Economy, 2% Of Elon Musk's Wealth Could Solve World Hunger, Says Director Of Un Food Scarcity Organization - Cnn

Economy, 2% Of Elon Musk's Wealth Could Solve World Hunger

2% of Elon Musk's wealth could solve world hunger, says director of UN food scarcity organization

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10/26/2021 11:01:00 PM

A small group of ultra-wealthy individuals could help solve world hunger with just a fraction of their net worth, says the director of the United Nations' World Food Program. Billionaires need to 'step up now, on a one-time basis,' David Beasley said.

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Don’t ask billionaires to help, just force them to pay their fair share of taxes. 👊🏾🇺🇸 His damn money.He’s already doing more than most to combat climate change and get our planet switched over to electric, not even to mention SpaceX and the space exploration projects and tech developed for the betterment of the race, which is more than I can say for our government

Unfortunately even if the billionaires wanted to give more money, governments like Taliban or ISIS would keep majority of it and give pittance to the rest of the people. This has been the case in many instances How could solve the hunger? Tell Elon for 2 percent you would own the entire Caribbean! This days people trust in their leaders...

Lol what a load of crap cnn Give a man a fish...he eats for a day...teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime... Also money distribution isn’t the issue 90+% of the UN is corrupt so even if all the billionaires in the world gave 2% of there wealth 99% of it will be stolen and still wouldn’t solve world hunger, need to solve corruption first.

They’d rather give illegals half a million each first Elon seems to appear being a nice guy.

Elon Musk made $36 billion in a single day on Tesla's historic stock surgeElon Musk's personal wealth shot up by $36.2 billion on Monday. For context: That's more than the GDPs of Estonia, Latvia and Bolivia. Hodl shiba inu elon musk has accepted shiba inu token. Ohh Shit, that means he is going to have to pay $8.00 more in annual taxes

Why should he do that? You should say that to UNICEF, UNESCO, Redcross and all those other leeching foundations that has been taking millions if not billions for years and still WE DO NOT KNOW where all those money go to. They claim that they want to help 2% of his net worth would feed the world for one day. One day. That’s it. What about the other 364 days for eternity. Quit giving cash to third world nations for their leadership is just pocketing it. worldhunger

That’s to much like right and you would need trust worthy individuals in place to over see the operation Plz share with us mr Beasley how u have not been able to do this with the same amount of funding. Ur process is messed up. It’s never about the money Elon Musk did not create hunger, the economic and political systems of all the countries in the world have created hunger. 2% of his wealth could 'in theory' cure world hunger but neither implement the aide nor cure the root causes

Yes, but these people want to take up another venture which is great but let’s fix this planet first. It’s doable and for them to getting all these state and federal tax breaks isn’t right. I know I live in NV and his company was given tax free incentives. Imagine people telling you what to do with your money

What percentage of CNN profits does it take ? 🤔. Is it sustainable..I have doubts Reason of their poverty is not just money, mostly it is the government they choose or being forced upon. Poverty will come back once the donation runs dry.

Elon Musk made $36 billion in a single day on Tesla's historic stock surgeElon Musk's personal wealth shot up by $36.2 billion on Monday. For context: That's more than the GDPs of Estonia, Latvia and Bolivia. Hodl shiba inu elon musk has accepted shiba inu token. Ohh Shit, that means he is going to have to pay $8.00 more in annual taxes

Or maybe just pay some tax - now there’s a thought How about David Beasley makes a few billion and then gives it away? Lazy? The world: HELP US!Elon: So could the Catholic church Fact Check: 2% of elonmusk's wealth is $6B In 2020 the UN World Food Program (WFP) raised $8.4B. How come it didn't 'solve world hunger'?

It’s time to share! How about a United Nation Birth Control Program, ever think of that? CNN, how many times have you posted this now? It's appeared in my feed 3 or 4 times for days. Not news. Also not accurate. If that's all it took to 'solve world hunger,' the UN would collect money from member states and just do it. Clearly they haven't, won't, and likely can't.

