13 Deaths in a Day: An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital

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Hospitals in the city are facing the kind of harrowing increases in cases that overwhelmed health care systems in China and Italy.

Coronavirus, Covıd-19


People have died in the ER while waiting for a bed. There aren't enough ventilators. This entire hospital will soon be dedicated to the coronavirus. New York City hospitals are at the center of the pandemic in the U.S. “It’s apocalyptic,' one doctor said.

Hospital s in the city are facing the kind of harrowing increases in cases that overwhelmed health care systems in China and Italy.

U.S. “That is inaccurate,” said a spokeswoman for the city’s office of the chief medical examiner. “We have significant morgue capacity in our five citywide sites, and the ability to expand.” In interviews, doctors and nurses at hospitals across the city gave accounts of how they were being stretched toward a breaking point. Workers at several hospitals, including the Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, said employees such as obstetrician-gynecologists and radiologists have been called to work in emergency wards. At a branch of the Montefiore Medical Center, also in the Bronx, there have been one or two deaths a day, or more, said Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, a nurse. There are not always enough gurneys, so some patients sit in chairs. One patient on Sunday had been without a bed for 36 hours, she said. Confirmed coronavirus patients are sometimes paired with those who have not yet received test results, added Ms. Sheridan-Gonzalez, the president of the New York State Nurses Association. At the Mount Sinai Health System, one of the most prestigious health systems in the country, some hospital workers in Manhattan have posted photos on social media showing nurses using trash bags as protective gear. A system spokesman said she was not aware of nurses using trash bags. , both Mount Sinai and NewYork-Presbyterian, two of the city’s largest systems, are exploring using one machine to help multiple patients, an unusual move, according to employees at both networks and to staff emails. But officials have called Elmhurst among the hardest-hit hospitals in the city. “Definitely Elmhurst Hospital in Queens has had an extraordinary amount of activity,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a radio interview earlier this week. “It’s been very tough for Elmhurst.” Elmhurst Hospital Center opened in 1832 and moved to its current Queens location in 1957, making it one of the oldest hospitals in New York City. In the neighborhood it serves, Elmhurst, more than two-thirds of residents were born outside of the United States, the highest such rate in the city. It is a safety-net hospital, serving mainly low-income patients, including many who lack primary care doctors. Medical workers said they saw the first signs of the virus in early March — an increase in patients coming in with flulike symptoms before the alarm had been fully raised in the city and the country. Tests results were taking longer then, but they eventually confirmed that many of these patients had coronavirus. In the weeks after, the emergency room began filling up, with more than 200 people at times. Every chair in the waiting room was usually taken. Patients came in faster than the hospital could add beds; earlier this week, 60 coronavirus patients had been admitted but were still in the emergency room. One man waited almost 60 hours for a bed last week, a doctor said. The patients coming in now are sicker than before because they were advised to try to recover at home, doctors said. “Elmhurst is at the center of this crisis, and it’s the number one priority of our public hospital system right now,” the city’s public hospital system’s statement said. “The front line staff are going above and beyond in this crisis, and we continue surging supplies and personnel to this critical facility to keep pace with the crisis.” Mr. Cuomo said that on Sunday, the state’s projections showed hospitalizations doubling every two days, while Tuesday’s estimates showed them doubling every 4.7 days. “That is almost too good to be true,” the governor said, “but the theory is, given the density that we’re dealing with, it spreads very quickly. But if you reduce the density, you can reduce the spread very quickly.” But the crowds outside of Elmhurst have not thinned out. The line of people waiting outside of Elmhurst to be tested forms as early as 6 a.m., and some stay there until 5 p.m. Many are told to go home without being tested. Julio Jimenez, 35, spent six hours in the emergency room on Sunday night after running a fever while at work in a New Jersey warehouse. He returned on Monday morning to stand in the testing line in the pouring rain. On Tuesday, still coughing, eyes puffy, he stood in line for nearly seven hours and went home, untested, again. “I don’t know if I have the virus,” Mr. Jimenez said. “It’s so hard. It’s not just me. It’s for many people. It’s crazy.” Rikki Lane, a doctor who has worked at Elmhurst for more than 20 years, said the hospital had handled “the first wave of this tsunami.” She compared the scene in the emergency department with an overcrowded parking garage where physicians must move patients in and out of spots to access other patients blocked by stretchers. Family members are not permitted inside, she said. Dr. Lane recalled recently treating a man in his 30s whose breathing deteriorated quickly and had to be put on a ventilator. “He was in distress and panicked, I could see the terror in his eyes,” she said. “He was alone.” Reporting was contributed by Jesse McKinley, Jesse Drucker, Eileen Sullivan and Michael Schwirtz. Susan C. Beachy contributed research. The Coronavirus Outbreak Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions Updated March 24, 2020 Read more: The New York Times

Stop spreading fake news. Are they checking in Cuomo’s warehouse where he’s stockpiling them? Did they check in Cuomo’s warehouse? This is a glance into what life with a medicare for all program would be like. Bad leadership in NY is killing people. Maybe the NYT reporters could go pitch in as nurses and actually help people.

It's the problem of the private health care system in which everything has to bring most profit for shareholders + lowest costs for the insurance companies to get most profit aswell. It's only the sick person who will suffer under this endless greed+ the workers of the hospitals Got any proof? How many hospitals? Names and locations. I saw nurse on TV but what he was saying sounded fishy. Investigate

What about the ventilators that the Governor had in his stock pile? This is why the country needs the gold full lockdown make it where people can't leave their property for 60 days before this happened to every hospital across the United States but the government doesn't give a damn about its people only about money

They are causing panic attacks in people. Why are they bring people in and they die from something else and putting the virus on death certificate, or tell their families they died from it when they didnt. It's just my thoughts, I very well could be wrong about this. and While Americans are dying Nancy Pelosi and her democrats are lining the pockets of their corruption backed special interests funneling money like mafia to themselves! Democrats must be held accountable for their crime allowing this virus into our country! Thank God for potus

More than 13% of Spanish coronavirus cases are health care workersThe novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, sending countries into lockdown with millions under movement restrictions. Follow here for live updates 2009 under Obama - from CDC - Swine flu - 60.8 million cases in USA - 274,304 hospitalizations - 12,469 deaths - nothing shutdown. Coronavirus currently 46,000 cases in USA ... The entire economy of the USA is basically shutdown.

I heard the Governor on at least 3 occasions tell New Yorkers to go on about normal business! Look what happened! How did it happen? FreeStateOJones 13 a day is got to be close to an average day in a city like NY? FreeStateOJones FAKE news. It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!!!

But Cuomo has thousands of ventilators in storage. Your lying! Again, you are lying to the People. Fake News, Fear Mongering POS...when all the American people find out you've been scaring them on purpose..that's going to be an ugly seen for the MSM. Remember, you are DS. Dr Deborah Birx said on live TV that there is no shortage. In fact, there are 1,000 extra not being used. Give her a call, so she can point doctors to the stockpile.

‘My Husband Spends All His Money on His 13-Year-Old Daughter’“Putting a price tag on a kid is impossible. Trying to make them 'equal,' or measuring your husband’s priorities based on how much money he spends on whom, is a lose-lose approach”

It's not Trump's fault that New York City is run by democrats Donaldverger Why hasn’t Cuomo gotten the ventalatits distributed? He’s got them in storage. Massive failure of local government. No what NYT was saying over a month ago Your governor even said he had a stockpile of ventilators not being used yet. Fake news!

I pray in Jesus's name to heal the state of New York! TommyAhlquist why aren’t we seeing more videos from hospitals? How is Blaine county able to care for their patients? Your tweets are informative and helpful so I just thought I’d straight up ask you - thx Serious question - Can and if so, will the acting President and his incompetent staff be held responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. They need to be held responsible.

Fake news!!!! This is propaganda There is NOBODY dying in the ER waiting for a bed. The hospitals are not full !!! The fault is Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio for Not Closing the subway system.

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ChinaLiedPeopleDied 共产党殺人 Chinese people eat bats and spread diseases. The Chinese dictatorship lied with FAKE information on coronavirus and casualties, killing thousands in other countries. And they pretend to be saviour now. CHINA IS RESPONSIBLE!!! That’s because you have a terrible governor in Cuomo. Took money 2 yrs ago meant for respirators and bought casinos etc. Horrible little big mouth. NY needs a strong leader.

sucks butts . So it is all because of China hiding the truth before it spread globally. Is the world going to sanction China or just leave it and wait for ten years for another SARS 3.0? Sad when you can’t trust the NYTimes to give you the truth about what’s happening DeniseDresserG God bless the care takers 🙏🏻🙏🏻

e11eboogee I hope this phase passes soon Check with your Governor, he knows where they are. Reminds me of Sandy Hook. No videos, no funerals and a report the next year that stated there was no murders in the city. After Russia, Cavanaugh & Ukraine being falsely reported for years it does make me suspicious of the reality of the reports about Covid19

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Which 'people' SlavicLady88 MasksNow Meanwhile, trump's complaining that Governor Cuomo doesn't need all those ventilators. trump is killing People and should be forced from office and arrested for Depraved Indifference Homicide and Reckless Endangerment. coronavirus .........vaccine I hate virus down my guts right now

Why are the NYTimes & their 'simulation' expert Dr. Smith Juniper949 allowed to violate HIPAA laws by video recording in the ICU? Who is telling the truth Dr. Smith or the head of NYC Public hospitals? Is the Times spreading FakeNews to promote fear? WHY AREN'T CITY WESTMINSTER COUNCIL DUST MEN WHO ARE WORKING DAY AND NIGHT ON THE STREET NOT BE PROJECT IN THEIR JOBS, THEIR KEY WORKERS TOO, WITHOUT MASK OR GLOVES TO HELP THEM AGAINST THIS TROUBLE DISEASES & VIRUS🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷🙌😷

Trumo denies this. He is not a leader but a narcissistic idiot who cares nothing about people. In all this time he bears no responsibility for his inaction and ignorance. I am a pharmaceutical college student in China. During the outbreak of the virus, many students in our school volunteered to go to the hospital to help patients. If the hospital can ensure that medical students are provided with protective clothing and N95 masks。

No it isn’t. It’s been way way worse and the fact that you are fearmongering with such emotive language? You should be ashamed of yourselves. realDonaldTrump You are a murderer!

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God will help us on this Citizens are to blame as well, this isn’t only politicians fault. My sister’s roommate keeps commuting to her boyfriends apartment every single weekend, she refuses to quarantine. What can my sister do in this situation? She is taking care of herself but it seems impossible...

Apocalyptic? Really? Calm down doctor. The sky is not falling. There are not enough beds and doctors Not understanding why people are making this pandemic political. The bottom line is more people are getting sick, so more people will need health careforthecarers . This virus is serious for many and they will die. Give health care workers what they need!

