20 Microaggressions That You Won't Even Believe Happened At School

These stories are just...wow.

6/18/2021 11:46:00 AM

These stories are just...wow.

These stories are just...wow.

"I’m Arab-American and hada teacher who would repeatedly ask me things like why I don’t wear a hijab and what I was doing for Eid. I’m not even Muslim."—14."My high school would sometimes serve what they considered to be Chinese food at lunch.

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One day, the lunch lady took one look at me and said, 'Oh, I know you like eggrolls,' putting one on my plate without waiting for my answer.I am not Chinese, and I don't like eggrolls."—Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIF

ABC / Via15."When I earned a significant scholarship to the college I was going to,I was told that I was 'so lucky to be Mexican' because it meant that I didn’t have to work for my scholarship.It made me feel like my hard work in high school meant nothing." headtopics.com

—isabellaf4a647765616."I have a learning disability, and received academic accommodations for it, including extra time on tests and quizzes. My AP Chemistry teacher was walking me down to the place where my extra time was administered and said,'Yeah, every few years they let one of you people in. I don't know why.'

And then he clarified that he did, in fact, mean he did not understand why they let the learning disabled take AP classes at all. (But it's okay, I got him back when I told him I was going to drop his class because it had no affect on my admission to the University of Chicago.)"

—greenkyanite17."I am physically disabled with mental health issues, so pursuing a drama degree was a challenge. I have to use a wheelchair or a walking frame and I have chronic pain, but I love acting and was determined.One day I was feeling sick and told my teacher who in turn said 'No worries. We don’t need you around. When was the last time you saw a successful disabled actor, especially in theatre?'

He didn’t see anything wrong with what he said, but it destroyed me. It wasn’t the only thing that led me to a suicide attempt, but it definitely was one of the reasons. Even five years later, it still stings."—Gabriel Davies, Facebook18."I'm a black Latina and had just transferred to a new high school for my senior year. After reviewing my transcript (straight A's) and my ACT score (top 90% in country), headtopics.com

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my guidance counselor told me that I shouldn't take any AP classes because I wouldn't be able to 'handle' them. He also said I should strongly reconsider applying to competitive colleges because of the heavy workload.This counselor was actually known as the super encouraging counselor to all my white classmates. But every non-white student who he advised had experiences similiar to mine."

—aishar43b614ce519."It was my freshman year of college and I was sitting in class while my professor spoke about Asia and adoption. And thenout of nowhere, the professor says to me, in front of the whole class, 'Rebecca, you're adopted right?'

I was flabbergasted and angry, because—ONE—I am not adopted, and—TWO—not once had I spoken with her about any aspect of my family life. Therefore she had no basis to assume I was adopted other than the fact that I am half-Chinese.After I said I wasn't adopted, she turned to the only other Asian girl in class (who was Filipino) and said 'Oh that's right. You're the one who's adopted.'

That student was just as confused as I was because she wasn't adopted either! Every single student in that room was horrified. This professor assumed that one of the only two Asian girls in class had to be adopted. Newsflash lady: All Asian kids in America are not adopted." headtopics.com

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