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Whatdoyouthink, Opinion

22 States Sue Trump Over EPA Rule Rollback

22 States Sue Trump Over EPA Rule Rollback #WhatDoYouThink?


22 States Sue Trump Over EPA Rule Rollback WhatDoYouThink?

A coalition of 22 states has sued the Trump administration over its rollback of the Clean Power Plan, arguing that its replacement rules are so weak that they violate federal law. What do you think?

“The EPA isn’t meant to be some kind of environmental protection agency.”

“Naturally, it’s the 22 states with an environment.”

Read more: The Onion

Big environment has to be stopped! I think they've decided to eliminate the E and the P part of the name. Now, it's just the Agency. Thank God for Forensic Barbers The Onion's American Voices feature retired that one black guy who always had the best lines... We should give the endangered species guns so they can protect themselves.

‘Bout time those lazy endangered species start paying for their own protection. Breathing in toxic fumes to own the libs.

22 states sue Trump administration over new coal rulesA coalition of 22 Democratic-led states has sued the Trump administration over its decision to ease restrictions on coal-fired power plants. In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency eliminated the agency&39;s Clean Power Plan and replaced it with a new rule that gives states more leeway in well then what will be the consequences🤔 will this action hamper his 2020 election🤔🇺🇸

States sue Trump admin over carbon rule rollback - Reuters TVTwenty-two states, including New York and California, and seven cities on Tuesday sued to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency's replacement of the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, arguing it prolongs U.S. reliance on coal power and obstructs states that pursue cleaner electricity generation. TV Trump doesn't care, he'll be long gone when our planet starts to feel the effects of his pathetic meddling. TV They're going to lose. TV OversightDems GOPoversight Congress should be acting against the abuse of power by this Administration MariaCantwell

States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Obama-Era Climate RuleThe legal fight over how to regulate coal-burning plants could ultimately determine how much leverage the government has to fight global warming. With 2020 Dems in Iowa, let's compare records: In 8 years of Obama/Biden, Iowa lost 2,200 manufacturing jobs & unemployment hit 6.6%. In 2.5 years of realDonaldTrump, Iowa already *gained* 17,500 manufacturing jobs & unemployment is 2.4% (lowest ever). The choice is clear! TFB

States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Power-Plant RegulationsMore than 20 states are suing the Trump administration over its rollback of climate-change regulations for power plants in what could be a landmark case deciding what the federal government’s responsibility is for fighting global warming. They’re all mad he’s taking away their piggy banks and coffers full of cash for an issue that’s not exactly “catastrophic” the way the left likes to cry. The EU has 468 coal-fired power plants & is building 27 more = 495. India has 589 + 446 = 1036. China has 2363, is building 1171, will have 3,534 Our planet is on 🔥-Trump sucks

Disapproval of Trump higher than approval in ten states Trump wonRachel Maddow shares the results of a Civiqs poll of Donald Trump's job approval that found in ten states Donald Trump won in 2016, his disapproval number is higher than his approval number. maddow Need them to go all blue maddow He was behind in the polls in pretty much every state until he won. Polling people who don't show up to vote is meaningless and only creates false perceptions. maddow

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