13 people shot, 2 dead, after gunfire erupts on South Street in Philadelphia

6/5/2022 8:36:00 AM

An officer arriving on the scene saw a male firing into a crowd of people, police say, and fired his weapon at the suspect.

South Street shooting: The victims were rushed to three different hospitals in the city. Two of the 13 victims were dead on arrival. Latest:

An officer arriving on the scene saw a male firing into a crowd of people, police say, and fired his weapon at the suspect.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At least 13 people were shot, and two of them were killed, after a mass shooting late Saturday night on South Street in Philadelphia.mass shooting in Philadelphia late Saturday night, police said.Jun 4, 2022 11:25 PM CDT by Alabama News Network Staff Leadoff hitter Chandler Simpson went 4-for-5 and scored four runs, Tres Gonzalez drove in four runs and Georgia Tech stayed alive in the Knoxville Regional with a 13-4 win over Alabama State on Saturday.Tiffany Haddish.

It all began shortly before midnight at the intersection with Third Street.Police say an E-911 call came in for a person with a gun, and a large crowd.Police had responded to a 911 call of an individual with a gun in a large crowd.An officer arriving on the scene saw a male firing into a crowd of people, police say.Georgia Tech (35-23) faces the loser of the Tennessee-Campbell game in another elimination game on Sunday.That officer fired his service weapon three times, police say.The responding officer fired his service weapon three times at the suspect, police said.It is not known if the male suspect was hit.Three are past Oscar nominees.

*Alert* Emergency personnel are responding to a shooting incident in the area of 3rd and South Streets.The suspect sustained a gunshot wound to the arm, The Philadelphia Inquirer.Chris Lewis drove in two runs for Alabama State (34-25), which used six pitchers, allowing 16 hits with six walks but they struck out 13.Several people have been injured.Please avoid the area.Seven victims were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, including one of the deceased victims.— Philadelphia Police (@PhillyPolice) No arrests have been made.).A weapon was recovered at the scene.Three other victims were taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

There was no immediate word on the identities of those killed.Seven of the victims were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where one of them was pronounced dead on arrival.No officers were injured, according to police.Another three victims were taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.One of those victims was also pronounced dead on arrival.Cops said a gun was recovered at the scene.Three other wounded victims are being treated at Temple University Hospital.

There were no injuries to police.Please avoid the area,” the just before 1 a.Stay with Action News and 6abc.com as this story develops.Sunday morning..

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I still can’t get over this Really! You Dem's DA what do you expect..When ever going to learn. Why not try a different rot..Try a Rep what do you have to lose. Because you're being trying the same thing over and over again getting the same result Why not you couldn't do worse City of hate…don’t go there!

Oh yes, we know who is commiting the crime but it will just be kids cause it doesn't fit the correct fake news narrative. What we have here is a black criminal with guns problem. I know, truth hurts right? It’s time to stop messing around with these shooters take away all legal rights. No lawyers no plea bargains no appeals. Public hanging should do it

... not the 'hippest street in town' anynore It's way past due time to put 'HIGHWAY' back on the job... Too many dam kids down their should of sent they ass home instead of letting them hang out Dropped his gun and fled 🤨 This needs to end, whatever happened to fighting with your hands like a man! At least you went home, and took your lumps!

At least two dead, 13 shot in mass shooting in PhiladelphiaAt least 13 people were shot and two killed in a mass shooting in Philadelphia late Saturday night, police said. Gunfire erupted in the city’s bustling South Street neighborhood near 3rd Street sho… How is this possible? Philadelphia has some of the most strict gun laws. But there’s no problem with guns in America, right NY Post? MORE GUNS MORE GUNS MORE GUNS NRA please save us!!! We need more good guys with guns!!! Or else this will keep happening!!

Animals. South St. has become an absolute shithole. Krasner and Kenny still letting thugs back on the streets. Not serious about crime. It's the guns stupid. Is this the norm now? A daily mass shooting somewhere in the United States of America. They are only aware of motorboats and runs that do no harm and do not give priority to what is needed, that is why the world is as it is.

Hey action news this is where you should start for the root of the problem. Let's take people's guns away who obey laws, and hey while we're at it let's assume the criminals will give theirs back too! They totally will hand them in, I mean why wouldn't they? They love doing the right thing! Yayyy liberals let's ban the guns !

Welcome to Philadelphia bring your masks and your guns! Maybe if PASenateGOP would pass common sense gun laws in PA, mass shootings in the state might not happen.

Alabama State Falls to Georgia Tech 13-4 in Elimination Game - Alabama NewsThe ASU Hornets had led 2-1 in the third inning.

Was this race motivated mass shooting or is that only up to the narrative to determine They worried about Ukraine is we have our own war amongst eachother Well regulated militia at work. Philadelphia is becoming a war zone. Take back our beautiful city!! This is considered a mass shooting right? Do we know if the guns were legally owned? Just curious.

DA_LarryKrasner PHLMayor phillytourism I am So Sick and tired of these killings every. Single. DAY! dontgotophilly poor residents and businesses phillytrash I think it’s time for background checks on guns. Lives should be worth this step and more Oh, this is terrible. So sad and could have been avoided. This can't be the new America.

thirdWorldPhilly You don’t barley see cops that’s the problem.. some neighborhoods outside of Philly you can drive to a store and see cops patrolling the area. Not here in Philly these cops are worried about the wrong things

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We need a better city, better life. Time for a strong handed Mayor, Police chief and DA that actually care about protecting the citizens of Philadelphia. Animals are running wild with their illegal guns that they need because they are cowards that can’t settle their differences with their hands. Prayers to the families of the lost ones tragedy

They never catch the people here. Never. The result of liberal laws and flawed leadership. KrasnersPhilly disaster I applied to work 4violence prevention! Well the City chose who they wanted well what now. There are no preventions published! Philly cont to have young ppl carry guns while officers stand on corners while open drug markets r taking place! We need to combat this now. We tired!

But how does this not make national headlines for days? Because it's not a lone shooter with mental issues? It's not as glamorous? What? Typical day under the biden presidency. TheScottCharles

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Gonna have to bring the goddamn national guard to town soon if this isn’t addressed. Shameful. 0x7933050008C59C99d4Ae717d5102e086D5Ad54Cf 😐😐😐 Keep voting Democrats in office Vote Republicans out They were young. I don't understand why people continue to put their lives in danger going out in Center City. Or anywhere in Philly for that matter.

MrsMZ2u I know...too many doors. right? Krasner + Kenney + Outlaw Gun buyback program? Haha politicians really don’t understand the underlying problem. Wake Kenney & Krasner up! Philadelphia is not Safe!

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Since when is 3rd and South center city? This is the second major shooting incident on South Street in a couple of days. Sounds like South Street is the new North Philly. You get what you voted for. Roots Concert Krasnerland…. So sad 😞

13-year-old Tacoma boy arrested after threatening to “recreate Uvalde”A parent called police after their student heard another student make the threats. 13. wtf. I remember back in the day when 2 kids had issues with each other they’d meet after school, just off school grounds, and fight. No weapons. No school threats. Just a fight and when it was over, it was over. Good thing those guys weren't defunded I guess.