2 Oklahoma police officers accused of repeatedly using stun gun against man charged with his murder

Jared Lakey, 28, died two days after he was repeatedly shot with a stun gun by the officers.

7/5/2020 3:55:00 AM

Two Oklahoma police officers accused of repeatedly using a stun gun against a man charged with his murder.

Jared Lakey, 28, died two days after he was repeatedly shot with a stun gun by the officers.

. Floyd was seen on video being held down by the knee of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Floyd's neck.Joshua Taylor, 25, of the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma is charged in connection to the second-degree murder of Jared Lakey.

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Joshua Taylor, 25, of the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma is charged in connection to the second-degree murder of Jared Lakey.Oklahoma State Bureau of InvestigationChauvin along with three other officers were charged in connection to Floyd's murder. They have all entered not guilty pleas to the charges.

The protests have also called for systemic racism changes throughout the world. In the Oklahoma incident, everyone involved was white.The OSBI said a report with their investigation findings were submitted to District Attorney Craig Ladd's office, who issued a warrant on July 1 for the arrest of Dingman and Taylor.

Judge Carson Brooks set $250,000 bond that both officers paid and were released by July 2, according to online court records.Brandon Dingman, 34, of the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma is charged in connection to the second-degree murder of Jared Lakey.

Brandon Dingman, 34, of the Wilson Police Department in Oklahoma is charged in connection to the second-degree murder of Jared Lakey.Oklahoma State Bureau of InvestigationRyan Hunnicut, who is the listed attorney for Dingman and Taylor, could not be reached for comment.

But in a statement tohe said:"The death of Mr. Lakey saddens us all. We are confident that the legal system will provide an opportunity for all the facts to be known and look forward to our day in court."Their next court date for a preliminary conference is on Aug. 27 at 9:30 a.m.

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So a stun gun is a deadly weapon or not? The victim definitely white...but that didn't stop fake news from making sure the steeple hate police even more smh Heather_Kozan Keep this up and everyone packing heat, Wild West law will become the norm Wait wait wait...the Fulton county DA has said that tasers aren’t a deadly weapon...I’m very confused!

All cops do is Kill So much white trash!! How on earth did these two obvious Darwin regression prize winners make it into the ranks of law enforcement? The only answer is that law enforcement is an entity that is governed by the very worst of the Darwin prize winners. This is how justice is served❣ Not with violence. Violence just makes us like them. 😑

Tienen a gente ignorante que no saben nada del peligro de sus armas en un ser humano , seguro que no conocen donde está su corazón o sus riñones I doubt the charges will stick as they are white!!!🙄 These kinds of law enforcement officers should be thrown into prisons for life. Evidement changer d'uniforme ainsi,ils vont pas chanter la ballade des gens heureux.. c'est sur..

Kids who are bullies usually grow up to be knuckle dragging apes. They continue with their brutish behaviour with impunity by hiding behind the badge of a police officer I remember getting tased in the back 5 times by Lousiana state troopers for arguing with street preachers on Bourbon street. That is the brutality that people are protesting about, they need no protections at all when they do vile things like that. CBSNews CNN MSNBC NBCNews

People need to be psychologically tested for their attitudes towards people of colour. Its easily done with computer simulations. They should not be punished for attitudes, they should be treated for them. Punishment doesn't work - so we enneed to walk away from it. Every time a black man is killed abc puts the man’s race in the headlines. Why isn’t the headline white man killed by police?

Give them the full power of the electric chair! 50 times you think that was enough? I'll applaud when they are imprisoned for murder. Evil...this is sad. Being stunned once is bad enough. They need to stop using extreme force and use their heads instead and stop killing people. I know profiling is bad, but they both literally look like exactly the kinda dudes that would eventually be answering to charges for this sort of thing. Shocking.

ACAB I think they look innocent That when Lakey did not comply with the officers' commands Why would anyone want to be or remain a cop these days ? It's now a crime to uphold our laws & protect the innocent. This has got to be stopped. Hope they rot there Ewwwww ugly on the outside too! Good. Police impunity needs to stop.

Enjoy jail If MAGA had a face... Retribution is a bitch Nice looking fellas....think I saw them in Charlottesville Iam betting the one on the right instigated. I know first impressions often wrong..just a guess There a catch-22 two officer charge because of excessive force with a stun gun . But when cop defends him self . Because the subject stole his stun gun it murder 😳

Fat slobs! Good cops have to stand up and weed out the bad and dangerous cops who shouldn't be amongst their colleagues. Wait a second I thought a taser wasn’t deadly?!?! How many times can the FakeNewsMedia flip flop in one year? REWRITE THAT LEAD. It makes no sense Terrible! Lets riot in the streets burn down buildings, make demands....oh never mind . Guess the victim was not black!

We know their innocent , we know the Liberal Media is to blame. ABC will get the same as CNN. Both are junk News. That’s right charge those devils! Sick of them getting away with murder! They look like very fine people SHOW THE BODY CAMS!! ... we neeeed to see what these Officers did!!! ... and they used the choke hold!? .. SHOW THE VIDEO .. these trump cops Get off on watching blackripple die!

