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14 Reasons You Should Have Sex Now

Regular sex can be good for your heart, keep your brain sharp, and make you happier, among other things. Find out more by browsing the WebMD slideshow.

7/26/2021 6:30:00 AM

It’s not necessarily a full workout, but sex can be as good for you as moderate exercise. Did you know it raises your heart rate about the same as a brisk walk or a slow bike ride? Learn more:

Regular sex can be good for your heart, keep your brain sharp, and make you happier, among other things. Find out more by browsing the WebMD slideshow.

/ 15It's ExerciseIt’s not necessarily a full workout, but it can be as good for you as moderate exercise. It raises your heart rate about the same as a brisk walk or a slow bike ride.2/ 15Good for a Woman’s HeartWomen who have sex a couple of times a week are less likely to get heart disease than those who have it once a month. Whether that’s because healthier women enjoy it more often, or because it helps protect a woman’s heart is unclear.

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3/ 15May Cure Your HeadacheSay goodbye to the old standby “Not tonight, Dear. I have a headache.” It turns out sex can help with pain, and that includes some kinds of headaches, such as migraines. Not feeling frisky? Try: “Not tonight, Honey. I have a highly contagious stomach bug.” Works every time.

4/ 15Lowers StressPeople who have more sex are less anxious when they’re faced with stressful tasks like public speaking or arithmetic. But according to the study, it only works when you have a partner -- masturbation doesn't count.5/ 15You May Live Longer

One study suggested that married women who climaxed more often had a slight tendency to live longer. Researchers aren’t sure if the sex actually lengthens your life or if having sex is a sign of a healthier person. But why take any chances?6/ 15Sharpens Your Mind

Sex has been linked to the making of new brain cells, and that’s a good thing. People over 50 who had more sex were better able to recall numbers and do basic math, and the difference was pretty big. It seemed to help men more than women, but both did better than those who had less sex.

7/ 15Makes You HappyYou don’t have to overdo it -- once a week is plenty. More than that, and the effect fades. But scientists only studied couples in committed relationships, so if you’re trying to meet your quota by picking up strangers at your local bar, all bets are off.

8/ 15Bonds You to Your PartnerThe hormone oxytocin is released during sex, and it sparks feelings of intimacy, affection, and closeness with your partner. That helps build a strong, stable relationship, which is good for everyone.9/ 15Keeps You LeanThe more sex you have, the slimmer you’re likely to be. Is that because more sex keeps you trim? Or because lean people have more sex? Scientists don’t really know, but all you need is a partner and a bathroom scale to try to find out.

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10/ 15Good for Mental HealthAdults in committed relationships who have more sex are less likely to be depressed or take medication for mental health issues.11/ 15Helps Fight off the Common ColdMove over, vitamin C. College students who had sex twice a week had more cold-fighting antibodies in their saliva than those who had sex less often.

12/ 15Helps You SleepOrgasm triggers a surge of endorphins and oxytocin in both men and women, and that dulls pain and relaxes you. Both of those can help you sleep more easily, though according to scientists -- and many women -- the effect is more pronounced in men.

13/ 15You Could Make a BabyIf you’re trying to have a baby, the more sex you have, the more likely you are to hit the right time of the month. But more sex may also prime women for pregnancy and improve sperm quality in men, which can speed things along.

14/ 15Helps Your Future Self Read more: WebMD »

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When you are ready, hit me up. So sex on a bike it is.

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