15 TV Show Storylines That Threw All The Character Development Out The Window

All that growth just gone to waste.

7/31/2021 10:10:00 PM

All that growth just gone to waste.

All that growth just gone to waste.

Warning: This post contains topics of sexual assault.1.When Alex Karev left Jo and Meredith to get back together with Izzie onGrey's Anatomy.ABC"The writers truly ruined 16 seasons of character development. There was absolutely no way he would’ve abandoned his wife and best friend."

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—hpeters22"Him going back to a woman who he spent years getting over and also leaving Jo, who was the best thing that happened to him, was hard to watch. All the work he put into being a better person and husband was all wiped away in one episode."

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Really don’t think you should include Alex in Greys Anatomy, given the circumstances the writers did the best they could. same as my first hair

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