22 Pixar Moments That Were Just Literally So Dark For A Kids Movie

I feel like we need to talk more about Syndrome's death in The Incredibles.

8/4/2021 8:36:00 AM

I feel like we need to talk more about Syndrome's death in The Incredibles.

I feel like we need to talk more about Syndrome's death in The Incredibles.

Note: Spoilers ahead! Also, there are mentions of suicide and depression.1.InSoul, when 22 became a lost soul and Joe realized the real"spark" was just a willingness to live:Pixar"When 22 becomes a Lost Soul because they have given up ever finding their spark to make it to Earth in

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Soul.Such a dark moment, but an ultimately moving moment by Pixar. I don’t think a young child can completely comprehend the intensity of that scene, but as an adult, I found it utterly heart-wrenching."—"The moment when Joe realizes that the 'spark' he and 22 have been looking for in

Soulwasn’t someone’s purpose, but their want and willingness to live. It’s such a small moment, but it’s super impactful, especially to people who have had feelings and beliefs that they don’t want to live/shouldn’t be alive anymore. It probably went over most kids' heads, but I can bet most of the adults felt it and understood it." headtopics.com

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Damn these are sad as hell

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