Something very wrong going on in the world of new order And realDonaldTrump wants to attack Venezuela to take their oil. That your governor hoarding supplies stupid. Doctor + hospital ≠ Be cured Doctor(with tools) + hospital + treatment method= Be treated. Stories like this are spreading the next global pandemic - depression and anxiety. There will be blood on the fingers of every irresponsible journalist for causing more death than the coronavirus. There is no vaccine for depression

UK calls for 250,000 volunteers as virus deaths surgeRoads were much quieter than usual after Britain went into virtual lockdown to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus, but London Underground trains were crammed with people and streets were far from deserted 1/3 London tube this morning. Shameful. The unprecedented peacetime restrictions, which will last at least three weeks, are intended to stop the state-run National Health Service being overwhelmed after the number of deaths from coronavirus in Britain rose 2/3 People listen to Boris!!!

Its not apocalyptic. I hear some ambulances but that’s a normal!! There is no footage in NYC coming from the hospitals. I live here and I still don’t know or have seen one person. No one dropping in the streets. NOTHING!! The lies are just piling up crisis coming,CRISIS will support you anytime. we have a lot of surgical mask and N95 mask to protect yourself to avoid COVID various risks. And except death,for the healer more importantly ,it'll cause decreased sexual function。so contact us if you value your life quality.

Apocalyptic eh? NyDc doctors r soft. Should find another hospital to dedicate to the pandemic, because this one sucks. So we are all gonna die... cool 😔 stg this was released on purpose as population control and now it's just gotten to far out of hand... great. More lies from Times When Government calls for Self Quarantine people still go to beach and socialize. .. well see increasing in the pandemic on US if people don't start listening to the medical authorities.

DNC propaganda media continues to lie each day! So sick of this!

Veteran4Trump Where is your governor? Bruh it was 100 today. I terrified This is extremely disturbing! My daughter lives 11 miles from this hospital.Luckily she had come home with her husband just as soon as the news developed about the virus. She came off tour. I told her to come home.ALL of her friends that are still in the city have the virus!😢🙏

Looks like the Governor messed up here. I fail to see why anybody would believe you anymore. You guys are just a trash organization now... the only people that have faith in you only do so to confirm their own beliefs marchezan_ Prefeito, sempre fui crítica a sua atuação, desde os tempos de AL, de conversas cruzadas em que ias defender zero reajuste para servidores do judiciário e do MP, mas APLAUDO a sua atuação no atual cenário de crise, estás a altura da responsabilidade do teu cargo.

Or just a typical weekend in south Chicago....but you dont report that She says.. “we brought in a refrigerated truck to store all the bodies of people dying” am I the only one who sees a problem with that statement? This is all propaganda 🙄 Just prescribe them the malaria drug and zpac 😢🙏🏻😷

The comments I am reading look like the denial comments we had in Spain a month ago... Please wear masks, put gloves on if you have to go buy food... and stay home!!! In 2 weeks time is going to be really bad. I really hope I am wrong So much for Dr. Birk. Fake news Where’s the proof? Not Real Americans: City East Coast Coastal Elites Northerners *brown and black people, liberals, non-Christian, and the LGBTQ community*

Maybe this would help? capitalism in 1 picture Governor's past and present are to blame. In 2015 NY had the chance to purchase cheap ventilators and equipment but chose not to do so. 8 years of your pathetic democrat god Obama, and did he leave you ready? That's what I thought.

Not what Cuomo says Meanwhile orthopedic surgeons at Mt. Sinai are sitting home with nothing to do.... not being redeployed... same goes for surgical nurses.... Guess we aren’t quite apocalyptic yet..... hopefully soon though because it helps the media.... right :( Have mercy on us God and on the whole world! RIP 😢🙏💔

Hahahaha. Lies! 13? Did you hear about Italy? 750 per day. Video? Where are the pics and video?

Looks like NYC's policy of blocking competition by regulating new hospital construction is killing New Yorkers. Naturally, that's Trump's fault according to the leftist whiners at . Liberals can be identified by their inability to learn from experience. If this was true you would have videos and photos everywhere, NYT there is not enough fear let's create some more

Yeah ok. Next headline “ Trump gave Russia our ventilators and killed thousands” . I guess when enough dumb dumbs swallow whatever you dream up to hurt our POTUS you’ll just continue the lies & division. Ppl need to wise up & WalkAwayFromDemocrats StVincentsHospital Shame the city and the real estate trolls decided more overpriced apartments are more important than KEEPING A HOSPITAL GOING FOR THE ENTIRE SOUTHWEST NEIGHBORHOODS IN MANHATTAN!!!!

Better call Elon musk and let him know we need those ventilators he promised. Please pray for these heroes and for the families of those that have died. They need all the supplies and equipment yesterday . We hear of numbers in the thousands of supplies coming but they don’t have it yet. Pray for that too🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

As a essential service worker, I still see people ignoring stay at home orders, coming out and telling us that they have been exposed. Please help, please listen to your local government, no nonessential travel, we can reduce this, wash your hands with soap and water. At WHAT point is anyone from WHO CDCgov going to finally admit THIS VIRUS IS AIRBORN CoronavirusUSA CoronavirusPandemic

Did Cuomo really not care about getting 15000 ventilators in 2015? Was he really told NY wasn't prepared for a PANDEMIC Should have shut the border down earlier. Congress let us all down.

Wea I's that SON OF A BITCH TRUMP Your two weeks behind when Italy started recording 500-700 death per day. Not apocalyptic, just another city ravaged by liberal quackery. wat is the GOVERNMENT doing about that are we just gonna loose people LIKe that Maybe if POS Deblaisio ordered these desperately needed supplies in time (NOT 2 WEEKS AGO) maybe just maybe NYC would be in a better place. DEBALASIO is killing New Yorker !!!!!

You all are so sick for proliferating this fear porn. You honestly need to get professional help. 'بسم ألله' ألسرقه وساخه فمن محترم منكم يقبل ألوساخه ، قيادات وزارة ألإتصالات بمصر فصلوني تعسفيآ فصل عن ظلم 'عاوز أوصل صوتى ضد مسئولين تعفنت قلوبهم بالفساد' هاتفى 01064308226 مصر . The comments in here are ignorant and disgusting. Our healthcare workers are on the front lie. They don’t ask what part you belong to.

elonmusk we need you desperately! Its always doom and gloom with the NY Times. The company is trash.

Blame the state leadership for their incompetence. This is a republic and not a communist country. BeardInCascadia By no means am I trying to downplay this whole thing but I was disappointed there wasn’t more made about change in rate because of social distancing. Too much negativity/fear. My family owns a medical mask factory. I want to send some medical masks to people in New York to use. I'm sorry to see people infected. I just hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Why was the governor and mayor not prepared for this crisis? They were warned. Someone should have thought about becoming a Sanctuary city! As well as encouraging it's Citizens to go to the locale China town for a Festival minimizing the virus. Oh a month or so ago! Bloomberg's ultra wealthy why doesn't he throw in a couple billion for the City?

Proof? I thought Cummo was doing a great job though? FakeNewsEnemyofthePeople This is heartbreaking. 🙏 and the Dems dug their heels in the sand for $25,000,000 for the Kennedy Center and the New Green Deal.

To all of the ding dongs blaming Trump in the comments: Cuomo and NYS have known since 2015 that we did NOT have enough ventilators or supplies to be prepared for a pandemic. They did NOTHING to change that. Stop blaming Trump for everything, geez. But Easter? Yeah, NO. And have you asked NYGovCuomo and NYCMayor why they didn't have their city and state prepared? Instead of spending money fighting realDonaldTrump and supporting criminals, they could have spent that money in preparations. CNN FoxNews JoeNBC greggutfeld

I remember Hurricane Harvey hit, New Yorkers said punishment from God for voting Trump in. Well Your Punishment from GOD FOR VOTING HRC 🤣🤣🤣 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Horrifying No wonder you take in people from all over the world and you are cooped up in such a small area, it’s amazing you don’t have rampant diseases killing off multitudes of people every day !

Why did NY wait so long to go on lock down? Blame the dumbass mayor and officials Do have any pictures today of people dying in hallways?

YOU people should be in jail!!!!! 13 deaths in a day Have you reported on the deaths in Chicago? I suspect irs more than 13. The governor of New York had warned... I hope action is taken. We are being PLAYED! Kenya News on Feb 6, 2020: 'Chinese Researchers Have Found That Anti-Malaria Drug Chloroquine Can Effectively Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus Infection in Vitro' Coronovirus

Apocalyptic? U had 1000K Murderers in 1 city alone. That’s a death rate also. Why aren’t we rushing federal aid to this state? I don’t get it! Y didn’t Obama and JoeBiden NYGovCuomo replace The Pandemic supplies when told to do so after H1N1? So Freeken incompetent! Obama was golfing when the death toll struck 1000. Trump giving updates daily and grounded those planes from China, thank God!

Blame it on Cuomo and De Blasio! Both Incompetent fools! I sometimes wonder clowns like should start their commentary and/or reporting with this disclaimer: “I/we despise President Trump & want to make him look bad as often as possible! Any positive news is not tolerated at . Here now are my comments on President!

Hmmm, that's not what Cuomo is saying - wth?

😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 More fake news, and exactly how many of those that may have died waiting for a bed are due to this exact pandemic Where are you facts. Please start publishing facts and not nonsensical crap THATS 4,000 VENTILATORS FOR 13 PPL👀 Fear Porn from Lying Fake News. GITMO awaits!

The culprit..... politicians and administrators need to come clean and give a true accounting of the situation. It will help many people who are not aware of the gravity of the situation comply with the warnings that they need to try to survive. Knock off the fear mongering. Shouldn't this leftwing tabloid be filling for bankruptcy soon anyways. As far as I'm concerned you couldn't pay me to read your leftist Trump hating garbage.

But the moron in the White House is ready to open up !!! How about y’all just give us the good news instead of scarring people Like a typical weekend in Chicago.

In such A high density population, maybe the NY hospitals should have been better prepared! DeBlasio delayed help and caused the worse epidemic in our country. His aides threatened to quit. Nothing you have shown looks apocalyptic to me! The state of NY Office of Emergency Managenent and the Governor have failed to be prepared. It is tragic for sure, but hopefully from now on all states will be properly prepared for an event like this.

This is all due to Trump's ignorance, stupidity and populism. The American people need to wake up to the harsh reality of neoliberal capitalism made in USA. Many Americans are going to die for the stock market. HumanityFirst FreedomDividend I hear your frustrations and can only imagine the strain this is having on the people but don't trash the president who is dealing with so much too. You had months to prepare! Did you?

But there they were on Sunday sunbathing... Zidanadissa 😰 Are we a 3rd world country. .. we put men on the moon we have gone to mars !!!! TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERMENT you have let the American People down. You will not be re-elected.. that is if your alive to be re-elected ,its clear the White House is a HOKES. .I'm in Upstate NY


Honest question...what is the average number of deaths in NY hospitals per day prior to Coronavirous? I’d like to see a meaningful statistic like, for the past five years on March 25 the average number of deaths at this particular NYC hospital was x. Otherwise the 13 deaths figure is totally meaningless

Wow, almost as bad as Chicago gun violence on any typical weekend Do they say where those people are got sick? Are they able to do any contact tracing? Who were the 13 that died? old? sick already? I really would like not to have panic inducing tweets. Yes, I feel for the health care workers but I am also shocked by scenes on the subway now.

