18 Easy Halloween DIY Projects If You've Waited Until The Last Minute To Decorate

Halloween is just a few days away. There's still time.

10/26/2020 2:16:00 AM

18 Easy Halloween DIY Projects If You've Waited Until The Last Minute To Decorate

Halloween is just a few days away. There's still time.

If you haven't gotten into the Halloween spirit just yet, there's no time like the present!Take a trip to the dollar store and grab a few simple items to DIY some of your very own spooky decorations! Read more: BuzzFeed »

ICU nurse issues warning on Facebook as her dad is treated for COVID-19 on her floor

Bridget Otto is an intensive care unit nurse at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics' dedicated hospital for treating COVID-19 patients.


18 of TikTok's Funniest Halloween Costume FailsHalloween costumes don't always go according to plan -- check out these hilarious FAILS! (via toofab) TooFab Okay kinda funny. Praise to moms who actually made costumes. I didn’t have time this year and spent $150 so far for a 12 yo. This is why you shouldn’t be a Mom at 50. 28 years burns you out on fun stuff.

Emilia Fox 'splits from fiance' 18 months after meeting on celeb dating appSilent Witness star Emilia Fox has reportedly ended her relationship with talent agent Luc Chaudhary 18 months after they met on celebrity dating app Raya

Sharon Osbourne 'terrified' to tell her family that she had an abortion at 18Sharon Osbourne admitted that she was 'terrified' to tell her parents that she had fallen pregnant at the age of 18. The television star knew her dad would go 'ballistic' and she eventually opted for an abortion 🤷. It was her choice no one else's I mean, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna know now Well they all clearly know now!!!!

Suicide bombing at Kabul education center kills 18, Afghan official saysAfghanistan’s interior ministry says a suicide bombing in Kabul has killed 18 people, including schoolchildren, and wounded several others. Hire Your Social Media Manager Now and Strengthen up your social presence ⚡ prayforall PrayForArmenians StopAliyev

At Least 18 Dead, Including Children, In Suicide Attack In Afghan CapitalAt least 18 people are dead — including school children — and more than 57 others wounded after a suicide attack outside an education center in a Kabul neighborhood with a large Shiite community, Afghan officials say. So terrible, my heart goes out to their families. Afghanistan is an ongoing train wreck. 😣😣😣

Attack in Kabul kills 18; al-Qaida leader killed in GhazniThe death toll from a suicide attack in Afghanistan's capital has risen to at least 18 killed and 57 wounded, including schoolchildren, the interior ministry said. The blast hit outside an education center in a heavily Shiite neighborhood of western Kabul. But Trump said he brought peace to the Middle East? My message to Rafidah what is coming will be more wretch ed and more bitter insha Allah Mercy.