Its not billionaires fault's, its the world governments fault's

Tesla's $1 trillion value a double bonanza for MuskThe surge in Tesla Inc's stock market value beyond $1 trillion on Monday is a double bonanza for Chief Executive Elon Musk, the electric car maker's largest shareholder.

Very true, multi-billionare institutions and firms can also chip in too. Corporate bodies like the CNN, Sky etc. World hunger can be ended In a week. Definition of SEPANTA (SPN) TOKEN. This TOKEN has been created in the TRON platform with a value of about 10,000,000 units, which has been requested and founded by large shipping companies, Airdrops BNB Binance BTC ShibaSwap TRON top modelling

How do they look in the mirror or sleep at night they must use drugs, huh. En fait c'est l'éternel problème du capitalisme...pour qu'il y ait des riches (ultra) il faut des ultras pauvres mourants de faim ? 1 kg de farine coûte en production 10 cents ? On peut en acheter avec 10 Milliards ! Même pas 1 % de La fortune de E.Musk ? Whatelse ? Pas obligés?

Yet another fact proving the correctness of Islamic Law; “all the wealthy people have to donate 2.5% of their wealth to the poor every year! Ofc ultras do everything as Investment. Food has most money 💰 Don’t wait to buy Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin and wait. But they won't.. Not on their things to do list.. And most will say 'why should i' Its not their responsibility.. Ain't no superhero billionaire willing to help mankind.. Only themselves and their ego's.. No change there then..

Hertz orders 100,000 Teslas, will set up electric vehicle charging networkThe ambitious purchasing goal targets the Tesla Model 3, a midsize, newer model from the company co-founded by Elon Musk. Way to use Twitter to break news from 14 hours ago

The problem has never been about money. How much money has been spent over the last decade trying to solve world hunger, yet it seems very small in roads have been made. What would the director do with the money? What’s the plan. Start to finish. How much and how long. They have to make zakatul maali Overpopulation killed the planet

$6B to feed everyone, and UN's budget is $3B, so we are half way there. LOL Hungry for a day anddddd they're back SHIBA up up to 0,1$ Communism or socialism has dire consequences in the long run look at the history of Zimbabwe DumisaniJChirwa Huelfox2 Looks to me that the most productive of the billionaires, (looking in Elon’s direction) has more then stepped up to help humanity find a path of survival in a changing atmosphere.

rauli_virtanen They are too busy flying to space with phallic rockets. The easiest solution is not to take from the filthy rich, that's very difficult, rather to stop creating hunger and refugees, strife and wars, stop the Pentagon from 'spreading democracy', British and french troops back to Britain.. Here's one example:

U.N. Reports Alarming Greenhouse Gas Rates Of Ahead Major Climate SummitA new report from the United Nations weather agency found greenhouse gas rates hit a new record in 2020, indicating the world is “way off track” to meet its climate goals lopezobrador_ por si ocupas. Mételo a Google Translate. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her __Ranee1_ Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

The problem is we will never convince the wealth to part with 2%. Not to mention the logistical issues to use that money without wasteage to get rid of world hunger. Love how some people feel justified in spending other people’s money. Every cent counts for helping people What is worth more? To save a living, breathing Mensch or to fly away? Wake up, elonmusk 🌸

If I have a billion dollars, I will 'step up now' and donate a million to the CNN 36% of the world’s population lives in poverty. If the remaining 64% gave just $1 we could help solve world hunger. Or, we can sit back, donate nothing & complain about the “ultra-wealthy”. yeah.. put everything on one person's shoulder and what government are for? to sleep in their office?

👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 There is NEVER a “one time” tax with you ppl, EVER!

Holdout Sen. Manchin agreeable to wealth tax for Biden plan, source saysPresident Biden’s proposals for new taxes on billionaires and companies to help fund his domestic agenda has the apparent backing of Sen. Joe Manchin.

They need to step up every day of every year TaxTheRich You do Realize that to Third World Countries those of us that are poor in the USA seem like ultra wealthy individuals… Right? Garbage. All the African countries and their despot governments would top the levels back up in days. But they would just be *checks notes* still billionaires.

