23 Teen Show Hairstyles That Were So 2000s It Hurts

Bandanas, crimped hair, and butterfly clips, oh my!

5/24/2020 2:16:00 AM

23 Teen Show Hairstyles That Were So 2000s It Hurts

Bandanas, crimped hair, and butterfly clips, oh my!

15.Katie and Emily's red hair, bangs, and bow barrettes onSkinsE4Why was this hair color SUCH a thing in the 2000s? I'm also ashamed to admit that I owned at least a dozen bow clips and headbands. Don't act like you didn't.16.Hannah Montana

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Disney ChannelWasn't Lily pretending to be some socialite named Lola?? I feel like a socialite would not buy 12 of the exact same wig we all had from Party City.17.Lizzie's randomly crimped pieces onLizzie McGuireDisney ChannelMy favorite part about this hairstyle is that only a few pieces are crimped, and they're only crimped at the root, middle, and end. Plus it seems like she randomly curled two pieces, too???

18.And Sabrina's crimped hair onSabrina the Teenage WitchHonestly? This looks kind of good. I'm not even mad at it.19.These bobby-pinned side bangs Sabrina had onSabrina the Teenage WitchABCWe LOVED bobby-pinning side bangs across our foreheads. I particularly like how some of the strands are inexplicably combed over the clip.

20.Whatever this was that Miranda was trying onLizzie McGuireDisney ChannelI don't even know where to look. The braids? The beads? The teasing? There is so much going on here.21.Miranda's fake orange hair onLizzie McGuireDisney ChannelThose bright fake-hair scrunchies still haunt me. They were so plasticky and always got all tangled in my hair.

22.Zoey's brown and blonde hair onZoey 101Via NickelodeonFor some reason that defies explanation, Zoey had brown hair underneath a top layer of blonde. This was a total thing in the 2000s, and I really do not know why.23.And finally, Nate's bangs on

Gossip GirlTap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFThe CWIf you had hair like this in the 2000s, I 1000% had a crush on you.Ah, these take me back. I might even buy some butterfly clips! As for the rest of the trends...good riddance.Tap to play or pause GIF

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What’s wrong with side bangs? Some of us need side bangs to hide hairlines that are the genetic betrayal that is our legacy. viakellly i saw the side bangs and immediately thought of u I definitely did the frosted tips...😔 Charlie Conway frosted tips lol ... Portman wouldve beaten his ass for this. This sums up my teenage years.

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