Lgbt Ally, Pride, How To Be An Ally

Lgbt Ally, Pride

20 Ways to Be a True Ally During Pride & Every Other Day

20 Ways to Be a True Ally During Pride and Every Other Day

6/3/2020 10:57:00 PM

20 Ways to Be a True Ally During Pride and Every Other Day

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the LGBT community but what's more important is to be an ally. Here's a few ways how.

istock/MixmikeEvery year June becomes Pride month. Businesses turn their websites into rainbows and people march in theircity's parade. While LGBT support should be year round, it's awesome that theLGBTQ communitycan have the space to express themselves and feel the love. But an important part of pride is

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being an allyand there's more to it than just rainbows, Facebook or Instagram posts and pride parades. The easiest way is to speak out and shut down homophobia, using privilege to protect and help amplify the voices of the LGBTQ community. But there are other ways that are both louder and more subtle. Singing or starting petitions, or protesting when someone is treated unfairly. There's also supporting LGBT businesses and LGBT artists, authors, and creators. But the work that's every day is the hardest and most important: it's starting at home, teaching how to love and educating oneself. Check out the full list below. Congrats on being the best ally one can be. 

Donate to LGBT causes1istock/BalkansCat Read more: CafeMom »

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