One time basis, my ass. Noone needs that much money for themselves!! Do math ... nothing sustainable Some thing that will not happen. You are right that why CNN SHOULD CHIP IN. 🤣👍 Could happen but they all have so called experts whispering I'm their ears

🤣🤣🤣 Why haven’t the government around the world done ITV, or musk richer than the USA government And yet the US government with literally trillions of dollars in its defence budget does almost nothing. Elon Musk could spend 2% of his wealth solving hunger... for one year. World hunger is NOT a problem Musk can solve on his own. Silly to publish that he could.

They hide behind climate change lol! That's very true but the and will never do that That’s not true, even Rockefeller noted that the best way to solve world hunger and poverty was to continue innovation under the American Democracy! By spreading freemarket capitalism, entrepreurship Companies would provide jobs health wellbeing

Global hunger emerges because of inept & corrupt individuals/organisations that fail to ensure resources are distributed fairly to relevant actors. And a lack of long-term provisions do not exist because of poor governance underpinned by little accountability & transparency! As if Elon isnt already giving back to the world in both electric cars, and space craft technology. Also net worth doesnt mean he has that money to spend.

They are billionaires because investment banks have pushed stock prices to the sky. Instead of buying stock, they can donate to food banks . is this one of the fire that started a little debate at the comment section of the UN's new campaign video on LinkedIn this morning🥲

CNN, I have a question. What happens when the “have nots” out number the “haves”? You idiots realize that’s like 0.4% of $1.5 trillion, right? Why don’t Dems just toss “end world hunger” into their bill if it’s so cheap and easy? That is pure BS. Wealth cannot change attitude, perseverance and motivation which are missing attributes in many poor people. Many people just don’t give a shi and that is why they are poor. Money can’t fix that. That’s why liberal social legislation fails

Start with Zuckerburg and jack It’s 2% of the wealth we know about. I’m sure he has more hidden in off-shore accounts. Let's Say Elon Musk Gives the 2% of His Wealth and '$olves Hunger' - Then What? Some Countries' People Populations Keep Multiplying Like Mice! no wealth from that criminal, all not his own and much in debt, one of that top-3 criminals enemies..

I'm not sure it's up to billionaires to feed all the world's people because governments won't take care of their own people, including US. We consider giving money to illegal immigrants but we can't feed and shelter our homeless? it's not that simple, all that money would need to be carefully monitored bc most 3rd world countries are run by deeply corrupt politicians. Haiti received MILLIONS of dollars of aid and not a single Haitian was helped. Stop this bs analogy.

If they haven’t done it on their own, they aren’t going to do it. You don’t become a billionaire without being greedy. Very urgent 😢 Or maybe we could stop pumping hundreds of billions each year into oil and gas companies? That is a total misunderstanding. Just like governments printing money, no resources are created by Elon selling his company to pay taxes. Poor people benefit from Elon fighting climate change with zero emission cars and solar power. The WFP director needs to go back to school!

It’s simple, if you can’t feed a family, don’t have children. It’s survival of the fittest. Don’t put that on wealthy people. It’s not their responsibility to make sure every mouth gets fed. So could the Catholic Church and they “claim” to help people. 'Feed'! The Hungry? vs 'Feed'! My ego? Ridiculous You can't solve world hunger, until you eliminate world wars. There's lots of talk about racism in the US, but Africa is the world leader in racism, not so much in regards of color, but in tribal factions that kill each other

More important for them to build space ships and charge 2 million per person per trip

why don’t you give your profits away to stop world hunger then? Btw if was told if I eat my veggies it would solve world hunger. That didn’t work out either. Meanwhile the US is giving $1 billion to a few thousand people who illegally entered the US. Hmmm… maybe there is a better use for that $1 billion?

That's why you CANT ASK them to pay you MAKE THEM PAY! If that's true than how come countries like US spend $705.39 billion on Defense. I mean if you've that kind of money I bet you could spare little $6 billion to stop world hunger. ✋ 🌎 🍔 It's amazing seeing poor people defending billionaires. Without the workers and the allowance of states, there would be no millionaires. Without general public support, they wouldn't exist. That's precisely why they owe all of us. And they owe us big, big time.