If they follow the use of drugs that have helped patients recover then there would be no need for more ventilators! TRUMP 2020 How many deaths does that hospital report on any normal day ? 13 deaths a days is what we had a week ago in France. Now its 140 a day. StayHome Many young people still think it's not serious at all and they're still partying. Because the irresponsible government told them it's just a flu. It's just the beginning, there's a long way to go. Can't imagine to choose who deserves to live and who has to die, it's inhumane.

People have died waiting 4a bed? Ok. How many people have died or will die because of delay in coronavirus emergency bill? Y don’t you freaking report about that. Or about 25 million for the Kennedy Center 25 million raises 75 million for the arts All could’ve waited. JoyTaylorTalks Start using hotels for families! Empty warehouses with cots. I’m sure all these sports stores can provide.

I don't understand why they can't transport them to other hospitals. Not where I live. You hypocritical fucks. 所谓的民主自由,也逃不过病毒的魔爪。西域山川,风月同天。我作为一个普通中国人,虽然不赞成美国式民主,但在生命面前,所有的分歧放在一边,祈祷🙏🏻和祝愿美国人民能战胜疫情!! 特朗普应该引咎辞职,他对今天的局面负有很大责任,我很疑惑美国人怎么没人敢说实话吗? _si_se_puede Trumps fault. You have to actually provide proof of your 'news' because you are pushing propaganda. Enemy of the people.

Wake up people Isn't that the mayor and Governors responsibility? 420 people die in NYC every day due to Natural Causes... Giv. Cuomo just debunked this story. He said they have enough ventilations for now.

You know what's awesome is the massive number of cowards who fled NY and have spread further infection down here in Florida. Brilliant. Well let em stay at your place, you got a guest room right Here’s another not so brilliant idea by a democrat‼️ Like Obama they didn’t replenish the medical masks needed! ⬇️

stop fucking spreading fear! “apocalyptic” calm tf down Richest City in richest Country on Earth. Easy to blame POTUSTrump when media, like NYT is on the left’s side, preaching to the choir and ignoring what democrats have done‼️ Here’s one⬇️ Hey an apocalypse occurs in Illinois every weekend.. like eighty to 100 slaughtered by gangs guess those lives don’t matter

I won’t die in a waiting room. Id rather find one last beautiful place of scenery and just get it over with. I refuse to die in a waiting room waiting with other sick people just waiting to be helped, my last memory will be outdoors and looking up at the stars. Nonsense.

RonaldKlain Cuomo says there is enough equipment, NYT says there isn’t, somebody is lying...I have a pretty good guess When will people start holding the States Governors, Hosp ect accountable for their states shortages Another NY Times lie Unfortunately the results of budgeting that never considered a pandemic. He was forewarned and chose to spend the money elsewhere. A shame he chose to celebrate abortion laws and ignored this.

Hahahahaha!! NYGovCuomo thanks, just thanks. Way to talk big on tv and radio yet take a big dump on NYC when it came time for decisive action as requested by NYCMayor weeks ago!! Blame trump and pence and trumps traitors Spreading fake news as usual This is total bs, the video of Elmhurst looks empty, its busier on a friday night in the summer, and the freezer truck is a precaution, its also empty. 13 people have died in nyc while Im typing this tweet from things other than coronavirus.

Existential threats...RUN... Get a grip NYT. CORONA is a gift: 1. Carbon emissions down 50%+ climate activists rejoice 2. DUI arrests down 80% 3. Crime down 40% As for the $2-TRILLION, does anyone have a clue how to pay down National DEBT of now $25-Trillion, anyone?

If you are real journalists let’s see some proof of this hyperbolic claim. Otherwise it’s just more fake news. What happened to all of the treatment meds supposed to have been there Tues. Why is it? This needs to be investigated after this mess is over To be fair... I almost died in a waiting room before this pandemic. They left me in emergency room lobby for 18hrs. Wasn't till I started projectile vomiting they too me too a bed. Apparently they decided I had alcohol and wasn't important. I was in high school, wasn't drinking

Good question.... But, those ventilators the governor had a chance to buy in 2015 would come in handy right now. So amidst all of this Cuomo wants to free prisoners. Great idea, stupid. They’re already quarantined. That’s a dem for you. you losers gonna remove the pay wall on your articles so more poor folks aren’t panicked/making bad decisions at these doomsday articles they can’t even read/realities they can’t stay informed on?

Have you been to New York? It’s filthy! Wash your hands New York. 🧼 You are the enemy of this country and its people. Your Governor had a chance in 2015 to buy enough ventilators to prepare for an emergency. He didn't do that. The virus will run its course, the damage to this country by the media will last a long time.

People have died waiting for a bed ? Well, how many You make sound like the bodies are piling up Apocalyptic? If the numbers were 10 times what they are actually are It still wouldn’t be 5 miles from APOCALYPTIC NOR article about how NYC Hospitals spend their money... how this Paskin fabricat news. I bet there is more to story as most.

as predicted. Curious why in this day and age why we're not seeing viral videos of this apocalyptic crowding Meanwhile, I'm seeing a lot of reports of completely empty test sites Show me the videos What a reporter... 13 deaths in NY is apocalyptic.. there have been 85 murders in Chicago this year. All of the deaths are tragic. But apocalyptic?

Blame Obama for not bothering to restock and leave Trump alone for once. All I hear is Blah blah blah. Don't complain... Do something constructive. Exactly what you get when you create a shit hole like NYC!

Don't you know? 'Its a hoax.' 'Its fake numbers.' 'Its the Chinese government trying to scare us.' 'Its just the flu.' 'Its the same as the common cold.' 'Its 'just' killing old people, so who cares.' I'm so angry at some of us I could cry. COVID19 Shot: Chaser: Yet trump was a racist when he closed the borders. Can’t have it both ways. Blame China

7000 admitted to hosps. 1/6 needing vents right now. 11k vents available. Wow. Fear mongering fake news. Maybe the Mayor and Governor should have been doing their job the past few years, instead of now waiting for the federal government to save them. Where is the accountability on those that were responsible?

That would be the local and state governments fault, they weren’t prepared. Cuomo didn’t take the chance he had to buy ventilator instead he invested in solar that did nothing for the people of NY. and they are just keeping the bodies in cooled trailers they don’t even have the means to dispose of them properly 🥴

Wow it’s like big cites that refuses to stay home are majorly effected. With a state government who didn’t stock pile for a rainy day Who knew Fake news! You helped keep Deblasio in office.... you are responsible.

The same amount of people die in Chicago for handgun shootings daily. No apocalypse there I suppose. Why the governor never bought the ventilators years ago? Why didn’t he closed the state earlier? Ok then let’s give a shit ton of money for museums and the arts. That should solve it! this shit is so fucking terrifying

Wasn't there a party going on at night when New Yorkers had been told to stay home ? Who? No proof of this Well your state & city are run by Communists. You get what you vote for. No sympathy. I guess doom and gloom gets the clicks This is the result of Republicans telling people for months to ignore the virus as a 'hoax'. Of Trump not mass producing medical equipment so that private business could profit off of it. They did this. In plain english, this is Crisis is the Republicans fault.

Really sad. Any emergency measures or second options? Which is it beds or ventilators I like how people who don’t work in health care, aren’t doctors, saying it’s not apocalyptic, because there’s not enough bodies? Also, the democratic comments at a time like this? Somethings coming for you. 13? 200 people a day die from the flu and media silence

'Unnamed doctor says...' - is some next-level sad 'reporting'. It’s a good thing these articles are behind the paywall. IS UTTER TRASH. I see comments about giving blood but how do I give blood if I don’t know if I’m sick

I would like to know how many people who have the virus: 1 - Did not live in the USA and in NewYorkCity 18 months ago? 2 - Did not get the flu and pneumonia shot this season? Think there’s no correlation? Let’s find out. Oh so now you want the Racist President's help. Funny how you don't blame Obama for not replenishing the supplies he exhausted or how the hardest hit areas all seem to be Blue State. But yea wail about how you need help for your incredibly run states.

It’s apocalyptic in one small part of the country. Meanwhile, the rest of the nation is locked down and should be working. Sensible precautions can be taken with high risk people, but shutting everyone down is catastrophic. Ask Cuomo why he funded a failed Buffalo Solar Co ( like Obama's Solyndra) instead of buying 14,000 ventilators... That was his 2 choices... Cuomo put pandering above New York lives... Remember to tell him 'THANK YOU'.

But the governor said he wants them to die. So there’s that. Hopefully this will teach the Chinese to stop eating wild animals A typical day/night in an ER. No one entity is more responsible for the downfall of America than your rag. Instead of protecting the people, you play politics. Newspaper of record? Right. The national inquirer has more credibility. You are nothing more than a leftist rag. And that is putting it mildly.

My god this is like a scene from the walking dead!!!!! You have lied to us too many times. Deaf ears.

There’s more than 28,000 hospital bed in New York City. 3000 China virus patients 28,000 bed Chicago has more people shot in a weekend then the number of people who have died in a single day in New York City. New York Times fake news. Chinese propaganda! Looks like a deep state false flag event. Media stands for,Making Every Disaster Intentional Aggressive Chaos. What is so apocalyptic, I thought in Italy they had 900 in one day. Stop it. Go get a real job, get a broom and start swiping the street. Soon the rats on steroid are going to transmit some virus of their own.

legalCAT10 The Surgeon General is a LIAR! Javosandoval Si esto está pasando en USA, imagínense lo que pasará en Chile, cuando existan miles de contagiados. black_mixed Saw you RT this and have to remind you as bad as it is here in NYC, these ppl have reaped what they sowed. Over 20 hospitals have closed in the NY Metro area since 2000. Whats in their place? Mostly luxury condos...

Let's see the people lined up inside the hospital. Just saying something does not make it true. The masses are awake to the MSM. Fake news. Don't believe you

Apocalyptic? I think not. Werktaetiger_ The apocalyptic situation is just beginning. The more people meet the virus, the more will overflow all hospitals. Everybody should prepare for a situation like war. Seems all these trash liberal ran areas are the hardest hit.🤔 MAGA DemocratsLiePeopleDie NancyChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke

realDonaldTrump You OWN this. Yet there are drugs that are helping people in an amazing amount of time, and Governor’s around the country are blocking the use, Why? It makes you think. Why don’t they want them used, if it could save even one life. Will NYT raise questions on origin of and CCP coverup of “China Virus”

So turn the New York Times into a hospital. Ventilators are on the way. Your Mayor and Governor fondled over impeachment instead of preparing for what has come. Boy Scounts Motto = Be prepared. Is there video footage? And if that’s not bad enough. When people, hospitals in grave need. We are giving a shit load of money to the Kennedy Center. Explain that one to me!

