2 Fall Pies Anyone Can Pull Off, for the Holidays & Beyond

One rustic, one fancy-schmancy.


From a beginner-friendly galette to a show-stopping lattice slab pie. FIJIWater f52partner

One rustic, one fancy-schmancy.

But using Martha Stewart's Genius slab pie (perfect for a party, I might add) as our base recipe, Emma broke the whole process down into manageable steps, sharing a few of her best tips and helping to troubleshoot along the way.

Make two rounds of dough, one bigger than the other.

All-purpose flour will give your dough its sturdiness and make it easy to work with, Emma explains, but you can swap in small percentages of different types of flours, like rye or whole wheat. In the video above, we did 90 percent all-purpose and 10 percent rye flour to add a subtle nutty flavor.

Since it's fall, Emma chose pears as the main ingredient for our filling, with a twist: black pepper."It sounds odd at first, but black pepper and fruit are super, super delicious together; it's like the sweetness and just a little bit of spice," she says. Other creative flavor combos you could try: apples with miso and lemon juice; peaches with cardamom; cranberry and sage.

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