14 Animal Actors Who Deserve Credit For Being The Backbone Of Hollywood

Crystal the Monkey should have won an Oscar by now.

7/17/2021 8:45:00 AM

Crystal the Monkey should have won an Oscar by now.

Crystal the Monkey should have won an Oscar by now.

(1954–73)When MGM put out a casting call for a collie, over 300 dogs showed up to audition. Pal didn't make the cut, but his trainer,, didn't give up and took Pal to the studio to meet withLassie Come HomedirectorFred M. Wilcox. After one screen test, Pal was awarded the part. Other collies have gone on to portray Lassie, but Pal was the original star!

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Especially from Monkey shines

Regina King Reveals Her Plan To Push Diversity At Cannes Film FestivalThe director and Oscar-winning actor discussed the path to a more inclusive Hollywood at the prestigious movie gathering. Show up? Well what makes the EXCLUSIVE? we are ONLY reacting to the SYMPTOM to the situation not the cause. WHY? RACISM on ALL sides You can’t push diversity. It has to happen naturally, based on merit.

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