And Democrats want $25,000,000 for the Kenney Center. Scratching my head.

You have cruise ships ! Use them at least for beds !!! They should be more prepared... Bless u all 🙏😇😇 and Governor Cuomo be safe and strong Quarantine New York City. South Jersey hardly had any corona cases until this weekend. This weekend Crowds were heading to beaches, while the locals were sheltering in place! NYC man came to Cape May this weekend, positive for coronavirus, for example. Stay home! So selfish!!

This thread explains much about why it’s so hard to ramp-up production of masks/ventilators. Yeah, no This is what happens when you elect Democrats who make your city a santuary for illegals, use money intended for emergency supplies on to fund other things and it all ends up overrunning your hospitals in a pandemic. Elections have consequences and NY is feeling them.

Yet MSM decided to stop broadcasting White House briefings, leaving people in the dark? This is irresponsible. Blame Cuomo and Deblasio.. They said they were not going to close schools, and go on with normal life.. Did not heed the warnings... Shame on them and now a pandemic arose and they had the chance to stock up and didn't.. Shame on them...

How do they handle hundreds of thousands of flu related illnesses every year...but can’t Handel a few extra thousand?!?! I call bs

Who would have thought placing 8.5 million people in a small area would create problems? Duh, everyone. Yet NYC cries ‘victim’ every time they suffer the consequences of such stupidity. but but but they said we have it under control? and will be raring to go back to work april 12?!? Meanwhile, all they need to do is give them the maleria drug and z-pac.

That’s bc BilldeBlasio is a moron!! He was at the gym instead of taking this seriously!! Prove this or retract .... also have you ever been to a big city ER on any given day? They are ALWAYS packed full with people that think their cut or cough or ache deserves emergency attention ..govt entitlements built this. Jus sayin MAGA

This is Fake News! Bullshit Yet there’s not one picture to provide truth to this The mayor said in early March, go out, don’t worry...see a movie....NYC health director said go to the Chinese festival, don’t worry....you get what you vote for...idiots. Meanwhile, AOC says there isn’t enough green shit in the 2 trillion dollar package and she wants to delay it

Cuomo missed his own note to self: should have replaced the ventilators I knew were depleted. BuffaloBillion

🤩 wow!. realDonaldTrump GOP CNN Twitter business FoxNews Govenor Cuomo must be misinformed. He repeats at his presser yesterday, 03/25/20, that they currently had enough vents, enough supplies. Was not sure about next week. Thank goodness our President is working hard with big companies to help.

Maybe they should try using hydroxychloroquine. Oh wait, the governor banned it from being used off-label. GovParsonMO - you don’t think coronavirus is a big deal...?! Missouri Thanks mostly to the mayor and governor you’ve elected several times. montysammy These deaths just may be on you, Donald Trump. On you and your insatiable need for revenge.

This shortage of bed was bound to happen sooner or later, in the past 12 years , Queens has seen 3 hospitals closed. This unprecedented emergency highlights the need to build more hospitals in our neighborhood.NYGovCuomo getthePPE For all of the Nazis demanding that older people die for Wall Street profits, all ages will die because the hospitals will overwhelmed.

Where your proof? Where’s the videos of this? I’ll wait... 🦗

Why didn’t Cuomo order more when he had the chance to prepare? On March 3rd De Blasio tweeted to New Yorkers to get out and go to movies in spite of the virus threat already known. His tweet is everywhere. So who exactly is responsible for this NYC epicenter Print the TRUTH at least one time Nothing sensationalist or panic inducing about this headline! Great job at keeping the public calm and informed.

Here’s the thing - nobody believes the NYT. So what exactly is deblasio doing? Anything? Have you asked the governor why he didn’t order more ventilators in 2015? Where are all th pics of packed hospitals? More b*llshit from this rag 💩 Ffs, apocolyptic? You should be ashamed of yourselves for reporting with such verbiage.

13 deaths is really sad and tragic but NOT “apocalyptic”.

Lies, lies, lies! Get back to work America! I see no videos of death and despair! Not in my N.Y. hospital The American people should rise and overthrow the lives of the rich, the rich, the poor and the poor WebsterGTarpley Now would be a good time to take a long hard look at health care system spending to determine where and how money’s being spent especially tax funded subsidization.

2 Q's: (1) why did Cuomo and DeBlasio do nothing to prepare for a potential pandemic and wait so long to look for medical supplies; and (2) why are they not using the 'chloroquine cocktail' to save lives Good thing there’s a tweet for everything.... Why is this “apocalyptic” but when 107 Anerican die daily from firearms it’s just another day? Do you know how many people would have to die before we even reach “apocalyptic”? Have some damn perspective and stop sensationalizing the news. You have a job to do. Do it.

But Cuomo is doing such a great job, right? 🙄 Good thing there’s a tweet for everything..... SethAbramson 😱

Oh but NYC has the smartest people in the world! Heck, they can even tell Iowa farmers what, when and how to plant! Surely they can solve this without whining to the rest of the country they hate. Yeah, why is that? Oh yeah they didn't buy them years ago when they should have. So difficult to believe the New York Times dramatic reporting. Who knows if any of it is true because they have lied so much in the past.

But...I haven’t seen pictures or videos of that. Will NY stop catering to illegals after this? No Madrid and Northern Italy are apocalyptic, collapsing under the weight of the sick. NY is not. I call bullshit... FakeNewsMedia China is just the absolute worst. They need to lose their UN veto for unleashing this on the world.

Gov Cuomo said yesterday there were 880 ppl on vents and he has 4000 more in a stockpile.

A little perspective here. More people die during a typical day of gun violence in Chicago...and we won’t even talk about auto accidents. For anyone who hasn’t been to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens - and I have been - It is ALWAYS a shit show. Of course it’s a shit show now. EnemyOfThePeople The mayor was telling people to go out to the movies in March.

This reporting from a newspaper that can't be trusted because it has lied,exaggerated, and omitted information before because they are a bought propaganda media outlet which is likely criminal. NYTimes should have failed years ago but is funded for financial gain of a few elites. Cuomo said New York did not need them in 2015. Ask him.

And you of course endorsed DeBlasio. Good work. Asking everyone to pray daily, The Lord's Prayer & The 23rd Psalm. 7AM, 11AM, 3PM, 7PM, and 11PM. SHARE - SHARE - SHARE Virus in Trump's last ditch effort to remain in Office. He is mad at New York. He is mad at California. Man made Virus, flying saucer, & pandemic.

I feel like they are pumping out fake stories of how overwhelmed they are to get more funding. Where's the video? 13 is apocalyptic levels?

Lies. Just stop the pandering. Sounds like mayhem. Thank your mayor & governor shaunking People in that city live like rats. Is this a surprise? Baloney, where’s the photos or video? What a Biased text Looks like MoronKemp needs a scolding byCuomo:In a 1on1,Gov. Kemp told CherylPreheim that he believes the virus may have been here well b/4 the 1stcases were confirmed-possibly stretching all the way back to Dec.orEarlyJan.He thinks ppl are taking social distancing serious.NOT!

3-4 days before NJ hospitals reach capacity. FAKE NEWS Too bad your governor wasn't more prepared to protect his people My guess FakeNews

Hey NYT, according to your numbers of 13 being Apocalyptic, why isn’t 22 Veteran suicides a day Apocalyptic? The answer is, they are not important to you or your agenda! Can you get some video please! Because I don’t believe a fucking word you say I wish people would blame the person that can’t control the spread of the virus in US and that is Cuomo! 1k deaths in US and most from NY. Why didn’t he block flights, order ventilators before knowing how many people in his state?

What is criminal are billionaires like elon musk hoarding all his money. Ehy isnt he with all his money supplying anything ? TVMohandasPai realDonaldTrump Pls lock the Big Apple down b4 it is too late. Why don't you start putting it in perspective instead of just saying how many people have the this ChineseVirus in our dying why don't you mention how many people have died of cancer today or how many people have the flu .

Please tell us who is dying ? Are these people who are regularly healthy people or are these people who have low immune systems or already had health problems ? amyyqin How are trumps numbers up? How. I’m calling bullshit.

NYT opinion pieces focused on impeachment & calling POTUS a racist because he shut down travel from China. Dem NY politicians telling NYers to live their lives, get out of their houses/apts, attend crowded NY festivals. Thousands at risk & now dying because of TDS. Nice work 👍 Not as bad as the panic media machine is broadcasting

If there aren’t enough rooms, you can blame the controlling and beaurocratic state office of DHEC. They approve when new hospital rooms can be built. Was their death solely caused by Covid19? If yes, how exactly is that determined, esp if they have underlying condition? Were they short of beds solely bc an increase in the number of Covid19 confirmed cases? Do many important questions to be answered

Got any proof? The state bears the responsibility for getting to what their states need. Wow it’s amazing Governor Cuomo said no to recommendations to buy 16,000 ventilators in the event of a pandemic. Instead he ordered a group to come up with vent ration guidelines & bought solar panels instead. SMH NY times, and New York is governed by democrats.

My heart breaks 💔for all in NY

realDonaldTrump DO SOMETHING NOW... The whole world is watching this/you... You are incompetent... Less talking and more action will save lives... that should be your number one priority!!! Where is the video proof? No offense but '13 deaths in a day' is what is normally known as 'Tuesday' in a city of 8 million people.

This is not what Governor NYGovCuomo said in his press conference. FailingNYTimes FakeNews I call bull💩 on this story Trump can’t be held responsible for idiots not following the suggested guidelines his team has put out. Still gathering in large groups. That’s on the the governor and the mayor. Fake news!!

This is a lie. I watched a video where a guy went undercover into a few New York hospital's and they were normal amounts of ppl. This is rediculous we know this lying news paper is all about discrediting Trump and creating fear I cannot wait till this while thing is over. Fake ass news One word, subway. Entering the subway system or being on a train, probably equal to swallowing a covid petri dish.

This is the reason to explain why is most important close borders. Airports, places full of people are risk for a National Security. Authorities who denied close your nation must response by situation and the result. World was calling to close borders. BarackObama AOC AP WHO In fact, I feel that the current situation should be blamed on the ruling party, and people should ignore self-protection. Perhaps it is your arrogance and arrogance that has created the current situation. If there is a reason, there must be a day to do it ...

What doctor? What hospital? You are lying. Yes, people are going to die because of our foreign policy decisions. Yes, Trump warned us about this. Trump2020 If you think that is apocalyptic, then see what happen in Spain! How many die EVERY DAY from seasonal flu!? 13 deaths is 'apocalyptic!?' Hysteria much?

Please, try to be safe. Hate to sound insensitive but I can’t help but wonder. Where are all the pics and vids of packed ERs. We keep hearing about how bad it is, but hard to believe someone hasn’t taken a photo and floated it around yet. Trump's head in the sand at beginning of Virus has cost people their life.

