19 Fashion Choices Millennial And Gen Z Cuspers Made That I Am Now Embarrassed By

Time to bust out the concealer lips, baby.

6/23/2021 2:08:00 PM

Time to bust out the concealer lips, baby.

Time to bust out the concealer lips, baby.

Fox Searchlight PicturesAlthough you might have some strong opinions about which generation you're in, it probably means that you were a bit young for your style to goin the '00s:David Klein / Getty ImagesBut your teen style was definitely not entirely down with what the kids are wearing now:

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Kevin Winter / Getty ImagesThe fashion result of being a teen in the late '00s/early '10s was a mix of the worst of late millennial fashion paired with a hint of the emergence of Gen Z style — which, I think we can agree, was not the best way to blunder into adulthood. Here are just some of the worst offenders:

1.First, shirts that simply said the words"Hollister" or"Abercrombie"Joel Bez / Flickr Creative Commons / ViaOwning one of these bad boys basically felt like wearing the pinnacle of designer fashion. I recently Googled the cost of these, and either Hollister has gotten cheaper or pocket money wasn't the moneymaker I thought it was in '09. headtopics.com

2.Flower crowns at every occasionJason Merritt / Getty ImagesFrom festivals to the high school hallways, these were so versatile — I even wore a flower crown to my boyfriend's prom. Sigh. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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