Old news ABC Why wasn’t this a huge news story a year ago when it happened?! This is bullshit it took them one year to end up in fucking jail after murdering somewhere. We are sick and tired. DEFUND THE POLICE AND THE MILITARY! End this madness of rape and murder among the evil in the USA Odd, they arent laughing anymore.

WoW White supremacy! Shameful Why don’t you report on two helpless police officers getting shot for a mere traffic violations... they are worth reporting too they hD families But wait, a couple weeks ago, you liberals told me that it was ok for a criminal to shoot a stun gun at cops because it wasn't lethal. You liberals didn't completely reverse yourselves based on the race of the people involved, did you? Because that would make you racist.

Is... is this a pun? Where is COVID-19 Ego? Police Trump coronavirus If those are the faces of today's police officers someone might need to go back to the drawing board. I will say this.. you white boys in America, are not representing the law enforcement in America well at all.. and see this why it's not good for Me to talk about your dirty work, because now I'm sounding like racist.. and that's a bunch of bullshit, when it facts and truth🕊💗

Come on you know the guy on the left killed kittens when he was a kid Repeat after me: America is NOT a structurally racists society. The Media is trying very hard to portray this image to the world.The objective is to tell d World America is a failed society that needs to be rebuilt in the image of these globalist. It's all a game & we r the pawns

So.... stun guns are lethal weapons. Maga choad Tasers aren't supposed to be used like joy buzzers. 50 times is enough to risk the lives of just about anyone. This is torture more than anything else. Good. Let the floggings begin ‘Repeatedly’ JFC 500 lbs of racist garbage, who interviews these white nationalists and gives them weapons. humanize the police if defunding is wrong then .

The kid on the left’s older brother was in my high school class. When he would get mad at anyone, he would say that his dad (the only cop in our town) could shoot us and get away with it since he’s a cop. Seeing Josh murder someone under the guise of authority doesn’t surprise me Thugs Where is the Wood Shed

I doubt they would have 'repeatedly' if the guy wasn't resisting. Stop resisting! This one is definitely a klansmen These really look like non racist college educated civilized American citizens lol We at RNN are torn. Look at the Officer on the left. He's been crying. Can't we agree that murdering an innocent white man is bad, but not worth jail? That's what we do when the police murder blacks. BuildThatWall AllLivesMattter acab2020 MAGA

Good! Look at their faces. You can tell that these two men arent in the top tier of any IQ test, weak chins, high bodyfat percentage, pure utter fucking genetic trash. Lets give him a uniform, make him feel hes better than at least the blacks. Death-sentence time ☠️☠️ That headline makes no sense. If he was murdered how can he use a stun gun?

Do candidates for a police officer have to undergo a battery of mental health testing? If not why not? When will it stop?! Looks about right. Man I bet they are saying “You can’t do this to us, we have a union” they will walk, they always do. More arrests like this, please. Awful USA allows people to have unnecessary power by giving them guns and ammunition, then later fight with people. Later the matter goes to Court and pays compensation. It is routine. USA is land of litigation & compensation.

What year is it , again? Maybe they were trying to restart his heart with the tasers. Dogs I was thinking if moving to Oklahoma. YOU GUYS ARE RUINING IT FOR ME! lol I hope someone in jail gives them facial hair advice. Bet the victim was black Ugly ugly humans Put them in GenPop. Won't have to spend money on a trial then. Fuck em

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Oklahoma officers charged with murder after investigators say they used stun gun more than 50 timesTwo Oklahoma police officers have been charged with second-degree murder after being accused of using their stun guns more than 50 times on a man who died. Perhaps a ketamine dart would have been more effective. I hear they end up with the same result in less time. Was Lakey black or white? ABC

2 Oklahoma officers are charged with second-degree murder in man's 2019 deathTwo Oklahoma police officers were charged with second-degree murder this week in the Taser death of a 28-year-old man last year, authorities report. Sad..... DefundthePolice So a taser is in fact a lethal weapon. This means that the officers charged with the death of Rayshard Brooks are innocent.

Can a More Powerful Taser End Police Killings?Rick Smith, the man who pioneered Taser stun guns, says he wants to manufacture a next-generation Taser that is so effective police officers won’t have to use their pistols anymore. But he says it will take 10 years. Ffs that isnt the problem 😑 Set your phasers to stun.

South Korean police catch culprit in decades-old serial murder caseSouth Korean police have admitted using violence to extract a false confession from a man who spent 20 years in prison for the rape and murder of a 13-year-old. Shame this won't be a headline for US news. Wow, sounds like America 😭 More cases like this happend in China , but nobody care.

Flag-Bearing Motorcyclist Charged With Terrorism and Secession in Hong KongA motorcyclist who drove through Hong Kong streets with a flag bearing a popular protest slogan before colliding with police was charged with terrorism and secession, making him the first person publicly charged under China’s new national-security law awesome! Footnote: you’ll never see him again f**king communists