2 Illinois COVID-19 testing labs under investigation after complaints pour in

Two more COVID-19 pop-up testing companies are under investigation by The Illinois Department of Public Health.

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1/27/2022 5:20:00 AM

Two COVID-19 testing labs are under state investigation for how they handled test results, the Illinois Department of Public Health confirms.

Two more COVID-19 pop-up testing companies are under investigation by The Illinois Department of Public Health.

pop-up testing companies are under investigation by The Illinois Department of Public Health.One is Northshore Clinical Laboratories, which the Illinois attorney general has received over 30 complaints about. The other is O’Hare Clinical Lab Services.

Video from outside an O’Hare Clinical location in the 1400 of South Ashland Ave. shows they were still open for business. A sign outside reads, ‘Open with results in 10 minutes.’However, an investigation underway by the Illinois attorney general found 29 complaints. Many people who went to the lab say they are still waiting to find out if they are negative or positive for COVID-19.

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