This fear mongering shit needs to end Bullshit “La Semilla del Apocalipsis” Publicado el 5 de noviembre de 2019 Escrito en el año 2013 Creer o No Creer Esa es la Cuestión SueN✨ SueNKGifT🕊 VisionerWriter♾ STOP panic mongering you masters of fake media Understand Americans need knowledge yet all Americans know that the gutter media lies, manipulates and intentionally mislead. There needs to be a mass clean up of our press. It is dangerous that we can't trust our media

That's a vague statement. Are the people dying of Coronavirus or another cause? People die every day in Er waiting for a bed due to other conditions. NYT is fake news RT JohnsHopkins JohnsHopkinsSPH New York City hospital, CV19 in Queens Chinese puppet says what? TrashJournalism 🗑 Got some video evidence to back up this claim?

Helpful Engineering has released its first PPE alternative to HarbecInc in NYS and def for manufacturing validation and production. It will soon be available-mere days-from participating manufacturers to support our caregivers with the protection they need. HelpFightCorona

DEM preventive Management is a disaster !!! Maybe you should do a story on the deficiencies of the mayor and his health commissioner in handling this virus in their city. RT StefanMolyneux plague in New York City Show the proof. Where's a video? So you say. * Suddenly NYC didn't know there are millions who live within a few miles......why didn't ya'll prepare years ago?

As a Hongkonger, please listen to us: stay home and avoid crowds. Don't touch your face without washing hands. prayforHK and PrayForNYC Why wasn't NYC better prepared for something like this before it happened ? thanks for the news shaunking remember this article NYT ahhmmm carlos slim

WTF? Cuomo just said a few days ago he doesn't need more beds, there's plenty of beds. Fake news! Stop lying! You should be put in jail for fraud! More folks die from the flu annually! shaunking Cuomo the same guy who refused to buy 16000 ventilators 5 yrs ago, but instead gave 800 million to his donors for these instead

Donald Trump is fully responsible for that. IgnorantInChief I hope you guys print at the Democratic Congress held back to stimulus package to help the front line people and the citizens are in the hospital sick and dying so that they could put their personal agendas in the bill. But of course you won’t because you’re nothing but a tabloid

And the president realDonaldTrump spending his day making up bullshot talking points to tell the public while telling Fauci to stay home. It’s a JOKE. worstpresidentinHISTORY THIS IS YOUR LEGACY. How many patients are receiving Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin ? Did any of those that died? Why would you not ask that ER doctor?

Apocalyptic 🤣 fearmonger much I guess NYGovCuomo should have ordered them sooner

In hindsight, this asshat's statement was probably not so smart. According to this Stanford professors this is not a problem... What they simply don't consider: ICU capacity. So sad. America will be the most of confirmed cases two days later, focus on your own Fear mongering Where can I see the pictures or videos of this apocalypse that's unfolding? Certainly an end of world event like your describing would result in everyone taking a moment to take their smart phone out and recording the chaos Please post, I'll stand by and wait.

Sucks but do you really expect the gov president or mayor to give a fuck about us ... ? Don’t rely on them to take action Show us pics of them in the ER you liars. Personally to me it seems the world isn’t prepared for this emergency! May God protect us from this pandemic disease.. Is it a coincidence that this hospital is near Corona?

Give them the drug therapy before they wind up on a ventilator. Maybe Drs should consider that seriously

Prove it. we haven't seen anything to confirm this only rumors MarciaDaughtre1 They better get that dying over quickly so we can all be in church on Easter Trump:'It's none of my business' Fuck new york. So why isn't China being held accountable!? they could have saved the world from coronavirus ConnerKcGreen President literally pulled out a document from 2015 where Cuomo denied 1500 of them for a pandemic situation. The man always wins

Vote for Cuomo! I’m very sorry about any death but everything is being done to help. PERHAPS WHEN THIS IS OVER ASK CUIMO WHY YOUR VENTILATORS WHERE TRADED FR LOTTERY TICKETS. NO EXCUY janeeucraft Trump needs to do his job instead of tweeting all night long

May Lord speed it up Apocalyptic? 13dead? I don’t want to be insensitive but, you are acting as if your hairs on fire. Very unprofessional, I am disappointed in you, report the truth but don’t scare people STAY HOME Proof please. Everyone, has cell phones. There would be pics. You are MSM, even though you are fake news. Go to the hospital and get us pics. You don’t, because you are being fake news again.

Apocalyptic? The Bronx has more murders than that on busy nights in the summer and your calling that Apocalyptic.. I wonder why nobody takes you seriously 🤷‍♂️ Irresponsible article and headline fueling panic This is hard to watch and heartbreaking we are lucky to have people like this doctor who cares enough to tell us the truth!

Veteran4Trump the fear mongering is unreal stop 🛑 I’ll believe it when it comes from a credible source. Show us proof!

Remember when RepJerryNadler SenSchumer JoeBiden shut down St. Vincent’s Hosputal in the West Village? Good times, huh? I'm sorry, but I don't see US as 1st world's country. You have the most expensive medicine in the world run by corporations, highest homeless people % and highest crime rate in the world.

gaijingirl2004 Back to work folks! You aint seen nothing yet wait till the NY death rate gets into the 100s per day Forza e coraggio, siamo con voi❤️ Cool i hope all of your staff dies out. 💞✝️🙏🏻 Same as wuhan city. Difference is Chinese mayors have no right to decide anything, and they can't complain about their top leader.

Bla bla coronavirus bla bla Trump’s fault... Can I get back to my normal life without all this unnecessary panic? If y’all remember Swine Flu was WORSE. Where are the viral cellphone videos of bodies stacked up?

M_mahjoob7 My city has been a ghost town for two weeks and we dont have shelter in place orders.... just asking folks to stay home... Meanwhile New Yorkers.....dont GAF......and havent..... Search articles about Govenor Como 2015 and Vetalators and you get this.🤬 Anyone else notice that almost all coronavirus related stories are free on these paid sites.....except NYT and NYP?

Oh naa we dying 😩 Sorry to hear of the complete and utter chaos in New York hospitals due to their bad management and allowing the politicians to interfere. The patients pay the ultimate price for such incompetence and staff dysfunction - 😡 shameful Lier We told ya Report the names. Why aren't there enough ventilators and who has made the decision. You aren't doing journalism atm.

DeniseDresserG 😔😣

trilionsforventilators ventilators Beg to AlMighty Allha he is the only power who can save us ,don't rely on those who can also be effected by this deadly virus Fake News; it’s opinion bullshit fear mongering. Yet 65 murders in the same time period. FakeNewsMedia Truly the enemy of the people. Perhaps Obama shouldn't have cut hospital beds in the USA with Obamacare and should have ordered the ventilators and supplies he was warned in 2009 needed to be replaced and Cuomo should have ordered emergency supplies instead of spending millions on a solar farm.

Yeah, get some of those reporters in there! I could name a few that would be great. Blah blah fking blah.

You have more ventilators than you need. Your mayor and Governor should be held accountable What no videowhat sort of journalism is this Terrible time when everyone needs each other and many would rather point fingers, just like trump. Ridiculous. And that’s trumps fault? What about the hospitals preparing, now that the fake new and media blowing this up it’s his fault... he doesn’t make it... blame the governor

Obama did NOTHING WHEN H1N1 KILLED 13000 Americans and failed to replenish our n95 masks despite multiple pleas. Did u dick heads ever say a word DUH. Trump has been 100x more aggressive as the Govs of Cali and N.Y. said they got EVERYTHING THEY WANTED. Times is excrement. Wonder if this is true or are they lying again.

VP READ THIS AND DO SOMETHING WE NEED THE DEFNSE PRODUCTION ACT USED 😱🦠😱🦠 What is the Presidential Governor of NY Andrew Cuomo doing about it? I wonder how we handled the flu that has also hit cities very very hard?

pn906 And you foul mouth India! You’re lying. Absolutely awful😞im sorry America for ur useless shitshow of a non leader Prove it, liars. It's tough, but I wouldn't classify 13 deaths as apocalyptic. This guy says different. 🤔 The New York Times? You don't know what to believe. Mark Twain Quote: If you read the Newspaper you're misinformed. If you don't read it, you're uninformed.

😢😢 Just words. Lying words. We learned nothing from anyone. How American.

DavidColtart So China will get away with all this? Countries will keep 'political correctness and fuxkin diplomacy' towards China? Countries scared of China? Like in my country, Spain. My Government was warned as early as January of what was going to happen and did not listen, even the European Union had recommended that no demonstrations be made on women's day. Many people have died because of the incompetence of Pedro Sánchez.

I have to ask, are they being offered the malaria medicine or not? Even Saudi Arabia is saying it works. I pray for you. The Healing Angel JoyTaylorTalks Hey no worries the virus will be gone by Easter Sunday according to Donald Trump Many hospitals are private. Why is there no blame falling on them for lack of supplies? It’s blame everyone else. It’s not like a panademic was some new possibility. We’ve heard about lack of ventilators forever. Not something new. Where is their responsibility?

Then talk to cryin chuck Sure about this? Fake news is what I smell. FakeNews Thank your mayor and Governor.

Yeah right And realDonaldTrump wants to open offices to improve our economy! If everyone will be dead what is he planning to do with those beautiful buildings? It’s a shame that we live in a country which cares about money over life! Why wasn’t NY prepared? Their officials were too busy blasting Trump and the NYC mayor was taking naps and running for President. Remember this at the polls!

US is going to be the third epicenter of COVID-19 because immature and arrogant approach of US administration. The sooner they lock their country down the better would be the chance for survival; otherwise, COVID-19 will teach them a good lesson and that too at the cost of life. How is Cuomo’s clinical trials going?

HirokoTabuchi 13 deaths in day? Apocalypse? Have you read Revelations? Wtf FAKE NEWS EnemyOfThePeople Did you NYT idiots ask the Gov why he refused to order ventilators when he had the chance to a few years ago? NYT = EnemyOfThePeople The cherry on top.... 🍒New Yorkers live on top each other... out in the boonies and styx...they never even heard of corona who.this too shall pass.. look at pics of Vegas empty.. its not sad.. its a beautiful site! Theworld is Beautiful open your eyes

DeniseDresserG The worse part is not even close. Look at Italy.

California is next 🥴😩 Here’s two city officials downplaying the threat when they should’ve been canceling these events. This took place just after Trump rightly closed the borders to China and, predictably, Dems & the press called him racist & xenophobic for it. They were wrong & people got hurt. 'Despite the more optimistic projections by the state about hospitalization rates, We at the Times will not tell the ages of the deceased, but would rather reject anything positive, and secretly hope every motherf*cker in the burrough dies'

Governor Cuomo passed on the ventilators and spent even more on the Buffalo solar farm bust. Meanwhile .. trump is looking forward to Easter. Pure evil.. Pure propaganda... The REAL enemy of the people.. The MSM!!!! 🇬🇧 This is why people don't live there. So your saying 13 deaths like every night in Chicago is apocalyptic?

