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Cancer, Cancer Survivor

15 Women Share The Surprising Ways Cancer Changed Their Lives For The Better

'I lived with a lot of anxiety and stress before I was diagnosed.'

3/3/2021 2:13:00 PM

'I lived with a lot of anxiety and stress before I was diagnosed.'

Cancer didn't stop these ladies from living their best lives! See how cancer survivor s and previvors put a positive spin on their life after their diagnosis.

Type of cancer:Mycosis fungoides, a form of cutaneous t-cell lymphomaDiagnosed at age:29"After getting over the initial shock from my diagnosis, I quickly started to evaluate how I was spending my time and energy. I decided to shut down my business and focus on supporting my own health and wellbeing... while sharing what I learned with others. I have learned so much about the medical system, and how to advocate for myself cancer was misdiagnosed for over two years! I've found natural remedies to support my healing journey because my diagnosis is chronic. I finally started taking weekends off, eating foods that serve my body, and listening to my gut. I am so grateful to be able to share with others the importance of self-care, how to advocate for yourself, and how the hustle is not your only option. Sometimes it takes a lightbulb moment to get off the hamster wheel and really dive into what serves you." —

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