18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

4/9/2020 10:52:00 AM

18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

In honor of Valentine's Day, 18 couples share their special song.

Our Story:"This is a NY love story, if you will—pre-dating apps (or maybe I just avoided them). My best friend Lauren was actually the one being set up with Patrick, and she brought me as her wing-man. We met up with her friend (who had set them up) and Patrick at Rosemary's in the West Village before we all went to Greenwich Treehouse. I sat back, like the good wing woman I was, and just people-watched. (My “mysterious vibe,” as he called it, intrigued him.) We all hung out all night long but in the end, Lauren knew he wasn’t into her and he eventually made it very clear he was into me. A one night stand turned into a really solid friendship. He understood me, appreciated my quirks and most importantly, we always had fun; he was adventurous, loved trying new places and had the same dark aura as I did. It took months to admit we were dating, and 5 years later he proposed to me. On all the adventures and the growth we've both experienced the past six and a half years, we still have a hell of a time no matter where we’re going or what we’re doing. Our song proves that."—Alyssa

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Our Song:“Absinthe Party at The Fly Honey Warehouse” by Minus the Bear."It was our wedding song and is very untraditional and off-beat. The lyrics mean everything because it describes us perfectly. Patrick introduced it to me when we first met because of the lyric, '

This light looks good on you, morning came early'as we had a ton of late nights out when we first met because we were always on opposite schedules."Favorite Line:'Let's cross the seas, and get some culture, red wine, with every meal, and absinthe after dinner.'

We decided to make this our wedding song because we wanted to see the world together, and travel has always been extremely important to us. (We crossed the country two years into our relationship on a three week road trip.)" Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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