There are fewer people listed as serious critical in all the US than there are Ventilators recently shipped to NY Please reconcile Stop terrorizing everyone! CTFD

apocolyptic? bitch please. apocalyptic” what’s the name of the hospital? ? How many virus pt? How many ventilators? How many we’re giving the medicine that offers hope? I would LOVE some facts behind this “apocalyptic” event but I can’t read the article,I’m sure the facts are in there can someone tell me

apocalyptic deaths🤣🤣🤣 u ppl just want to create mass hysteria. NYC has approx 50k deaths per year, that averages to 136/day. 13 covid19 deaths in 1 day is nowhere near apocalyptic. Your governor was advised to buy 15,000 ventilators in 2005 in case of pandemic, but didn’t. Obama depleted the supply of masks & never replaced it. NYC’s mayor on 3/2 advised New Yorkers to go out in the town. And the citizens & hospitals are now paying the price.

I haven't heard of anyone stepping up to help them yet. ☹ Look at all these billionaires. Where are they? Sorry to say but if the war money was spent over here so it could be little different. Wish best for everybody. Stay safe JoeNBC This is a real stretch to call this Apocalyptic !! Who was this one doctor ? Probably anonymous, the mainstream media and the Democrat party love to use these type of sources ! NYT should investigate China to see if this was accidental or deliberate ! Seems fishy to me ! Politics

And yet not a single cell phone video from inside the ER. Not a single interview with frantic doctors or nurses begging for more resources. Not one patient being turned away because of overcrowding. Kind of suspicious, no?

realDonaldTrump Dozens of unarmed victims are murdered in New York each day. Hundreds of thousands of people die of heart disease each days. But let's shut down the world over 13 people who died from an infection that 99.9% of the time wont harm you. I know this virus has taken a lot of life’s but my people leave it in the Lords hands have Faith prayers are great pray pray ain’t no cure but the Lords cure repent and the Lords here’s you anyway God bless everybody and hope we don’t have to hear about no more deaths Amen 🙏

Who the fuck uses the word “apocalyptic”...unless they are trying to spread more panic Today's disaster was inevitable two weeks ago, but trump is still making excuses for his mistakes, rather than preparing medical supplies Where’s the video? How many people in the U.S. died today from something other than the Flu?

KAG2020 There are many other hospitals they can go to put the full hospitals on divert. We can do this we’re Americans Funny How this is all the same as the HIV playbook🤔 when thousands died from TOXIC Drugs in a Mystery Virus⁉️

Utilizing the Defense Production Act is way past due And to think.... Democrats held up a bill to help, so they could push their agenda....the party that promises free stuff, could not be bothered to follow through without trying to push some bullshit. Citations please. chenoite Cuomo said in his press conference this morning that there were plenty of ventilators?

LATiffani1 Drama 🤪🙄 Use TheGarden barclayscenter javitscenter & all the schools that are shutdown. LATiffani1 Nobody believes you Wake up NYC! On March 25: - Billionaire city that doesn’t have supplies so their medical staff has to wear GarbageBags - Dirty MTAsubway yet running with overcrowded people Which city official is to blame? (1) Presidential Gov Cuomo (2) 2nd term Mayor De Blasio

13? Apocalyptic? More than that die a day from the Flu in NYC. Hyperbole. Fear mongering. Sensationalism. Kunal09211226

Said people: Gov and mayor were not prepared, no emergency plan, no emergency stockpiles, incompetent Funny with the millions of cellphones you'd think there would be one at least showing the crowds and inabilies in the emergency room but nope only you are so yea... Your the NY fake Times 😂 Trump's approval is up, quick let's run a Hit piece......

We want the truth NYT. Honest reports would be really nice Times por fin ven la realidad de lo que causan los medios!!!CNN,TIMES, etc.etc.ustedes son los culpables por no decir la verdad que desde hace mas de tres meses predijo un médico!!! Haciendo todo lo que diga el monstruo TRUMP!!el causante de todo esto y se irán junto con el!!!!

If it's that bad then why did Cuomo just make it illegal for Drs. to prescribe drugs that can help save these people? There’s a 28 minute wait time at my local emergency room 💁‍♀️ How did NY get the bulk of this virus? I dunno the population.. and I would think more people would travel to like Florida or California..Also, was domestic travel banned from NY?

NYC is not the entire country other parts of the country are ready to get back to work “Apocalyptic” The fear mongering continues.

NYTimes panic& hysteria desk working overtime. TrumpVirus TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER TrumpPandemic Trump2020 GOPBetrayedAmerica Let’s see pics of the these full hospitals ans people waiting for beds Blame Trump’s denial of the seriousness of this virus that has led him to fail in mustering US’s vast resources to defeat this threat. As a result, test kits, masks, ventilators, etc. are in short supply—and in the wealthiest nation in the 🌎. Trump’s grade D-; Dr Anthony Fauci A

picsoritsnotreal Moron of NYC Bill DiBlasio was encouraging people to attend gatherings at the beginning of the month - he deserves special thanks. This is fake news. Nobody believes your fear mongering anymore. You've exposed and found out, NYT Almost like someone passed on ordering 15000 ventilators in 2015... oh wait, that was the mayor of NY. LiberalismIsAMentalDisease FakeNews journalismisdead stupidisasstupiddoes

So...how many deaths per day do they normally have from other things? This isn't exactly Yreka, CA. Brave local politicians. Bad orange man did this. majingojira1 Whoever rted this doesnt care who dies he hates everyone And what is the normal mortality rate? 13? Don’t turn your back on Queens NYGovCuomo

Didn't Cuomo said today they had more than 1,000 ventilators in stock but that no hospital had requested delivery? Maybe I heard wrong, since I had the TV on but was on the phone calming my parents in PR. Liberal media has been making these same claims for multiple weeks now. It has yet to happen. Underfunded DRACO can cure Coronavirus and ANY other virus

Even if any of this was true, how would we know? No one believes you. Video or it didn’t happen

You should have built Hospitals not Temple. ΣΤΗ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΗ ΤΟΥ ΚΑΠΙΤΑΛΙΣΜΟΥ_ ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΟΠΟΙΗΣΗΣ...... HirokoTabuchi All this happening in the supposedly greatest country on earth, that gives Billions to Corporations while this is happening. Shameful. Prayers for all this lost Bolsonaro: é só uma gripezinha

One Dr.? Care to give a name or just a reliable source? Was he saying the virus was apocalyptic and your false lie by your lack of education interpreted the way your political party wanted you too... Good god can we put another competent Republican until Election Day somebody like MitRomneyUSA or can we put some general. and just dismantle this entire administration. This is just the beginning. a lot more people going die.

Ask .BilldeBlasio He wanted New Yorkers to not worry about COVID19. stay home

Thank all of your democratic leaders in Washington for not caring about the people who voted for them. All they care about are agendas, elections, & witch hunts. Lies. There would be video. Praying it doesn’t get any worse. Maybe if the media, doctors and politicians alike didnt tell people for weeks to be less concerned with Covid19 but the flu people wouldn't still be herding together.

Don't worry. Freedom and democracy will help American people go through this. Bring the cures in NYC Leaders failed to be prepared, failed to listen to the medical experts who warned them. Even NYT's Gaslighting will not help get them out of the condemnation they deserve. Maria41168395 Why wouldn’t the hospitals buy ventilators expecting a flu outbreak or pandemic?

Hell that would be a normal day for Chicago but nobody batted an eye! 🤔🤔

KevinMKruse And one feels if this was in a city or state that had voted for him, he’d tap national resources to mobilize a response. His narcissism has a body count. PeteSouza 😖😖😖😖💔💔💔💔💔💔 Kürtler size yardım etsin kürtleri çok seviyordunuz ya tırlar dolusu silah göndereceğinize kendi sağlığınıza dikkat etseydiniz pis katiller.

FakeNews Se cuida ai, Guga! Um, okay. Over 400 people die every day in the state of New York, so probably ~200 per day in NYC. It's not that I don't feel bad for the 13 people who died of Coronavirus, but it's just not that terrifying when 185 died of heart disease, cancer, diabetes... More fake news from the NYT. Imagine my surprise.

Keep given power to the gays lesbos and trans and baby abortions y'all are dealing with something big and it's going to get worst This NYTimes post is fake news. Cuomo admitted he has 8000 ventilators but only 900 people were in ICU as of this afternoon press conference. If one hospital ran out of ventilators they have to redirect ambulances to those that have excess. 7100 ventilators unused per Cuomo stats

Maybe this was a bad idea:

How about some video, everyone has phones ventilators should no matter the time & money it takes to convert operations over to generate them ... During WWII we were able to put all hands on deck & do what was necessary to protect our nation & ppl. This is wrong NYC 😷 coronavirus 💀 covid_2019 😷 Why aren’t hospitals overwhelmed by flu patients each year?

You would think New York of all places would be prepared for the worst after 911. That’s just poor planning and leadership Coumo not doing such a good job. But how is Russia involved? Surely you've found a way to worm that into your narrative. Sorry, but no one listens to you anymore. All the media continues to do is promote terror! CTFD Should just close everything forever? Stop the BS and tell the truth about deaths! The coronavirus has not just killed people but it's killing our society and everyone's well-being!

Maybe if Cuomo would stop profiling for the media each day he could make some calls and get things done. How is this information helpful? cause all I see is this making people panic and scared. What is the average citizen suppose to do besides stay indoors and wash their hands while they hope to not die?

I did read that Cuomo (who I like) turned away the opportunity to purchase 15,000 ventilators for NY a couple of years ago. Would come in handy right now, but who plans on a pandemic?

How many shot? Robbed? Raped? Stop, that’s Tuesday night in Chicago during the summer Joe Biden & past presidents sold the American soul to China so we can't make our own stuff. Since Biden is in bed with China maybe they'll promised to give him their COVID'19 vaccine if he can destroy Trump. I understand getting the warnings out there to take this serious but at the same time it’s causing a lot of stress to everyone who is sitting ducks in their house and praying for the best. Everyone is gonna have PTSD from all this. You might as well say the world is ending

This is fake news. Goddam, what the hell is wrong with America. Get the medical supplies these Hospitals and Doctors NEED, NOW! People are DIEING that could be SAVED . This is unbelievable !!! *d.trump* is the Failure we all Dreaded in a National Crisis such as this. One doctor, huh? People from Italy were on quarantine for more than 19 days and the numbers of people died were on increment reaching in one day 800 people death. Could you believe what will happen with not quarantine measures.

Wishing my ED colleagues in NYC the best and hoping it unfolds differently here in Denver. Pics or it didn’t happen New York City & State desperately need new management. What did the rest of them say? Keep up the Fakenews jeanygilmore se eu te ver nesse metrô de novo vou aí te dar um cascudo Unfortunately, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro here in Brazil are going to the chaos as well 😟

State of NY and NYC ill prepared. They had other priorities for their money. You’re officially fakenews This thing is bad enough. Why are you making stuff up? Life should be greater than economy than everything!🙏🏻 WTH is going on in New York

I was born in this hospital n after watching the video I’m in tears. I’m extremely afraid that the government at every level having deep knowledge of NYC are not doing enough to help Elmhurst hospital which is in the middle of 1 of the most diverse communities on earth. Pls help Sounds like the Gov dropped the ball back when he failed to order them in 2015. Now, Washington has to do his job for him. Figures.

