20 Questions With Ateez: K-Pop Group Reflects on Lessons Learned From Genre Leaders

The members of @ATEEZofficial answered Billboard’s 20 questions to commemorate the release of its new EP 'Zero: Fever Part.2'

3/1/2021 7:44:00 PM

The members of ATEEZofficial answered Billboard’s 20 questions to commemorate the release of its new EP 'Zero: Fever Part.2'

The members of ATEEZ answered Billboard’s 20 questions to commemorate the release of its new EP 'Zero: Fever Part.2' on Monday (March 1).

in the U.S. on Twitter in 2020, which the members feel honored and grateful for. And with its latest project, ATEEZ is tightening its grip on the global music market, dipping into hip-hop, flirting with synth-pop and further exploring English-language music on songs"I'm The One" and"Take Me Home."

To commemorate the release ofZero: Fever Part.2, the members of ATEEZ (Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho) answered Billboard’s 20 questions about which song from the new EP fires them up the most, how K-pop veterans inspired their performance technique, and how they long to be reunited with their fanbase ATINY again at live shows.

Artist MentionedATEEZ Explain 'Treasure Epilogue' Album Messages, Feelings on Growing Fanbase & Preview 2020 World TourCheck out the Q&A below.1. What’s the first piece of music that you bought for yourself, and what was the medium?Wooyoung headtopics.com

: The first album I bought was by BTS! I’ve been a huge fan, so I remember purchasing it online.Seonghwa: I can't remember the first album I bought, but I often visited the album store in my neighborhood. I really liked to buy and collect albums so I bought albums of senior artists who were, and are still, very active. Of course, right now, I have our albums on display.

2. What was the first concert you saw?Hongjoong: I remember going to a concert where many K-pop artists including Girls' Generation performed, when I was in elementary school. At that time, dancing and singing on the stage itself looked amazing and they looked like people living in different worlds.

San: It was iKON’s concert, and I went there with my mother and older sister. That experience remains in my memory!3. Who inspired you to become an artist?Yunho: U-Know, of TVXQ!, is my role model, and I could say both his life and his artistic aspects have influenced me. His great passion, dancing, and singing are all admirable, and he has influenced me a lot.

Yeosang: After watching Highlight’s performance, I thought,"I want to be a great performer on stage like them too.” That's how I developed my dream of becoming an artist.4. What’s at the top of your professional bucket list?Hongjoong: It's a vague dream, but I want to perform at the Super Bowl. To achieve my dream, I'm trying my best to show better performances day by day. headtopics.com

Jongho: I wish for my singing skills to improve to the point where I, myself can be satisfied with, and could be acknowledged by the public as well. And I'm trying my best to do that. It's hard to determine “success,” but I'm working hard.

5. How did your hometown/city shape who you are?Seonghwa: My hometown gives me nostalgia. I have a lot of memories and I really miss them. Thus, when I’m tired, I recall the happy past. When I face difficulties, I look back on myself of the past and cope with my problems.

San: My actual hometown has influenced me a lot too, but I think my practice, efforts and the members beside me made who I am now.6. What’s the last song you listened to?Yunho: I recently listened to a song that I like. It's been a while since I heard this song by the band The Script. I really like the song, “The Man Who Can't Be Moved.” It's a song about waiting for someone you first loved at the place you saw that person for the first time.

Yeosang: I listened to Michael Carreon's “The Simple Things.” The weather was so nice today that I couldn't help but listen to this song!7. If you could see any artist in concert, dead or alive, who would it be?Wooyoung: I really want to go to Michael Jackson's concert! He's such a great artist that I love so much. If I can go to his concert, I'll be really looking forward to it. headtopics.com

Jongho: I really want to go to Park Hyo Shin’s concert. I've been listening to his songs since I was young and learned how to sing that I know so many of his b-side songs. So, I want to listen to his songs live at the concert hall.8. What’s your karaoke go-to?

Yunho: I like to sing “Emergency Room” by IZI. I don't know why I started to like that song, but I think I've been singing it in karaoke since the first time I sang the song.Wooyoung: It's Lee Juck’s “I'm Fortunate.” I sang this song at my relative's wedding.

9. What do you want fans to take away from your mini-albumZero:Fever Part 2?Seonghwa: I hope many people get to have confidence and courage for challenge after listening to this album. And I hope the meaning of loving each other is conveyed to them.San

: I wish for them to know that ATEEZ has grown one step further, and that we can love each other with a strong-as-"Fireworks" heart!10. Which song onis your personal favorite and why?Hongjoong: I really like what “Take Me Home” tries to deliver and [I love] the saxophone solo in the outro part.

Seonghwa: I like all the songs so much that my favorite changes every time, but for now, I like “Time of Love.” Because the meaning of the lyrics is what I want to deliver to others.Yunho: “Time of Love” is a song that has a bright and exciting atmosphere that you can enjoy together.

Yeosang: I really like the song “The Leaders.” I really like hip-hop, and this song will light up the atmosphere!San: I like the last track, the remix of the title track single “I'm The One (Heat-Topping ver.)”! It’s very exciting and if there's a performance to this song, it'll be fantastic.

