17 Unpopular 'The Devil Wears Prada' Opinions That Are Really Controversial

Andy's friends were actually good people, tbh.

6/4/2021 8:16:00 AM

Andy's friends were actually good people, tbh.

Andy's friends were actually good people, tbh.

2."Emily was the better assistant! She also deserved to go to Paris over Andy. She worked a lot harder and longer than Andy did, and she wanted it more."Fox 2000 Picturesbirdieebee3."Andy's friends weren't the bad ones! Andy was the one who flaked on their plans and hurt her friends. They only reacted negatively to her career because Andy changed everything about herself, and they could see how unhappy she was."

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Fox 2000 Picturesstrangerthanitseems4."Nigel was a brown-nosing, spineless bully. He even referred to Andy by her dress size until the day he finally deemed her important enough to call by name."Fox 2000 Picturesunfinishedusernam5."Miranda was the most human, well-rounded, and emotional character in the movie. Even when her husband asked for a divorce, her first thought was about how it would affect her daughters, rather than what people would think about her."

Fox 2000 Pictures"Miranda was obviously career-driven, and that was what set her apart from a stereotypical 'drops everything for love' type of character. She was human and expected perfection and was good at her job, which let her earn her place up at the top." headtopics.com

—districtrue6."Some people think Andy's 'makeover' was wrong and degrading, but I think it's a great turning point for her character and a sign of real dedication to dress for the job you have, not just the one you want."Fox 2000 Pictures

"It also highlighted how smart Andy was because she was able to figure out where she lacked in her performance on the job so quickly."—mariajamal9747."Emily wasn't bad. She did nothing wrong throughout the movie. She was one of the 'million girls who would kill for that job,' and she did everything necessary to survive."

Fox 2000 Picturesclumsymule228."Andy thought Christian Thompson was a jerk for knowing Miranda was going to be replaced, but in reality he didn't do anything wrong."Fox 2000 Pictures"Sometimes people get replaced – that's how the industry works! Christian even said that it would be way more cost-effective."

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And no Nate was a awful boyfriend and her friends sucked. Emily wouldn’t have been able to go to Paris anyway because she got hit by a car and had a broken leg, never understood why no one ever brings that up. Nope, they were happy when they have free stuff, after they were all judging her

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