20+ Ingredients People Commonly Buy (Then Forget About), And What You Should Cook With Each

If you've never had to throw out expired spices you've kept for 5+ years, congratulations — you're the 1%.

11/28/2021 11:00:00 AM

If you’ve never had to throw out expired spices you’ve kept for 5+ years, congratulations — you’re the 1%.

If you've never had to throw out expired spices you've kept for 5+ years, congratulations — you're the 1%.

reallytoasted sesame oil, and whew, this stuff is incredible. No shade to regular sesame oil, either — the toasted variety just intensifies that sesame flavor and makes it the perfect finish for rice bowls of any kind, or adding some silkiness and depth of flavor to ramen. You can even make a low-effort batch of

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quick picklesfor an easy way to add some brightness and zing to anything you're cooking.Three-Cup Chicken — a classic Taiwanese dish — practically explodes with rich and punchy flavors, and it couldn't be easier to make. The"three-cup" bit refers to the equal amounts of sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce that are traditionally used to make this simple weeknight meal, but most recipes, including this one, maintain that ratio while lowering the overall volume of ingredients. That said, if you want to make a

fullbatch of three-cup chicken and eat it nonstop, I won't stop (or blame) you.

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