23 Times TV Shows Did A Really Good Job Of Handling Grief

'It's just gonna drown me.'

8/1/2021 8:26:00 AM

'It's just gonna drown me.'

'It's just gonna drown me.'

Facebook Watch"Such a well done show with a great cast! Elizabeth Olsen as Leigh was amazing. A lot of shows explore grief briefly, but this whole show was about grief. It showed both the bad and the good. The second season explored Leigh getting better only to get bad again, and the anger you can feel toward those who are gone, which is an area that is not explored much."

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—paigeeg"It’s really underappreciated. The whole cast is so talented and Elizabeth Olsen is, as always, such a powerhouse. It’s meant a lot to me considering that I’ve lost people close to me in my life. It’s played realistically because they don’t shy away from addressing the work it takes when you’re grieving a loved one. You’ll have good days and bad days. In a strange way, it made me feel better and less alone. It was cathartic to relive it through the character. I’ll always recommend it."

—jazmingisselle10.President Bartlet's crisis of faith in the church after Mrs. Landingham was killed by a drunk driver onThe West Wing:NBC"The scene in the cathedral where Jed, a man of strong faith, begins to question and yell at god felt so real. And then of course his refusal to hire a new secretary for over a year because he couldn’t replace her. Especially when she showed up to him as a memory/hallucination almost just to give him advice, because he felt guilty about her death and missed her deeply." headtopics.com

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