World hunger is deliberate agenda by governments! Billionaires pay very little taxes. Why is it unfair to ask them to pay what they should instead of hoarding their wealth? Why is that such a terrible thing to ask? It is really a shame that ultra rich Americans like Musk or Bezos feel not himselves pushed to support poor people in their country

What about Mr. T's or Obama's wealth? Trillions? Is it their fault that so many people just don't have the desire to work or earn their own money? Is it their fault that 3rd world countries are garbage cans? No, of course not. They earned that money so they and they alone decide how to spend it.

elonmusk BillGates Can you more donate globally for human eating food properly. And both of you invest global agriculture sector for lower land but huge food development. Al's undergraduate and graduate student job What about birthcontrol ... planet is getting more and more exploited by human race . 10 billion people is that acceptabele..?

Or we can just tax it out of them. His money his choice… He worked hard and so can others… These guys think they will take their wealth to their graves. Instead of power to be on the wealthiest list in value, be on the wealthiest list in terms of humanity. Billionaires should not exist. They are the product of a system that doesn’t work for the majority.

You can't just force some one to give his 2% wealth so you can use it... It's his money and his choice.. government can legally do is increase the tax... I wished I could. What selfish individuals. How about the gov step up and stop wasting our money on stupid shit Yeah but they rather send spoiled rich ppl into space for 15 mins

I wouldn’t expect a white, male, ex South African to care too much about world hunger. Not possible and for how long even If it’s possible? There’s so many issues surrounding It as well. Poor Elon, he's looking beat. 0.1% of the UN's wealth could solve world hunger.. Tax them For Someone Who Has A Current Net Worth Of $300+ BILLION DOLLARS!!! it's NOT OK! for him or others in his financial position NOT TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE! Defending These BILLIONAIRES! is absolutely ASININE!

Ya that’s going to happen Duh. We've known that for decades lol. People like him can not have enough money Biden, needs to step down on a permanent 'basis', to stop ruining and embarrassing America.

That's less than he pays in taxes. Taxes are 20% less, minimum, than middle class pays. Take some responsibility for your own life... pathetic. These billionaires own us nothing but their generosity should they choose.... Too busy playing Rocket ships!! He doesn't give a shit. YES RIGHT. BUT THOSE WEALTHY GUYS ARE INVESTING IN FUTURES SCIENCE. IF WE TAKE FROM HIM 10 000 MILLION. TO RESOLVE THE HUNGER. IS LESS MONEY TO CONQUER THE ELECTRIC CAR. MAYBE FROM HERE TO CALIFORNIA WITHOUT GAS. ONLY CHARGING THE BATERY QUICKLY OR A BATERY CHANGING SET.

He's too busy gloat-tweeting at Bozos. Solve it for how long? 10 minutes? It isn’t like these people aren’t going to get hungry again. Lucid00 If they did that they would want some celebratory thing with their names on it or something back for the money they spent because goodness does not exist with in the wealthy until they're dying alone

The wrong people always have the most money elonmusk FYKI :)

Key word here is “net worth” they don’t have that cash on hand to spend! If they can write it off, they will do it I bet. You'd think they would just because but obviously not. But they won’t- greed has become irreversible So now they got amnesia. 😐 'it is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion', Adam Smith The father of capitalism 1751 🏛🇺🇲

Or our politicians could work hard and reduce pork in every bill? Trillions of dollars has been thrown at the developing world since 1945. You can find most of it in the Swiss Bank Accounts of the dictators who ruled these poor countries. Why would giving more now make life better for anyone, except for the thugs who run these countries?

With great wealth should also come great responsibility 2% of the USA's or the UK's defence budget would amount to much the same. Why pick on Elon, there are plenty who could do more. The leaders of the planet need to start thinking of the planet and not just their little bit they're sat in.. Equality should be world wide..

They prefer the dieing.Can't you see how they sponsor terrorizm all over, instead of using the money to help the needys? They love slaughtering humans. To the very detriment of all those whom they could serve and truly help in this world. Wish I had 230 billion. I’d damn sure make peoples lives better. And I mean all of them that I possibly could!