Wooyoung: I like “Fireworks (I'm The One)” and “The Leaders.”Jongho: I really like the song “Take Me Home.” It's a style of song that we've never tried. I also really like the melody line.11. How did it feel to be named one of the most-tweeted music artists in the U.S. in 2020?

Hongjoong: I’m very grateful and happy. I'm very proud of being able to share our name with world-famous artists and I'm so proud of ATINY.Wooyoung: It's such an honor and I was so thankful to see our names with the artists that I look up to!

12. What do you hope to accomplish when you appear on the upcoming Mnet show Read more: billboard »

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ATEEZofficial 🇺🇦 [📝] Мембери ATEEZofficial відповіли на 20 запитань Billboard, щоб відсвяткувати реліз їх нового EP 'Zero: Fever Part.2' 🔗 ATEEZ Fever_Part2 ATEEZofficial They are so freaking precious let me cry 😭💖 ATEEZofficial proud is a little word i use when i express my gratitude and love for them, thank you ateez for making me more confident with myself and for opening a new door in my life. i wish that jonho will be proud with his vocals cause he is such a passionate and very hard working person

ATEEZofficial even than seonghwa was rich seeing he liked to collect albums, well what can i say a rich is always a rich guy ATEEZofficial BILLBOARD ATEEZofficial ilove uuu ateeez ATEEZofficial My favs .❤️❤️❤️ atzunvrs ATEEZofficial Hey girl can you please update us universe app. I am curious about what they all said...❤️❤️

ATEEZofficial ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 ATEEZofficial 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial Once again, please fix and verify the view count of ATEEZofficial’s ‘Fireworks (I'm The One)’ Official MV that remain uncounted for the previous hours. TeamYouTube YouTube we hope that this concern will be brought up to your team’s attention as soon as possible.

ATEEZofficial There is high likelihood that they will perform all their songs from Fever Pt. 2. San knows that Heat Topping I’m the One will be epic so he must know how it will be performed ATEEZofficial KINGS ATEEZofficial fireworksyeo ATEEZofficial I'm crying 🥺 ATEEZofficial Cada día me dan más razones para apoyarlos. ❤ 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial

ATEEZofficial Bulnoriya🔥🔥🔥 ATEEZofficial Si execelente regreso 🔥🔥 ATEEZofficial Ohhhh exiting ATEEZofficial I wish ATEEZofficial perform at Super Bowl.May their dreams come true. ATEEZofficial AIDNDIEKSOKW ATEEZofficial Hi po!!! If you're Filipino student who's struggling with academics,, I'm willing to help with budget friendly rate. Hehe!

ATEEZofficial Это наши мальчики! 😎🙏✨ ATEEZofficial 'it's' .... weird word choice or is it just me ATEEZofficial This one made me cry.... ATEEZofficial ATEEZ los amo ❤❤❤ SEONGHWA SSI convence a los demás y vengan a Sudamérica 😁🙏🙌 ATEEZofficial Los mensajes para atiny ay 😭 ATEEZofficial My talented boys 👏❤

ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial O Seonghwa dizendo que quer vir pra america do Sul 3 ATEEZUD ATEEZofficial ATEEZ COMEBACK 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 FIREWORKS ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial hwa baby we're waiting for y'all in south america too 🥺💗 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION SIGAMOS HACIENDO STREAM NO PAREMOS DEBEMOS ALCANZAR LA META 💗💗 FEVER_Part_2 Fireworks 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZofficial

ATEEZofficial stan ateez for clear skin :] ATEEZofficial ATEEZ has made me so emotional today. Why am I crying at this interview 😭😭😭 ATEEZofficial ATINY - u heard him. We better work hard! ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial Hongjoong, your dream of performing in the Super Bowl is not vague. I know it will eventually happen!! As an American who is a fan of American football as well as a fan of ATEEZ, it would be an honor to see you perform there!! That is my dream for you!🙃😉

ATEEZofficial 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ✨Thank you so much‼️✨😭 (。´Д⊂)🌸No matter how far apart we are, our heart will always be together🌸 ATEEZ 에이티즈 FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 Fireworks 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZofficial DIOSES ENTRE LOS DIOSES DEL KPOP 🔥❤🔥❤ ATEEZofficial 😭😭😭 Okay 3 ATEEZofficial YALL MADE M CRY READING ALL THAT ARTICLE I LOVE ATEEZ AND ARINY FANDOM 😭😭. This is just what makes me love KPOP because it give me an escape from the cruel world. 🥺😞

ATEEZofficial streammm ATEEZofficial ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ATEEZofficial REYES DEL MUNDOOOO park_seong_hwa ATEEZofficial Thank you so much! 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial DIOSEEEESSSSSS ATEEZofficial AHHHHHHHHHH ATEEZofficial OMG I love you so much 😭We will do our best ATEEZofficial thank you for this interview!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

ATEEZofficial wow ATEEZofficial 20번을 물어도 에티쥬가 넘버 원 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION🔥🔥 FEVER_Part_2 ATEEZ 불놀이야 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial Thanks cry ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 👑 ATEEZofficial I STG, WE BETTER GET HONGJOONG TO THE SUPER BOWL. ATEEZofficial ビルボードありがとう😊 FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 ATEEZofficial 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ 에이티즈