Surgeon_General So sad. It’s like a war zone and the hospitals are being bombed!!!!😔😔😔 you should write an article about how the NY state and local government failed the people of the state. Where was the coverage with all of these deaths? Maybe Schumer should stuff more money for international disasters in the bill?

Why would anyone assume anything this bird cage lining is accurate

Cuomo shoulda ordered those 15,000 ventilators... These deaths could be prevented if the media and the Democrats would stop spreading mis information and attacking the President and band together to actually help this country prop up your president your country stop the agenda make a positive difference!!!

New York is a dirty ass city. The subway is where that virus had a field day infecting everyone. Shoulda seen that coming tho JoeNBC Go help out Joe Joe..Instead of complaining. That's all you do. Pathetic. Damn. China gave ny a strong dose of that virus. Ny must have pissed them off pretty bad I'm sorry,I really am. I can't believe this is happening. Surreal

This coronavirus is really getting out of hand! Trash not even fit for toilet paper. Nyt is cesspit news.

Trump4ElectricChair time to re evaluate this penalty for crimes of genocidal proportions. who would like to see donald trump receive death penalty, if it were reinstated in New York? GotVideo 🥴🇺🇸 Imagine if they had canceled the Chinese New Year parade?...like they were asked to. It’s not apocalyptic! Stop spreading fear

SilentEasterSunday: 1) Leave home only for emergency/work beginning 4/10. If able, take leave. 2) Make no purchases. 3) Do not view, make, like or share any social media posts except the official number of U.S. COVID-19 deaths as of 4/10. 4) Post and trend that number. FAKE NEWS ALERT 🚨 Fake news Most times NY TIMES does not get reporting right....SENSATIONALISM....they focus on the worst but their news will not be interesting if they were to report GOOD NEWS .that's a FACT not opinion some such as CNN & MNBC just make up NEWS/STORIES based on pers opinion

Blame that on Dems who refuse to give Hydroxychloroquine aka TrumpPills. You give people that on an out-patient basis, and you won't need hospital beds or ventilators. Media such as NYT is also to blame.

Maybe DeBlasio shouldn't have told everyone to carry on and go catch a show. Like N. Italy, who imported thousands from Wuhan to take over the leather industry, NY has now become the epicenter. Thank your local Democrat. I thought Cumo said he would transfer patients around the state. He said it wasn't bad in the whole state and he could use beds in other areas.

LMAO still behind a paywall while reporting 'the news' (aka YOUR version of the truth). You guys are atrocious and about as hacky as it gets. FakeNews New York City, by itself, has 27% of ALL US Red China coronavirus deaths. Hmmmm. Marxist Mayor, goofy nepotism-aided Governor, open borders and sanctuary government, finance plutocrats flying to China all the time to help the anti-US dictatorship get richer. Coincidences?

But you are the Liberal Mecca, the elite of the elite, the smartest ones ever to exist, how come you were not prepared, oh wise ones? If you have intubated patients why are you not using a bvm and having people help breathe for the pt? Surely yo uh could find some family members or volunteers from the public?

Yeah deblasio to!d people to go out early march Name 1- that has died in ER of just Coronavirus- lies. I don't want to die to protect realdonaldtrump 's willful flatearth ignorance. The constitution is a suicide part for tRUmp. Idontwanttodie! Idontwanttodie! Idontwanttodie! Idontwanttodie!

And SpeakerPelosi and the Democrat’s don’t care how many die as long as they get what they want in the bill 😡😡😡 RIP to all the people that passed away... but since when has 13 deaths become apocalyptic? The fear-mongering over this virus is insane. Fake news Prove it. I think this is click bait to get subscribers. Move along...

Blasio took damn long to shut down everything. He wanted the gyms to remain open till a few days ago😱 Remember when DeBlasio encouraged NYC residents to still go out and enjoy life inspite of the virus on MARCH 2ND! Transport the patients who has no ventilators to Washington DC to the Hospital closes to the WhiteHouse. You’ll get help then.

Dang Coumo should have bought those Ventilators back in 2015 when he decided not to. No words 😢😢😢

Drama queens So sad - what is happening at Javits Center? TrumpIncompetenceKillsUSA YangGang That would be Gov. Cuomo. He had the opportunity to purchase 16,000 ventilators and chose a new solar plant instead. Three words. Bill de Blasio. aka Warren Wilhelm Jr. Damn NYCMayor why didn’t you close public schools and public transit? Sorry, government schools and government transit*

I'm more concerned about a Covid19 vaccine that will contain DNA changing synthetic gene therapy (IGT) to make people human-synthetic hybrids. tinyurl. com/NYThybrids jonrappoport RobSkiba ScrippsHealth vaxxed2 How many children were aborted today in New York City? 🤔

Maybe if your city's leaders didnt encourage people to go out and party for a chinese celebration it wouldn't be so bad. Democrats run NY. In any case, you’ve lied about everything the past 4 years. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews DeadlyDemocrats It’s not even close to apocalypse. TheWilderThings The Times supports rioting and pandemonium.

The severe unsafe working conditions, the treatment and lack of support from our Federal Government might force our health care workers to engage in a nationwide wildcat strike. Then what? way to hide story behind paywall. benefitting from the dead Trump Desth Panels!!! :( Sadly, predicted. Sadly, ignored by people who 'trust their gut'.

dcarvalho1914 How can you call yourself journalist and spread such false information? People have died in the ER? Wow! Thanks for the breaking news. 13 is less than the number dying in the city from violence daily. These headlines need to chill out. OMG!!!! Those poor patients, doctors and nurses at NYC City Hospitals. :(

Here we are. Please believe what our medical leaders are saying. Cuomo is using ventilators as props in his presidential campaign videos. you guys are great at spreading misinformation! it's not apocalyptic Why not ask NYGovCuomo why he didn't order the ventilators two years ago like he was told he needed?

May god have mercy on us all.

If only we knew of someone in high power worth millions that owns hotels that could afford to convert those hotels into temporary hospitals. 🤔 America will become Italy especially the boomers Guess NYGovCuomo should’ve heeded the advice he was given and stocked up on that shit. did anyone watch NYGovCuomo today? He said there are still ventilators in the stockpile. Either you’re not verifying sources or the state is not distributing available ventilators effectively. Which is it?

These ? Just in: 2,000 ventilators were delivered to New York today for distribution. COVID19 PPESupplies MedicalSupplies Here’s the mayor as recently March 15: “If you love your neighborhood bar... go there now ... because we don’t know what the future holds.” Soon thereafter, he restricted bars and eateries to takeout and delivery.

Wow. The ER in Charleston, SC is vacant. Weird. COVID19 FakeNews I thought NYGovCuomo said they had some arrive and are in the stockpile ready to go today? No? How awful. Yet if it were a member of government or a Hollywood elite there would be a bed & ventilator available. I’m sure it would be at the expense of someones life but who the hell cares about the average American citizen who pays taxes. They can get kits when they want them why

By March 3, when Mayor De Blasio was urging New Yorkers to still go on the town and party, ALL the smart scientists were making models demonstrating that exponential growth was gonna happen in NYC. Which meant, there were already cases. De Blasio threw the match in the gasoline. gtconway3d This scares me so much.

NYGovCuomo attention plz Stay safe and avoid public exposure. La personne idiote regarde, suggère ou conseille au milieu de cette situation critique. Mais c'est inévitable, et je veux être réaliste. Je ne connais personne qui ait envisagé leurs projets, Dieu, l'échec et la mort. Why is NYC not more prepared

Put tanks on the bridges and don’t infect the rest of the country. We are all dead, this country is dead. Thanks to 45* and the GOP 244 years and it ends with a moron that can only say 5 words running it into oblivion Dear God - help us🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Really? How many deaths a day are there when there ISN'T an apocalypse? You're just freaking embarrassing yourself

Still no federal aid for NY or California... He’s hoping this will hurt them at election time. He’s in for a rude awakening. BCCwx Those poor people. NYC lost thousands of hospital beds over the past 20 years. It was all a scam, and if you’re interested, here’s how. 1. A “health care” consultant pitched the deal to hospital execs that ran more than one hospital. 2. Pay me a million and I will make you two. (1/3)

'Apocalyptic?' 🤔 I know what to do!!!! Lets fund PBS ? In fact, China's health care system has already returned to normal operation, and even now it has the ability to assist other countries. Fake news! Why would deblasio do this Maybe Cuomo shouldn’t have turned down the opportunity to purchase around 16,000 of them. You know, Americans are with New Yorkers, but quit trying to blame realDonaldTrump

Video or it never happened. We are replicating exactly what Italy did. Without enough healthcare workers and PPEs, soon our doctors will make the decision about who are most worthy saving and who should give up treatment. The slimes has zero credibility.....so not buying it. Have you ever been to the ER on a typical day? They make you wait hours just for fun! So how could we expect it to be better now?

They said 2 weeks ago we would see numbers in the millions by end of March...dont see it. heydytrigga That’s how it was in Italy Hmmm I’m not so sure I believe this I will need better evidence 13 deaths a day is apocalyptic? At least, they will not receive the bill You have no idea what apocalyptic is!!! Stay tuned!

Grolier1 Blame Cuomo. Over dramatic, loud, insensitive, condescending, know-it-all New Yorkers always making themselves the center of attention to bully and scam to get their way. But they’re still letting people fly out! Shut the planes, trains and automobiles down from leaving NYC of its that bad! Shocking that the democratic bastion of New York, one of the highest taxed cities in the country, isn’t able to take care of those in need... way to go NYGovCuomo you and SpeakerPelosi tag teaming this effort?

Where are the videos? Funerals? People in the hospitals? Anyone else smell something rotten? this is horrifying. Maybe if your Health Dept Commissioner was more concerned with health than her Social Justice agenda, you wouldn't be in this dire predicament at what point is bill de blasio going to be 'questioned' about this going on in his city?

Suck it up. We all have problems. 😔 Same thing happened w SpanishFlu study it . Give ya an idea about how and why it spread so fast. Can other hospitals donate or is that not viable because it will come to them eventually? not one person has died waiting for a bed, New York had the chance to buy ventilators in 2015, No doctor has told you this, Not all patients have the virus. The whole state is at the epicenter not just NYC stop lying and learn to tell the truth

JoeNBC Thanks Nancy and Chuck for not voting for the bill and instead putting in their Pork! Not a trusted news source. JoeNBC Problem is... I don’t believe you. Your reputation is more comical than a news organization. Fear-Mongering Fake News! Praying for New York.