Yes so true. Just do not involve the corrupt and biased united nations to do anything. The billionaires will be better off and more productive if they have their own people to handle everything. Leave the politicians out of the picture, more will be done and all will benefit. The wealth of Elon musk belongs to Elon musk. It is the job of the government to solve these problems, not individuals. Be thankful that musk is employing thousands of people at Tesla and launching people and satellites into orbit. Bravo musk!

It would be an enormous short term help and relief and a far better use of money than organizing space flights for millionaires! However, it is an utter illusion to think of it as „one time help“, as it is and will be ever repeating as political and climate crises will prevail! That is true! Convince Elon to give away the 2% needed to eradicate world hunger. He will get much more back from God!!!😇

Instead they're spending their money on worthless adventures of 10mins in outer space. Just crazy guys I believe he will elonmusk Stop it, it was never a money issue, there is actually a surplus in food production and waste (over 20%), it’s about getting the food (or anything else, for that matter) to those places where people are in hunger.

You don't get that rich and still have a human heart It's not your money why are you even talking about it You are free to donate every penny you have, do you know why, BECAUSE ITS YOUR MONEY!! If they did that.. some leaders would embezzling it , some would make it hard for people to get the moneyb

Not going to hold my breath. Yeah sure 2% for this, then 2% for that, then hey they need to help fund this war we will eventually be in, we also have this other war over here, plus I would like some money in the form of campaign contributions. ,but then you absolutely have to help us save social security.🤮

Tell Lebron to share his money . That's only plugging the hole. Curbing global warming will more permanently help the poor. I will buy a Tesla if elonmusk does this. camilocnn UN BUDGET AND SALARIES COULD SAVE WORLD HUNGER A lot of the issue with world hunger is food aid being used as a weapon by those vying for control.

Richard has blocked me. Also, Richard does not, in fact, know how to fix Apples. Better idea: stop telling other people what to do with their money. 2% of EM's entire wealth (mostly currently unrealized potential wealth), or well less than 1% of the current, actual, single year US military budget.

CNN….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Good luck!!!!!! What happened to the old saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” People shouldn’t starve but when you hand someone something there’s no value to it. There has to be another way. But it’s True , and not just musk there is a list there is no need for kids to be dying around the world because of hunger or medicine issues , but didn’t we all know that already this is not new news

Bezos needs to stop joy riding in his “space ships” and do the right thing. Humans lack the coordination & empathy to stop world hunger ya'll. If we had that aspect, we would have done this ages ago. There's WAYYY too much corruption on the way down for this. If true, the fed can literally print this There are some billionaires who own casinos

CNN is the speak person for corrupt governments all over the world It could but they wont…they have more important things to worry about than ending world hunger and saving this planet from climate change…..they’d rather space travel🙄

Musk doesn’t have boxes of cash hidden in his closet. It’s not $300 billion sitting in checking accounts waiting to be transferred to another account. If he liquidates that much of his stock, what do you think this does to the company, the economy, etc.? You know what's better than a 'one-time' basis...? An ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION of real significance via taxes. Crazy thought!

Teach people how to fish. Not give them fish all the time. CNN Headline: Analysts Say War In Afghanistan Was A Waste Of Time, Money And Human Lives. Of course he's kidding. These are people so mean they'll spend $100 000 to save $100 in taxes. Call them what they are . . . money hoarders. dollymad1812 But then he couldn't swan around in space... C'mon now, Elon has his priorities... me me me me me me

Greed won't allow them to fix society's problems. Don't forget they are taking money from these same ppl. One time basis, and then those bitches can continue to pay their fair share going forward, thankyouverymuch. They don't seem to mind receiving help when it benefits them, time to return the favor.

How do you liquidate a 100 billion?

Less than 1% of America's defense budget can solve world's hunger. Your point? What really would help is ending corruption, foreign meddling, and let people find their way. UN and free money it would never be a one time basis. they would take everything in the name of whatever crisis of the month it is.

DADDY DOGE 🙌 DD2M DOGECOIN DaddyDoge2Mars elonmusk Why limit it to one time? Why should they? There we go!!! Really happening 😲😲