ATEEZofficial Thank youuuuuu billboard ATEEZofficial hwasfurry we have this to read as well ATEEZofficial thank u for this!! ateez best boyss 🥺and fever part2 AOTY !! ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial amoooooo ATEEZofficial YESSSSS SIRRRR ATEEZofficial thank u for this 🖤 please stream ! this comeback is literally FIRE !!🔥 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 에이티즈 エイティーズ

ATEEZofficial yess the leaders!!! ATEEZofficial WE WANT LIVE INTERVIEW 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 ATEEZofficial FIREWORKS 불놀이야 에이티즈 ATEEZ ATEEZofficial ATINY WE CAN USE YOUR HELP!!! ATEEZofficial The views on the video 'ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Fireworks (I'm The One)’ Official MV ' have been frozen for long periods at a time and only increases by a little once unfrozen. Please fix and verify the counted views and I hope you can quickly fix this. YouTube TeamYouTube

ATEEZofficial Jamás creí llegar tal lejos 🤧 Bueno si jsjsjs ATEEZofficial 🥺🥺❤ ATEEZofficial Thank you 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 Fireworks ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial Don’t forget to stream Fireworks on KQ channel!! Thank you for this article, ATEEZtranslati1 ATEEZofficial Nuestros chicos están creciendo bien 😭❤

ATEEZARAB ATEEZofficial ATEEZisBACK 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 TheyAreComing BURNINGFORATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZ FEVER_Part_2 Fireworks 불놀이야 ATEEZofficial 💕 ATEEZARAB ATEEZofficial ATEEZisBACK 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 TheyAreComing BURNINGFORATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZ FEVER_Part_2 Fireworks 불놀이야 ATEEZofficial 💓 ATEEZofficial stream!!!

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ATEEZofficial ATEEZ music is revolutionary. Like opening up new way of music, breaking the music industry. I smells legend vibe 🔥. Watch their official MV here : --- ATEEZ ATEEZofficial fireworks ImTheOne 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial Here is the video of Fireworks by ATEEZ.. ATEEZofficial The views on the video 'ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Fireworks (I'm The One)’ Official MV ' have been frozen for long periods at a time and only increases by a little once unfrozen. Please fix and verify the counted views and I hope you can quickly fix this. YouTube

ATEEZofficial yess, watch here please ATEEZofficial this pic made my day dang love thii laughing but im like cute picture ATEEZofficial thank you billboard for interviewing ATEEZ! I really enjoyed the q&a about their new album and plans This comeback seems to be just the start of something big for them! ATEEZofficial 에이티즈

ATEEZofficial Thank you ~ 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial jonghobiaswreck ATEEZofficial Thank you so much🤗 Here is the video of Fireworks by ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial Thank you so much ATEEZofficial ♥️ BurningForAteez - FEVER_Part_2 - 불놀이야 - Fireworks - ATEEZ - 에이티즈 - エイティーズ - + ATEEZofficial

ATEEZofficial WE WANT A LIVE INTERVIEW 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 Fireworks TheyAreComing ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial Thank you 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 -- ATEEZ -- 에이티즈 -- ATEEZofficial ^^ ATEEZofficial THANK YOU!! 💗 W1xAtz ATEEZofficial Thank you FEVER_PART_2 Fireworks 에이티즈 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ ATEEZofficial

ATEEZARAB ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial y'all better be streaming idc updateez ATEEZofficial Thank you for interviewing Ateez! I really enjoyed reading it and their personalities shine through even on paper🌟 FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 Fireworks 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION LET'S GO ATINY WE CAN DO IT FEVER_Part_2 불놀이야 ATEEZofficial 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 ATEEZ 에이티즈

ATEEZofficial FIREWORKS ATEEZofficial matzvlive ATEEZofficial Ateez just keeps coming back with discography that shows their own colours without even trying to follow the trends. Please keep an eye on them ❤️ ATEEZofficial Yasss Ateez kings!!! ATEEZofficial thank you for the interview !! ATEEZofficial *their new

ATEEZofficial updateez ATEEZofficial Thank you for interviewing them imixatz_ ATEEZofficial AYEEEEEEEE ATEEZofficial Thank you ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial thank you omg !! 💘💘💘 ATEEZofficial ISKSKS THANK U SO MUCH FOR GIVING THE BOYS THIS OPPORTUNITY ! ATEEZofficial Thank you!! ATEEZ

ATEEZofficial GET INTO IT ATEEZofficial YES KINGS ATEEZofficial the music video W1xAtz ATEEZofficial Thank you !!!!!!!!!! 지금우리ATEEZ는_불놀이야 FEVER_Part_2 Fireworks ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial updateez ATEEZofficial Here updateez ATEEZofficial You should go watch this MV. It’s called “I’m The One” (:

ATEEZofficial thank youuuu ATEEZofficial YAY W1xAtz ATEEZofficial Amazing album ATEEZofficial ! ♥️🔥 ATEEZofficial Take a look at the video of Fireworks by ATEEZ ATEEZofficial Here is the video of Fireworks by ATEEZ..