2 Kansas City Police Officers Shot İn Separate İncidents - Cnn

2 Kansas City Police Officers Shot İn Separate İncidents - Cnn

2 Kansas City police officers shot in separate incidents

Two police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, were shot in separate incidents that left one of them in critical condition

7/3/2020 6:28:00 AM

Two police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, were shot in separate incidents that left one of them in critical condition

Two police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, were shot in separate incidents on Thursday that left one of them in critical condition.

The officers had been responding to calls for help, according to Kansas City Police Chief Richard Smith.In one incident, police were called to a disturbance near a McDonald's. A witness told CNN affiliate KMBC that a man left the fast-food restaurant with a gun. "He was acting like he was out of his mind. No shirt. His pants were half way down to his knees. Angry. Yelling," the witness said, according to the affiliate.When police arrived, the suspect fled on foot, shooting at them. One officer was shot before another officer returned fire and struck the suspect, Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Bill Lowe said during a news briefing. Investigators said the suspect died at the scene. Read MoreThe officer who suffered a gunshot wound is in critical condition in surgery. Smith said his family is"in total shock" and his mother is"angry" about the violence in the city."It's a difficult time obviously. Obviously, these things are not something we want to happen," Lowe said.Horrified to hear today of an incident in which a @kcpolice veteran and a @RideKCTransit driver were shot in Northeast Kansas City by a robbery suspect who opened fire on both. My thoughts are with both victims and their families and I thank them for their service and courage.

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— Mayor Q (@QuintonLucasKC) July 2, 2020 The other shooting incident took place on a bus. A Kansas City Area Transportation Authority bus driver saw a man allegedly rob someone at a bus stop and then get on the bus. She notified the police and began driving slowly until an officer arrived and got on the bus, according to CNN affiliate KSHB.The suspect then shot the officer and bus driver before getting off the bus, according to Lowe.The injured officer, an 18-year veteran of the force, and the bus driver sustained non-life threatening injuries. After getting off the bus, the suspect engaged in a shootout with other KCPD officers and sustained critical injuries, Lowe told KSHB.Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas said on Twitter that he was"heartbroken and disgusted by what our fellow Kansas Citians and our officers confront each day."While we build community trust, we also must redouble efforts to hold accountable those who terrorize our community and who have taken too many lives. I'm heartbroken and disgusted by what our fellow Kansas Citians and our officers confront each day. We won't tolerate lawlessness

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Why don't you the fake news make a big thing about this. In other news, cnn supports this incident as payback for some reason Time to either up police actions or, slow response time until threats are gone They are recieving what they are giving the public .an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. What does CNN care? They help drive the hate all cops narrative.

Does it make you happy? 2 police officers were shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one dead, one in critical condition, for people safety. Any recognition by you guys? Karma is a B1tch i guess And you CNN helped perpetuate this atmosphere of kill the police you should be ashamed of yourselves you shouldn't hang your head in shame FakeNewsCNN

there will be casualties in war no ? So said ANTIFA is killing so many people and it appears to be legal now. Need gun strict gun control now more than ever. This is why people get shot. Criminals take that risk when they decide to do the crime. Cops must be allowed to protect themselves and the public by stopping the criminals. I’m sorry for what happened to GF, but a great first step in stopping police shootings is to reduce crime.

I wonder what they did wrong. We don't have both sides of the story, don't rush to judge the shooter. So sorry to hear this. What about the preexisting conditions?!? My Dream Tracker is offering a 7-Day Free Trial on their program which is designed to be The Ultimate Dream Package to help you accomplish and live your dreams. Click here to learn more in messenger --

Prayers! This is terrible! We're at war amongst ourselves in America! Way to run a country!! SMH! AllLivesMatters These officers, the two in Tulsa, one that has died. If you think all of this anti-police crap that we're seeing from BLM, parroted by cnn and the MSM isn't exacerbating these shootings, you're blind. They all have blood on their hands for these shootings. BlueLivesMatters

I'm surprised you didn't say 'during a largely peaceful encounter'. This is horrible!! Police are essential! This media platform and others exacerbate tension with police and public! Police are mostly good and do not deserve to be verbally, physically or mentally abused!Your neighbors and family are safe because of police! 99% of police are good!

