2014 photograph shows earlier ties between Trump and indicted Giuliani associate


A photograph showing President Trump posing with a recently indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was posted online in April 2014

, “Shout out to my ukranian boss and brother Lev Parnas thank you for eberything you and your team doing for me, i cant repay you enough!!!!!!!! and i want to meet the donald soon!!!!!!”

Trump has sought to distance himself from Parnas, the Florida businessman at the center of a ballooning scandal over illicit foreign influence in his administration and, more broadly, the American political system. But the photograph and post provide further evidence that the two men are more closely tied than Trump has let on.

The profile also describes it as his job to "negotiate and close deals centered on gold oil, rough diamonds" for a business called Gabriel and Jaros Holdings.

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Let's face it this guy is 100% a crook. Put the photo as the headline. Why hide it in the article realDonaldTrump GOPLeader GOP RudyGiuliani SenateGOP LindseyGrahamSC marklevinshow investigating Giuliani for what f reason.Trump must bring criminal charges against these SOBs who are going over their authorities deliberately like a Mafia organization

Trump said he didn’t know Stormy Daniels. realDonaldTrump Who dis? FraudGuarantee Any chance Michael Cohen or his Ukrainian father-in-law had a hand in making this case? resist_3 Soon! realDonaldTrump there are ALWAYS photos, Chubs Um, was he POTUS then... or even thinking about it?

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump won't say if mayor is still his attorneyThank you for making America great again. AND not bowing to our enemies. Step 1: Trump distances himself from Giuliani. Step 2: Dumb & Dumber v2 geriatric style.

Trump defends Rudy Giuliani after report of federal probe for Ukraine dealingsInvestigators in Manhattan after examining Giuliani's efforts to undermine the American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, and if he broke laws in place to prevent foreign influence on the government. Okay busted RedRudy phone home. Moscow calling.

Trump defends Giuliani in tweet after report on federal probeU.S. President Donald Trump defended his attorney Rudy Giuliani on Saturday as a "legendary crime buster" and "wonderful lawyer" after a media report that prosecutors are investigating whether the former New York mayor broke lobbying laws in his dealings in Ukraine. "So now Donnie is. FAT

Indicted: Giuliani allies arrested at airport boasted of Trump relationship, Mar-a-Lago staysIn an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Former GOP Rep Carlos Curbelo reveals meeting Giuliani’s Ukrainian business associates last year on Capitol Hill. Curbelo reveals the two associates ‘stood out a little bit’ with their repeated ‘showing off’ of their closeness to Trump and Giuliani, saying ‘they had very good relationships with the White House’ and were ‘frequent guests at Mar-a-Lago.’ Curbelo says he gathered the associates ‘were looking for opportunities’ to make money to ‘use their influence in politics to get deals’ and ‘legislated,’ adding ‘everything points’ in the ‘direction’ of ‘serious campaign violation.’ Lol, so what? They were big donors and arranged the meeting between Giuliani and the ex prosecutor to find out stuff like this. Yeah, well they've already served their purpose. Biden is finished, but you can die on that hill if you wish. more fake bs

Report: Trump Tried To Get Case Dropped Against Turkish-Iranian Banker Represented By GiulianiIn 2017, Trump asked then-secretary of state Rex Tillerson to help get a criminal case dropped against one of Rudy Giuliani’s clients Cat's out of the bag!! Ah good ol’ anonymous sources! Is there any other kind when it comes to these sort of stories? Presented as fact once again as well. Let me know when Rex goes on record himself to confirm it until then throw it on the pile. Fake news

Why Sam Nunberg thinks Giuliani might be a problem for TrumpSam Nunberg, former Trump campaign adviser, joins Alex Witt to explain why he believes President Trump is handling the impeachment inquiry relatively well, despite his clear frustration in public and online. Plus, Nunberg reveals why he believes Rudy Giuliani is ultimately a problem for the president. Isn’t Trump’s biggest problem is himself? WHY DO U KEEP BRINGING LYING TRUMP CRONIES ON AIR? hacks I never liked Sam at first but even though he is a TRUMPER he is relatively honest about the issues. Little more evidence and I think he’s looking at the bus wheels.

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