18 People Share The Things That Made Them Cool In School That Would Make Them Uncool As Adults

'Bragging about sex. Did it as an adult, and my dad threw the family cat at me.'


18 People Share The Things That Made Them Cool In School That Would Make Them Uncool As Adults, And They're Not Wrong

'Bragging about sex. Did it as an adult, and my dad threw the family cat at me.'

"I'm a tiny white girl from a rural village, and in high school I knew all the lyrics to late '90s and early 2000s club banger rap songs. I was known for this throughout school, and people would come close to me at dances to watch me flawlessly lip sync these songs complete with the hand movements and some of the choreography from the videos."

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I drank an entire Budweiser at 14 and thought that made me hard. Now when I drink it people ask me how the water tastes. (Come on; its refreshing and reminds me of my youth)

The Guy Who Makes Videos Popping Balloons With A Bunch Of Knives Explained His Creative ProcessHe didn’t know balloon fetishists were a thing before he started making the videos. shane_edwards35 elijahdaniel ZLuquias

Column: Is Trump missing the thing that makes people human?'When Trump as president has extended condolences, he can hardly manage even pro forma words of comfort,' writes columnist page88. 'Instead, he unaccountably turns hostile.' (via latimesopinion) page88 opinion Nice baby page88 opinion Why does everyone seek words of comfort from high profile voices? Do they not have humans close to them in some capacity to provide that? page88 opinion There is clearly something malignant and loathsome about a man who can’t grasp the fact that 22 people were mowed down in cold blood by a racist who spewed out Trump’s racist talking points and that the baby he’s holding is now an orphan.

https://www.foodandwine.comFood & Wine goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. We&039;re on a mission to find the most exciting places, new experiences, emerging trends and sensations. Don’t care They forgot to say that when you are delivering stuff and the ppl are in their underwear. That’s not what I want to see. I still have nightmares man!! 2. If you valued Customer Service and get annoyed when people don't get what they ordered....check it. Simple. 6. Things shouldn't spill. We have leak-proof things in 2019. 7. If it says you close at 11pm, I can order at 10:59pm. Say you close at 10:40pm otherwise. 11.

Own Google's first Pixel or Pixel XL? You could claim up to $500.Google is finally making things right with owners of first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL phones Zatchmeister 👀👀 I look like iPhone 6 lol

FBI arrests Ohio teen for online threats and find 25 firearms, 10,000 rounds of ammoFBI arrested 18-year-old for making online threats — including against the federal government and Planned Parenthood — and found a large cache of weapons, authorities say. He's a punk. Sadly another young liberal has gone batshit crazy

Teen threatens to shoot federal agents, Planned Parenthood; had 'numerous' guns: CopsOhio teenager threatened to shoot federal agents, a Planned Parenthood and a gay bar and was found at a residence that had 'numerous' guns. Mandatory trigger finger amputation....maybe not Spend enough time ingesting right wing propaganda, you start to get the feeling that someone needs to be a hero and stand up to these demonic liberals before they destroy everything. Then when you do, the right disavows you and even accuses you of being a liberal. We really are not great at all. GunConrolNow

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