14 of the trendiest gifts to give—and get—this holiday season

14 of the trendiest gifts to give — and get — this holiday season

10/24/2021 7:30:00 PM

14 of the trendiest gifts to give — and get — this holiday season

It's time to start your holiday shopping, and the Shop TODAY team found the best gifts of the season.

, it’s time to put together your shopping lists. To get insight into the biggest trends for holiday 2021, we reached out to Lindsey Smecker, a trend forecaster with ESP Trendlab.“Overall, we’re finding that consumers are buying less but better,” she said. “Better quality and better for the environment. The importance of sustainability continues, and there is a general back-to-basics spirit.”

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She said some of the best gifts this holiday season are those that make a home a haven. “Our home has become our sanctuary, a safe space away from the outside world,” Smecker said. “More people are seeking pieces that create a clean aesthetic and soothing ambience.” She also sees a new hybrid style of streetwear where function meets comfort. “We see organic, neutral and even undyed shades paired with natural materials.”

Scroll down to get an inside track on some of the biggest trends this season. Read more: »

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Why does Christmas have to be about gifts? Some of us don't have money to buy gifts for our family and seeing this is very very depressing.

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