15 Hooters Employee Horror Stories That Are Some Of The Worst Things I've Ever Read, And One That's Actually Nice

Why are men...

10/24/2021 4:21:00 AM

Why are men...

Why are men...

. (Story from a customer about an employee's experience.)"I am a dude, and I witnessed this at a Hooters last night. We (just me and my buddy) sit down at a high top, and there is a younger guy alone at the table next to us. It wasn't very crowded. At one point I overhear the waitress saying, 'I can't go outside.' Apparently he was asking if she would walk him to his car and give him a kiss. She told us the whole story of this guy.

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He drives an hour about every two or three days to come to that specific Hooters to see her. Has left his number multiple times and obviously hasn't gotten the picture. He leaves and we go on with our meal. About 20–30 minutes later, the waitress walks by our table and says, 'He's back.' The dude walked in and used the restroom and walked back out to his car. Gets back in his car and drives slowly by looking in.

At this point, we thought he left, and about 10 minutes later we (my friend and I) walk out, and the dude is sitting out there in the car waiting for her shift to end. I went back in and told the manager to make sure the waitress wasn't followed by him." headtopics.com

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