Conflicts, violence is the history of the country. Revolution, Indian Wars, Mexico War, Civil War, US Spanish War, Seminole War, Philippine War, Nicaragua, Haiti,WW1, WW2 Korean War, Seminole War, Philippine War, Vietnam, Iraq, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq2 Police Lives Matter! In other news... Everytime CNN reports about Cops being shot,why do I always envision them in celebration?

This seems more like a local news issue, not breaking news nationwide. sad day if people think this ok This is partially on you CNN. Keep spreading your hate and division to stay marginally relevant. Can you televise this on CNN TONIGHT.? Media is partially to blame for stoking the flames. How about highlighting the millions of positive interactions with police? That would help to heal society as a whole.

Guns, our other epidemic A full-length video of an attack on a Hong Kong police officer. The Western media chose the second half of the video. That's the truth. No description of the shooters .I wonder why And yet you wanna take away their funding give them bigger guns Can i see their files? Missouri’s COVID19 cases are on the rise with approximately 425 new cases per day. I wonder if it’s a good idea for feverish deluded deniers with TDS having access to an unlimited number of bullets and an efficient delivery system.

The numbers never lie!! Cops are 18x more likely to be shot and killed by an African American male than the other way around. The false narrative that cops kill more blacks bc of racism has been hyped up by CNN and the MSM. CNN has blood on their hands Tit for tat isn’t going to work in this situation. People shouldn’t take law in their own hands! My prayers to the police officer’s families. RIP

CNN getting the violence they so desperately want. Nowadays i want to know first what kind of cops they are/were before i feel sorry for them. So apparently, Police Life does not matter Idk Gotta hear both sided oh... so bad. need to investigate what is the cause and justice for them. If you are an expert and your job is to give advice and you continually get it wrong you would be fired So how come Fauci still has a job? He is an hysteric and none of his predictions have come true Remove him so he can go on CNN. He would fit right in there as fact free zone

See the difference is that whoever tried to kill them will be brought to justice. DefundThePolice EndQualifiedImmunity JusticeForBreonnaTaylor Baby world news U.S. President Trump's American First's blatant possession of Ramd esibir expresses concern about the selfish thoughts and actions of the world's human race. Pouch, the director of CDC Disease Prevention, and WHO officials also criticized it.

Baby world news Brazil is concerned about Coronavirus's record breaking day after day. Up to 48,000 people a day. Accumulated 1.5 million people are very worried. The MSM and CNN in particular has encouraged this violence. No effort ever made to call out rioters and anarchists which is what they are. What about the two infants murdered due to gang violence in Chicago? What about the NY spike in murders and crime? CNN is fact free

Another POTUS This can happen when police do their actual job. Cops and bad guys brandishing real guns take the chance of getting killed. Not people going to the store for ice tea. Getaway bus I don’t know, there wasn’t enough evidence. 😌 CNN you built that! Let me guess by peaceful protestors? BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist organizations and should be treated as such.

great! Some good news It’s almost like a culture that embraces guns, violence, racism and police brutality could have negative consequences for society. Who knew? 🙄 Are you happy you are helping create a war on cops? This is what having a gun means. So it's possible for a suspect running away to turn and point a weapon at police and fire. Yet RayshardBrooks shooting gets a cop charged with Felony Murder. Just bullshit.

shot by who? black or white How come black lives matter only when a white happens to take a black life which in reality is lower per capita wise then the other way around, and much lower then blacks taking other black lives This shit going on is not from racism or injustice but the crap taught in our schools, the leftist social media, leftist media, & lib politicians who play the race card, harp on the past & make minorities as victims when they have more rights, opportunities & equality then ever

The demoralizing, debased, destructive, destabilizing world of the leftist anarchist libs who deceitfully pretend to stand for justice, equality and fairness, but in reality are themselves the biggest danger and cause of the social, moral, and spiritual collapse of society Of course this will be forgotten about in no time

