bts_bighit THANK YOU!!!!!!! bts_bighit Thank you Vogue💜 BTSChartDaily bts_bighit 💜💜 bts_bighit patrões 💜 bts_bighit يخبلون 😭💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit Thank you for interview and high quality behind the scenes video really, enjoy it. Kim Taehyung want to see army and get on the stage before his age even more😍

bts_bighit BTS 👍👍👍 _jimintoday_ bts_bighit wow this is a surprise thanks ! bts_bighit We want THIS 👏🏼 we need THIS 👏🏼 bts_bighit thank u 💜 BTSChartDaily bts_bighit 💜💜💜 rmchartsdata bts_bighit 💜💜💜 bts_bighit Great video, thank you for producing it! bts_bighit Thank you!💜 bts_bighit We need a runway of these men ...🔥🔥

btsanalytics bts_bighit Thank you so much for the video! bts BTS_Dynamite Dynamite bts_twt bts_bighit park jimin tho bts_bighit I think they should be on the cover of Vogue💜 mingeniuslab__ bts_bighit Absolutely love this video!!! Thank you Vogue! BTSChartDaily bts_bighit They all are so damn good.

ARMYMAGofficial bts_bighit Man taehyung is hot out there !!!!😭😭😭😭 I can't believe someone when he aged he will look that hot !!!🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭 bts_bighit Vogue now 73 questions with BTS plzzzzzzzz 🥺🤧 bts_bighit WOW bts_bighit Thank youuuuu litetally need this bts_bighit Thank you could we get a cover someday too And 84 questions 😹💞

chimmkookie13 bts_bighit OMG YAY💜 bts_bighit 😭🥺 __gaciria bts_bighit 73 questions?☺ bts_bighit ak markahin dlu yh cuddIyoon bts_bighit vogue does some lovely pieces on bts BTSChartDaily bts_bighit Thanks Vogue team💜 bts_bighit Jungkook's so handsome I can't 🥺🔥💜💜💜 BTSChartDaily bts_bighit

BTSChartDaily bts_bighit KINGS BTS_twt bts_bighit KINGS WBK BTS_twt bts_bighit Oh these men 💜 bts_bighit Thank you so much! 💜 modooborahae bts_bighit OMG!! Thank you so much! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 bts_bighit yep yep yep bts_bighit Thank u💜 bts_bighit thank you!! 💜 bts_bighit Thank you so much!!💜💜

bts_bighit Thank you bts_bighit Omg modooborahae bts_bighit 💜💜💜 bts_bighit thank u !! 3 bts_bighit thankyou! 💜 bts_bighit thank you!!! bts_bighit Thank you 💜 _jimintoday_ bts_bighit Thank you 💜 bts_bighit thank you!! modooborahae bts_bighit 💜💜 bts_bighit Thank you 💜 bts_bighit Thank you💜💜

bts_bighit OMGGG bts_bighit 💜 bts_bighit Omg thank you bts_bighit 💜💜💜 BTSdailyinfo bts_bighit Thank uuuu sm bts_bighit Thank you 💜 BTS_twt bts_bighit thank u sooooo much!!!! i purple u! 💜 bts_bighit Thank you! bts_bighit Thank you! bts_bighit Thank you!

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