16 Heartbreaking Medical Bill Stories That Make Me Embarrassed To Live In The US

'When you’re already dealing with an illness, you shouldn’t need to worry about a bill, too.'

10/17/2021 2:10:00 AM

'When you’re already dealing with an illness, you shouldn’t need to worry about a bill, too.'

'When you’re already dealing with an illness, you shouldn’t need to worry about a bill, too.'

in my early 20s. I spent 10 days in the hospital, with three of those in the ICU. I got two MRIs, a CT scan, and two lung taps. I was sent home with oxygen tanks and daily shots to thin a blood clot. I believe the final bill was $198,000."—Prapass Pulsub / Getty Images

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7."We paid $8,000 out-of-pocket for a double mastectomy and reconstruction for my mom’s breast cancer. It would've been $140,000 without insurance."—brookelynbair12718."My baby was born unexpectedly and very prematurely at 26 weeks. He spent three months in the NICU, and the bill we received at the end of it all was well over $1 million."

—ljanae9."I paid $2,000 for one X-ray and for a doctor to poke my arm for five minutes and tell me it was just a bad sprain. I even had to go buy my own sling because they didn’t send me home with one."—Cristina Pedrazzini / Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF headtopics.com

10."A couple years ago, I had outpatient surgery. Combined with all the tests and MRIs, the total cost was around $7,000 after hitting my premium. I might need a surgery that requires two nights in the hospital, and I'm losing sleep not because of the surgery, but in fear of the bill. When you’re already dealing with an illness, you shouldn’t need to worry about a bill, too."

—abradley1711."When I had my wisdom teeth out, they were so impacted that I was in the day stay hospital under anesthesia. I did all the responsible things — checked to make sure my insurance would cover the procedure, etc. I was told I'd just have to pay the $250 copay for hospital admission. Fast-forward two months and I got a bill for $2,600."

"I went back and forth with the hospital and my insurance. Each just kept saying it was the other’s error, and meanwhile I was concerned the bill would go to collection and hurt my credit. I persisted and finally got someone from my insurance to contact the hospital. It turned out the hospital charged me the surgeon's fee, but that had already been charged to my insurance and paid. So, they tried to charge me twice for the same thing. If it was a $20 charge, I may have just paid it. They probably make so much money from pulling shit like that."

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Gosh, ObamaCare was supposed to reduce medical costs.

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