18 Travel Hacks That Have Saved Me Thousands Of Dollars And Taken Me All Over The World

From couch surfing in Puerto Rico to flight hacking my way to Bali, I've figured out how to see the world without draining my bank account.

6/16/2021 4:05:00 AM

From couch surfing in Puerto Rico to flight hacking my way to Bali, I've figured out how to see the world without draining my bank account.

From couch surfing in Puerto Rico to flight hacking my way to Bali, I've figured out how to see the world without draining my bank account.

is less than half what you pay as an adult.If you don't want to be a sketch ball (like me), you might be able to get similar discounts with an AAA membership or travel card.14.I swear by my carry-on suitcase and backpack combo. Truly. It's all you need.

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Evie CarrickDo you really need four pairs of shoes in Spain? I promise, you don't. I once traveled for a year with just a carry-on suitcase and a backpack (and I'm quite vain).Put your electronics and toiletries in your backpack for ease of airline security and your clothes and shoes in your carry-on. You'll only need one or two pairs of versatile shoes and a few basics — black T-shirts, jeans, a solid jacket, and a nice top. Don't worry, the rest of the world knows how to do laundry.

15.I refuse to pay extra to choose an airplane seat.Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFFox / Viagiphy.comIt depends on the airline, but many companies now charge you to select your seat. Of course, it depends on your situation (and how long the flight is), but if it'll save me $20 to $40, I opt to sit alone. And in truth, I rarely have to. headtopics.com

Ask the gate agent if they can reseat you, and if that fails, ask your seat mate if they'd be willing to swap seats so you can sit next to your travel partner. Be prepared to sit alone, but chances are you won't have to.16.On more complicated trips, I'll go rogue and book a ton of separate flights.

Scott's Cheap Flights / Viascottscheapflights.comThis doesn't always work, but sometimes travel hacking can save you big. I always try the"multi-city" feature on Kayak, but if I don't like what it gives me, I'll try hacking myself. For example, if I find an amazing flight from Paris to Beirut (the

Scott's Cheap Flightseblast always has great deals), I'll book it and then find a separate round-trip ticket to Paris later. Or, if you can get yourself to the continent or region you want to visit, you can then book a connecting flight on a low-cost carrier (see #6).

17.I switched banks so that I never have to pay an ATM fee again. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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