18 Important Life Lessons We Learned From 'Pet Sematary'

18 Important Life Lessons That 'Pet Sematary' Taught Us

4/11/2019 4:50:00 AM

18 Important Life Lessons That 'Pet Sematary' Taught Us

If your husband is thinking about reviving the dead....DUMP HIM.

Paramount PicturesIn general, masked kids are just not to be trusted, IMO.3.Another important lesson: if your neighbor tries to talk to you about some supernatural place that can revive the dead, leave!!!Paramount Pictures4.On the other hand, if you **are** the person who knows about that supernatural place for reviving the dead, maybe don't go telling your poor neighbors.

Frontier Airlines now supports flight crew who restrained man who allegedly assaulted them A look at the harassment claims against Gov. Andrew Cuomo Missouri Gov. Pardons Couple Who Pointed Guns At Black Lives Matter Protesters

Paramount PicturesAnddefinitelydon't go visiting said supernatural hotspot if it's filled with ancient warnings that basically say"Keep out" in all caps...Paramount Pictures6.Or if you learn that there may or may not be an ancient spirit haunting the grounds.

Paramount PicturesPro tip: talk to your kids about death and dying before theybecomeParamount Pictures8.And if your cat turns into an aggressive and violent zombie cat, maybe keep 'em away from your kids.Paramount PicturesBut, whatever you do, don't just **abandon** them somewhere. headtopics.com

Paramount Pictures10.If you're a doctor, and the ghost of one of your patients tells you not to do something, pay attention to them???Paramount Pictures11.Because if you don't, the ghost just might start communicating with your kids, which never leads to good things!

Paramount PicturesSpeaking of ghosts, if your evil undead sister appears before you, you should definitely move.Paramount Pictures13.As an aside: always use conditioner, because do you really want to come back from the dead with tangly scraggly hair like this??

Paramount Pictures14.If your husband starts talking to you about reviving your dead daughter, DUMP — and I can't emphasize this enough — HIM.Paramount PicturesAnd if you find out that he's already done it, LEAVE HIM.Paramount PicturesNever wear slippers without socks if there is a murderous girl in your house.

Paramount PicturesIn general, let the dead stay dead, and above all...Paramount PicturesFor the love of all that is good and buried...watch out for trucks! Read more: BuzzFeed »

Progress 77 and Pirs Undocked from Station

The unpiloted Russian Progress 77 cargo spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station while attached to the Pirs docking compartment at 6:55 a.m. EDT.

1. Save your money and don’t see it in theaters. It was horrible. They should stop adapting it to the screen because they're never good?

Australian prime minister announces May 18 electionThe election will pit Bill Shorten, a former labour union leader who has presented himself as the alternative prime minister for the past six years, and PM Scott Morrison, a leader who the Australian public is still getting to know.

Australia’s Embattled Conservatives Call New ElectionAustralia’s conservative government said it would hold national elections on May 18, betting on tax cuts and security spending to fend off a strong challenge by center-left Labor opponents as voters worry that the world’s longest national growth streak shows signs of sputtering. Australian Conservatives = The Liberal Party. Must confuse some Americans lol. For a second I thought David Letterman was running for office. no one cares, the systems rigged

18 Struggles All Introverts Need To Understand About ExtrovertsYes, you know you tend to talk a lot. And no, you don't just like the sound of your own voice.

Australian election on May 18 appears likelyCANBERRA, Australia (AP) — May 18 appears the most likely date for Australia's next election at which the conservative government faces an uphill battle to win a third three-year... in australia, it's a choice between far-right and the far-far-right Do The 'Religious Radical Right' really understand what God is saying in the Bible...are just exploiting it Wow. Elections every 3 years? Hmmm

Australia sets May 18 election with campaign expected on taxes, climate changeAustralians go to the polls in a general election on May 18, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. Australia sets May 18 eating contest with campaign expected on taxes, climate change

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