19-year-old to break record of youngest woman to fly solo around the world

'It's been ... challenging, but so amazing at the same time.'

1/20/2022 1:45:00 PM

'It's been ... challenging, but so amazing at the same time.'

In five months, Zara Rutherford flew over 40 countries and five continents.

"Zara's first flight in a very small airplane, was when she was three or four months old. … And frequently, she'd be given the opportunity to sit in the front, to start with, of course, on about six cushions to be able to manipulate the controls and move the aircraft around," Sam Rutherford, Zara's father and a former army helicopter pilot, told ABC News.

But it was not until about five years ago that Rutherford truly realized her passion for flying."It only really crystallized into something she actually wanted to do more formally when she was 14, and at 14, she started actually taking flying lessons," Rutherford's father said.

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