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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror really could've been a totally different ride!!!

6/8/2021 4:00:00 AM

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror really could've been a totally different ride!!!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror really could've been a totally different ride!!!

Karnival Kid.Disney / Courtesy Everett Collection, DisneyThe hat, which was designed by Roy Williams, would be later be replicated and sold at Disneyland.9.Disneyland's iconic churros — arguably the most famous park treat — aren't as old as the park itself. They were actually

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in 1985.Merrill Images / Getty ImagesThe idea to bring churros to the park happened because of Jim Lowman, a cast member who was in charge of overseeing Disneyland's food and beverages in Fantasyland at the time. He was looking for a quick and easy snack that would appeal to teens in the upcoming Videopolis dance club area.

Jim stumbled upon churros when visiting the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1985, and then contacted the vendor of them about bringing them into the park. Initially, they did a test run of the churros in the park, and they were an instant success.10.Tower of Terror is actually a result of two rides Disney had in the works. headtopics.com

Remi Benali / Gamma-Rapho via Getty ImagesWhen Disney needed a new attraction for its Disney's Hollywood Studios (then-known as Disney-MGM Studios), it thought about creating a ride aroundMel Brooks. The plans got pretty far along, even meeting with Brooks several times to hash out the ideas. Eventually, the idea morphed into a comedic, haunted-hotel dark ride where guests rode around in a hotel elevator that went off its tracks.

Ultimately, Brooks decided he didn't want to be involved in the project anymore and pulled out. Imagineers then combined the haunted-hotel idea with athat was meant to go into Disneyland Paris. Without Brooks, they knew they could go with a darker tone and decided to theme it to

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