19 Pictures That Prove We All Basically Had The EXACT Same Childhood



19 Pictures That Prove We All Basically Had The EXACT Same Childhood


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19 Hilarious Tweets And Photos That Are Literally You, I Swear To GodYou won't regret clicking on this. Yes & I guess my brain takes a little time off bc this President is nonstop for dividing & Hate

Amy Sedaris Answers 19 Questions From a Few of Her Famous FriendsComedian and homemaker extraordinaire Amy Sedaris answers some questions from her friends John Waters, Abbi Jacobson, and Sarah Jessica Parker. This was life changing can I get a licensing contact? Who's got the archive?

19 Reactions To The 'Little Women' Trailer That Truly Speak To Me Right Now'Laurie...literally Laurie.'

Kinsale Hueston On Her Activism, Poetry, And College Experience As A 19-Year-Old Diné WomanThis 19-year-old Yale student is the future of Gen Z poetry

19 Students That Hands Down Had A Weirder School Experience Than YouDid your school have a donkey basketball game? it is really not ok to shame kids , just not I dunno man, I had a history teacher who liked to cosplay and act out different atrocities that have happened in the world... I just about crapped my pants the day she showed up dressed as Hitler. And she evidently did this every year. So you’re telling me donkey basketball wasn’t a normal thing

19 Kids That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should'Buy my girlfriend's CD, I'm so proud.' We really shouldn’t lose the kid in us.

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