19 One-Of-A-Kind Thrift Store Finds That Are Too Good To Be True

Apparently, Goodwill carries exorcism kits.

8/1/2021 4:00:00 AM

Apparently, Goodwill carries exorcism kits.

Apparently, Goodwill carries exorcism kits.

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Watch Selena Gomez Do Her Going-Out Makeup Routine, From Liquid Liner to Lip Gloss

Selena Gomez on going-out makeup, her drugstore trick for battling breakouts, and why she’s not done with being blonde just yet.

Opinion: COVID-19 — but not the vaccine — is a risk for male fertilityOPINION: There is no evidence the vaccine harms a man’s reproductive system. But ignoring the vaccine and contracting COVID-19 very well could, Ranjith Ramasamy writes. My people don't trust it especially coming from a democrat president. Remember it was democrats that forced sterilization on my people founded the klan forced segregation. Yes we still vote mostly democrat because a lot are addicted to the racist social programs that keep Women unwed and rewarding bad behavior Mannn yall trying every strategy in the book for ppl to take the shot.

El Salvador detects first case of COVID-19 Delta variant - health ministerEl Salvador has detected its first case of the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus, Health Minister Francisco Alabi said on Saturday. Ought Oh Wow, what test did they use? Oh no! Those countries are going to suffer like India did.

Opinion: Remembering Ron Popeil, the visionary who helped America see the drama in shopping — and once tried to sell me a turkey fryerThe pitchman popularized the infomercial as a vehicle to sell one-of-a-kind products including the Showtime Rotisserie and Pocket Fisherman.

Last Victim of Miami Area Condo Collapse Is Identified, Bringing Death Toll to 98More than a month after the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building, authorities identified the remains of the final victim who wasn’t accounted for. “Nothing we can say or do will bring back these 98 angels.” nice To the families of those 98 angels remember God is good all the time and all the time God is good Stop the religious nonsense of angles, it was living humans that died in condo building collapse. If angels actually existed there wouldn't be any deaths at the collapse.

24 percent of Latina women have lost family member to COVID-19: PollThe survey also found that Latina women are at least 5 percent more likely to become sick with COVID-19 than other women of color. Instead of spreading fear for clicks, you should try promoting masks and vaccinations. Do your duty 5% sounds like the amount for any possible error in a survey 🧐 Get the shots!

ConnieSchultz thanks ConnieSchultz Oh Jesus are you guys done clutching your pearls yet? ConnieSchultz I can empathize with those lawmakers, I feel the same fear every morning when my sister walks 6 blocks through our neighborhood to take the bus to work.