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23 Leave-In Conditioners That Deeply Hydrate Hair

Who doesn't love an extra dose of moisture and shine?

9/24/2021 6:46:00 PM

Who doesn't love an extra dose of moisture and shine?

Start your styling routine with an extra dose of moisture and shine.

Allurethat he loves uses leave-in conditioners when styling clients. "Think of a leave-in conditioner as a balm that kind of does it all," says Giannetos. "It can tame flyaways and add shine — even if the hair is a bit dry or damaged."

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When you're shopping for leave-in conditioners, cosmetic chemistGinger Kingsuggests looking for ingredients like oils, fatty alcohols, and triglycerides that will "smooth the cuticles and keep the hair in place."For detangling in particular, King also notes that quaternium compounds work well, such as quaternium 4, 7, and 11 (look out for ingredient names that start with quaternium or polyquaternium).

With all these criteria in mind, we asked hairstylists to share their picks for the best leave-in conditioners to fulfill your hair hydration needs, and we added a couple of our own favorites, too. Read more: Allure »

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