14 DIY V-Day Decor Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

And they’re not *just* pink and red, either.

1/22/2021 9:17:00 PM

14 DIY V-Day decor ideas you didn’t know you needed.

And they’re not *just* pink and red, either.

1. Macrame HeartsThese pretty little tasseled hearts fit right in with any boho-inspired decor, and would look stinkin’ cute on a Christmas tree as well.2. Cane Weave BackdropTruly I cannot imagine a more adorable photo backdrop for any Gal-entine’s gathering. The neon pink construction of this cane-webbed masterpiece is a perfect fit for February, but also how stunning would this be in a natural tone for a wedding or birthday? Love.

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3. Pom Pom Heart BranchesIf you’re one of those super-cool people that keeps beautiful branches gathered on their table (I sadly have limited access in NYC), this is the perfect DIY to spruce (ha!) up existing decor.4. Giant Floral HeartThis big old heart gives me Bloomingdale’s window vibes, and is easily recreated with stems of grocery-store roses or carnations.

, in case you didn’t hear.5. Yarn Heart WreathWhile the base of this wreath can be stretched from Christmas onwards (doesn’t it look like fluffy little snowballs?), all it needs to be V-day appropriate is a few little yarn hearts strung up together.6. Better-Than-Ever Balloon Arch headtopics.com

Yes, we’ve seen balloon arches in many different capacities, but this one feels somehow very chic. The stems of eucalyptus throughout give the balloons a berry-like effect, and almost makes the quintessential latex party decor feel… organic?7. Paper Topiary Heart

Put away your watering can and break out the scissors and cardstock for this one—a plant that absolutely refuses to wilt. A good omen for you and your Valentine, I think!8. Geometric Heart ArtI can’t put my finger on it, but this ruffly (yet refined) heart might be the stylish version of a

-themed Valentine’s Day… is that a thing? It is now.9. Comme Des Garçons Giant ValentineThis one’s for the fashion-minded among us, and makes both a great piece of wall art or an oversized Valentine. Think about how much room you’d have to write a love letter on the back…

10. Furry Heart PillowValentine’s Day but make it hygge! This little guy fits en-theme but would look right at home on the couch all year long.11. Love(ly) Photo BannerFeeling sentimental this Valentine’s Day? This sweet banner is a great option for those who lean towards graphic design over scissors and glue sticks, and might just make your loved one tear up (in a good way!). headtopics.com

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12. Giant CandygramAre you sensing an oversized theme here? Something about making regular things giant seems like the move for Valentine’s Day, and we’re here for it.13. Fresh Floral Napkin RingsWho says a quarantine Valentine’s Day can’t be fancy? Absolutely no one, that’s who. Go big with fresh flowers on linen napkins, you deserve it.

14. Bean Mosaic CoastersIknow Read more: Food52 »

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