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1st for U.S.: Black women's wrestler wins gold

Tamyra Mensah-Stock is the first Black woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling for Team USA 🥇

8/4/2021 6:07:00 AM

Tamyra Mensah-Stock is the first Black woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling for Team USA 🥇

Tamyra Mensah-Stock has become the first American Black woman to win an Olympic gold in wrestling. Mensah-Stock defeated Nigeria's Blessing Oborududu in the women's 68-kg freestyle wrestling final.

"They paved the way for me," Mensah-Stock said.Oborududu made history also as the first Nigerian -- male or female -- to earn a wrestling medal at the Olympics."After wrestling to get into the final yesterday, I was having a lot of messages, a lot of calls," Oborududu said."I locked down my phone, because I don't want to receive any calls, or anything that was really disturbing me. I switched off my phone so I was not in any kind of pressure. I know that I've created the record for my country."

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Mensah-Stock was proud of the fact that she wrestled a Black African woman for the gold medal. Mensah-Stock's father is from Ghana, a nation in West Africa."I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, look at us representing," Mensah-Stock said."It's so freaking awesome. You're making history, I'm making history. We're making history. So it meant a lot."

Mensah-Stock, the No. 1 seed, blitzed through a formidable field. She defeated Japan's-- a 2016 Olympic gold medalist -- 10-0 in the first round.She beat China's Feng Zhao 10-0 in the quarterfinals, then beat Ukraine'sAlla Cherkasova-- a former world champion -- 10-4 in the semifinal. headtopics.com

She finished the dominant run by defeating Oborududu, the No. 2 seed and a three-time Olympian, in the final."Well, you've got to beat the best to know that you're the best," Mensah-Stock said."And that's what I keep telling myself. It doesn't matter the draw. You go out there and you beat whoever is in front of you because that's how you tell somebody that you were the best. I'm the bad draw."

Cherkasova defeated Dosho in a bronze medal match. The other bronze went to Kyrgyzstan's Meerim Zhumanazarova. She defeated Mongolia's Soronzonboldyn Battsetseg, a 2012 Olympic bronze medalist.Hungary'sTamas Lorinczdefeated Kyrgyzstan's Akzhol Makhmudov 2-1 in the Greco-Roman 77-kg men's final.

Lorincz, 34, was the top seed. He was a silver medalist in the 66-kg event at the 2012 London Olympics.Makhmudov, 22, was competing in his first Olympics. He dominated his first three matches, outscoring his opponents by a combined 26-3 before reaching the final. Bronze medalists were Japan's Shohei Yabiku and Azerbaijan's Rafig Huseynov.

The Russian Olympic Committee's Musa Evloev defeated Armenia'sArtur Aleksanyan5-1 in the Greco-Roman 97-kg men's final.Evloev was the No. 1 seed and a two-time world champion. Aleksanyan, the No. 2 seed, was the 2016 Olympic gold medalist at 98 kg and a 2012 Olympic bronze medalist at 96 kg. Aleksanyan injured his left leg during his semifinal match and had it heavily taped for the final. headtopics.com

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Bronze medalists were Poland's Tadeusz Michalik and Iran's Mohammadhadi Saravi.American Kayla Miracle had high hopes. She opened the day against China's Jia Long in the 62-kg women's freestyle category. Long scored a passivity point, but Miracle went ahead 2-1 on an exposure seconds before the break. Long scored on a lift with about two minutes remaining for the deciding points.

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Team USA's Tamyra Mensah-Stock Is the First Black Woman to Win Gold in Wrestling'Just because you're a female it doesn't mean you can't accomplish the biggest of goals.' – MensahTamStock

And she loves this country, makes it even better She’s such a sweetheart! ♥️ John Cena better sadly danawhite TheJokerJB About damn time you promote this! Her MensahTamStock USAWrestling First black woman in the world, not just the US

Tamyra Mensah-Stock Becomes First Black Woman to Win Olympic Gold in Wrestling - E! OnlineAfter Tamyra Mensah-Stock won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on August 3, becoming the first Black woman wrestler to do so, UFC President Dana White was among those congratulating her. Gongratulation and God bless you as American too🎉🎊👏👏👏😁 So nice to see an American athlete who is proud of her country. Bless you for your great message after winning the gold!!

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