And the bus driver Your fault policelifematter That’s terrible 😭 Prayers for them and their families OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS MUST BE PROTECTED Police are the new black people in the south in the 1950’s Congratulations people you support this Thank you for the FAIR media coverage CNN. I think I actually will start tuning in!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Oops, BLM terrorists now? boycott FREDO Nice to see people fighting back. We love our hero’s!!! Prayers for the family and their children 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Prayers for their children and families! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤔🤔 Prayers for their children and families!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

We are hoping the officer is recovering well. Also, we want news on the shooters. Jailed already, we trust. Horrible that hero’s that go work gruelling jobs to protect us and being murdered!! On top of that they are being so disrespected and brutalized by BLM and ignorance. It's funny seeing all of the tough guys with the fuck the police attitude. Knowing damn well that listening to lil peep is as hard as they get while living in their white suburban town.

Until police deaths equal the number of unnecessary deaths the police are responsible for....there will be no sympathy Can't believe CNN has the nerve to cover this! Democrats hate of police is causing them to be murdered CNN Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek CNN has been making too much fake news. It upsides down red and black; confuses right and wrong; twists the truth;muddy the water. we must kick it off.

How long until they search the officers' homes to see if there's any drugs? I bet you’re loving this CNN. What were they wearing? Your “news” agency has done nothing but pour gasoline on a fire to paint all police officers as brutal enemies of society. No respect for your biased viewpoints!! Guess they shouldnt have joined a gang like the police force

This is a dangerous country. cnn is in part responsible for every police officer that is attacked since you promote 'peaceful protests' that are never peaceful for long This is awful and people want to defund the courageous t men & woman that put there life on the line everyday. Shout-out to all the classy edgelords in this thread who are celebrating this.

Murder is murder. allMurderersDeservePunishment No one wants dead cops. We don't want dead people of any profession. Smoked pork. Nice. Prayers to the families. 🙏 Blame the media. They encouraged this violence. We need to start protecting our police officers instead of shooting them. Two wrongs don't make it right.

Womp Womp PoliceLivesMatter Serves them right. Now they know what they inflicted on others. No sympathy for thugs with badges DefundThePolice ACAB Pelosi promotes this Praying for them But, the suspect DIED and the police are alive. That’s not the headline? Hey cnn look at these comments. These are your viewers, great bunch of folks you got.

Mayor Quinton Lucas tweeted his support for the police following the shooting. Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Bill Lowe said the police believe there was only one suspect. You can thank the Democrats and the fake news channels for encouraging this behavior. This sounds more like a missouri problem than a police problem. Missouri is the toilet.

The shooting took place just before 5pm near 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard . The officer was shot in the head and taken to Truman hospital . So guns are still not a problem. America cries crocodile tears. Maybe we shall kneel on their necks to stop the suffering. Because putin like the job Your anchors and reporter are reporting on the police as villains! Democrats, specially AOC, want to Defund the police as if the police are the problems! One bad and discussing cop, does Not represent an entire police force!

It is blood on CNN hands!!!! Thank to Don Lemon and his side kick Mr. Como, with their racist monologues.!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU CNN I HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT!!!! I really don't care. White or black ? What do idiots like this think they’re accomplishing? Y’all really think by “getting revenge” on innocent cops by committing cold blooded murder is going to bring back George or Breonna, or honor their name in anyway? Way to set the peaceful BLM movement back miles.

Suspect dead , Kansas City police officer in emergency surgery following shooting . good news to start the day Why didn’t you cover the two Tulsa police officers that were shot? One died and the other is critical.

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Black mayor of Kansas City says he was called N-word over mask ruleMayor Quinton Lucas said he received texts containing "a racial slur" and "subtle death threat" after he announced a mask requirement to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Kansas Governor On Her Executive Order Requiring Residents To Wear Masks In PublicNPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Kansas Governor Laura Kelly about her executive order that requires wearing masks statewide, ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. YES.

New York City Council approves $1-billion cut to NYPDThe New York City Council has approved a plan to shift $1 billion from police to education and social services in the fiscal year starting Wednesday. How about cutting funding to tax dodging business including politicians? See how they like it. After all they are the one who should done for the incitement. Welcome to Dodge City prior to the Earp brothers & Doc Holiday... IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT AND SAVE YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY, NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN!!!