Where is the video? If this were true, the media would play the video footage of packed ER’s with dead bodies covered with sheets on gurneys in the hallways on loop 24/7. I just don’t understand this when the death toll in New York City is not even 200. What is going on? But but the USA healthcare system is the envy of the world....

SethAbramson Ppl NEED to read this, especially if they’re even considering following DT’s advice over the doctors & scientists. SethAbramson What is a normal day before the virus. I'm curious how packed hospitals were before compared to now drawandstrike Sounds like a normal Sat night in Chicago! That is Obama fault.

Maybe we should rethink packing people into cities and mass transit systems that seem almost designed to spread diseases. I'll take my house in the suburbs and my car.

Shame on u for causing such anxiety in people with ur insane headline. FakeNews NewYorkSlimes JoeNBC Cuomos ventilator scandal. New York should welcome more people ! stillgray No wonder, look at the population density, people are forced to live like sardines. Forced to ride mass transit and comingle with the homeless. Flyover states with low population density are having far fewer deaths.


Now I’m scared. Even more. realDonaldTrump New York's GDP is greater than the country of Spain, and we have a Federal system. Where is New York's disaster mitigation planning? Meanwhile Trump is gambling lives on his blabbering nonsense and wanting Cuomo to kiss his ring!! He's a wannabe King, but he's merely an unlicked cub!

gapol GovKemp BrianKempGA Atlanta ICU’s are over capacity. Do your job AJC COVIDIOT Covid19ga shutdownga In a Medicare for all situation people would be dying all the time waiting for care. This is total bullschitt. Have you called SenSchumer ? Italy Confirmed: 74,386 Deaths: 7,503 7,503/74,386=10%2.1%0.021% 9.0% 3 days ago. 8.0% 7 days ago. Who is lying?

jairbolsonaro que tal pedir pra alguém traduzir isso aqui pra vc e parar de mentir pros brasileiros? Oh stop drawandstrike How many people in the US are hospitalized with COVID-19? I think the greater KC area has about 4 people hospitalized with it. At the peak of swine flu, over 300,000 were hospitalized. How can we be running out of beds and supplies?

drawandstrike Great job by BilldeBlasio.

drawandstrike Maybe NYGovCuomo should have purchased those 16,000 ventilators in 2015 at a really cheap price as was recommended but he declined. BillyCorben But this happens every flu season right? Right guys? Right.......... Then why the hell hasn’t the relief bill passed. Delete this!!She is lying

thekjohnston Thank you trump for feet dragging and overall incompetence Where is the Federal Government and all this so called Plans of Action? Pics or it didn't happen Who didnt order a bunch of ventilators a while back when he was supposed to? 🤔 Crazy... the cdc disagrees. Cuomo2020 disagrees But look no further than DeBlasio

'one doctor said.' In all of New York City? One doctor? Hell I can remember when 4 out of 5 doctors recommended Camels. You probly ran those ads in your own damn newspaper. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor you quoted was the grandson of one of those four doctor

But you signed a bill last year, New York, to kill the babies after they were born. You laughed, you clapped. Did you think your choices had NO consequences What about those lives? How many per day No one ever died at a hospital before Orange Man Bad. This is quite a production. Is BilldeBlasio still getting his gym time in?

They experienced a leveling of diagnosis. Stop the chaos and panic and allow the use of off label meds that show clear potential to prevent death and improve condition. 👍👍👍🙄🙄🙄🙄 This is what will continue to happen!!! After these two weeks of quarantine, the president wants US!!! Americans!!! back to work... HUMAN LIVES MATTER!!! Let’s put humanity first!!! And Money second!!! Just saying!!! Have human compassion!!! To the man who “knows” all!!!

Funny I just talked to a doctor in New York City who told me they contacted the NY Times in 2012 regarding an ER where at least 50 people died. The NYT told him that the story would have to wait until a Republican was in the Whitehouse. Why would New York officials not be prepared for a pandemic? They had tons of taxpayer money for all their progressive non profit$ with an average salary of 120K for a 'homeless advocate', year after year such incompetence in the ranks. 3 years of Trump can't possibly hope to fix

SenSchumer who is from NY apparently doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t seem to be in a rush to help. Got to get him some pork in the bills. Congress Never let’s a crisis go to waste. They literally hate We The People. Praying for New York.

I don't believe a word you type. lol bull shit RoArquette MAGArmageddon Trumpocalypse Someone is lying then. Gov Cuomo said today at his press conference there was no ventilator shortfall. This is complete fear mongering. SHAME!!! We pray for the people of New York!! Trump did this. If only ... If only the governor and the state had better prepared in the past 10 or 12 years they’ve known they were unprepared for something like this, (equipment, hospitals, and needed medical staff). I can only pray they find a way to mitigate the loss of life.

How can that be? Who has mismanaged NY’s hospitals? Let me guess. But it’s racist to ban travel from China or to say China shouldn’t have tried to cover it up. Who are these people dying? I’m just curious... NicolleDWallace How about you turn Trump Tower into a hospital? Think of what this would be like if we just let it 'run its course' Damn all you idiots that keep saying this.

stacyherbert I wonder if trump walked into an ER, if he would feel anything. 😔😔 New Yorkers handled this pretty badly. jairbolsonaro

SethAbramson This needs to be magnified on the news!!! Trump will hide it and change the subject. Cuomo should publicly ask Trump to come visit patients in the hospitals to give them encouragement!!! Putz sauloveronesi :( Fake news. Keep Ginning it up. Keep up the crisis as all costs. Total BS. 'They have refrigerator trucks outside to hold the bodies' was a quote I just read.

😢 Just like in Cremona Italy. Cuomo had a chance to buy 16000 ventilators in 2015 decided not too FLASHBACK To March 3: De Blasio Asks New Yorkers To Ignore Coronavirus, Get On With Their Lives Its Dems who run NYC their fault oh and people die every day waiting for beds doesnt mean the “ bed” would save them

SethAbramson Send Trump there to toss out some paper towels. This is heartbreaking! we need more physicians like her to speak up and more coverage on the real situation in hospitals. realDonaldTrump You can stop patting yourself on the back DonnieDeath SethAbramson This is what happens when you jam 9MM people in a city and they all sit on each other’s faces.

i'm Chinese, and our government is lying. The death rate is hidden and number of infected persons was almost over 1 billion. It's super dangerous now, Pls Doooon't Go To China! (狗头 nlyonne also um guys, Chicago looks just like NY did 8 days ago.... nlyonne please stay home. 💜 SethAbramson But hey, Donald Trump thinks we should just send everyone back to work ASAP. What could possibly go wrong?

Soon there will be concentration camps and start burning bodies... peterbakernyt On Trump s watch

nlyonne :((((( An ER doctor took us inside Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where staff are scrambling to cope with a surge of coronavirus patients. “I want people to know that this is bad,” one doctor said. 'People are dying.' jairbolsonaro olha isso aqui fela da puta Trumps fault right? Germany has been lauded for its low mortality rate and large number of Ventilators. The US is said to have a crisis. Germany, with a population of 80 million, has 25,000 ventilators. The US, which is 4 times as large, has 160,000. That is over 6 times as many as in Germany.

NicolleDWallace It hasnt even started yet. Next week there will be corpses in the streets. rodrigodasilva e a galera naquele tweet falando que voce estava exagerando.... nao adianta, o povo só vai acordar a hora que der merda. realDonaldTrump that’s REALITY! FOCUS Here to see if the trumpie voters are out. They are all hiding in their shells or facing the reality, they were duped just like bushie did them. ouch gopdisgrace

E ai BolsonaroSP SEU LIXO These deaths are on DeBlasio and Cuomo. They know how tightly New Yorkers live; how packed the schools, subways, buses and restaurants are and they still waited to shut things down. They cared more for the economy than human lives and people are paying the price. “Apocalyptic” is a very strong term to use. Coming from a doctor who would not likely be given to hyperbole, it should provide sober reflection.

This breaks my heart. Thanks realDonaldTrump Trump’s delayed action in response to COVID2019 escalated the economic crisis in America, he is responsible for the current situation and the deaths of many are on his watch, he should be removed, and held accountable for his malpractice. NicolleDWallace Oy this DraftCuomo bit: Trump bungled our national situation and deserves so much blame it's nauseating. But Cuomo wasted critical, precious days, squandered them feuding with deBlasio about who would respond more foolishly. No lockdown. No school closures. Lay this on him too.

But they died for the economy. NicolleDWallace realDonaldTrump Hell of a hoax NicolleDWallace So many prayers for these souls. Feel so helpless

elonmusk POTUS nothing to worry about NicolleDWallace Why the media aren’t confronting the idiot in the WH with this NicolleDWallace POTUS realDonaldTrump NicolleDWallace Omg. This is heartbreaking. Well it looks to me a city as big as NYC would have had a disaster preparedness plan and have hospitals and med centers well equipped. Well why did they not have ventilators when they had opportunity to have 15000+ two or three years ago? Incompetence NYCMayor and NYGovCuomo

God bless the health workers..Remember the president said he contained it..recommend drugs it was just a Flu.. and now it's gone like Italy Spain.because of a very slow president who cares about stock exchange than people God bless you all stay safe and well Yet NO reporting of democrats holding up the relief package with unrelated bullshit.

While I support more PPE for healthcare providers and having ventilators ready, this is irresponsible reporting. Saying in a briefing, that by the way the governor is not aware of, that the morgues could be filled by the end of the week 1/ terrifying... Wow, guess they were not prepared, well, that is just normal for liberals and socialists, they fail and then want capitalism to come save them.

AdriannaHopkins 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Y cuando se dieron cuenta de la gravedad ? If you watch Trump's daily briefings, there is a serious disconnect between reality and what he thinks. Imagine. arothmanhistory Just 10 days later than us. Stay at home! What an irresponsible headline. There is nothing apocalyptic about 13 people who died. At. All.

How can new york be so under prepared? Wishing recovery to all! Well, NYT's why don't you SH!T some ventilators.

Behold American Greatness It we’ll be okay by Easter. Trump is such a moron. There needs to be a mutiny is his administration. Welsh doctor designs ventilator that could save 1000s of lives ... Most dangerous thing is Los Angeles mayor says residents may have to shelter at home for two months. CoronavirusLockdown COVID2019

An everything will reopen by easter Let’s create hysteria NYT. Much is being done. However NYT doing zero to benefit anyone. Unprofessional writers. realDonaldTrump Your people are dead at the ER waiting for beds and ventilators , not waiting for job or stock options . Closing your eyes on coffins soon to pile in the streets will not get you re-elected .People must stay home , tested, treated. If you can’t do the job resign.

If New York hospital has those trouble, We have no hope in Latam, In Chile is just begining the health crisis 😱😭😭😭🤯 Can't be true. DocCreque says this is just the flu and we're hurting the economy and nobody even goes to the hospital with this and MAGA.....

The president is supposed to help American families 🇺🇸. JoeBiden help us realDonaldTrump 🍊🤡 This is fake news. Your counting ALL deaths to make Trump look bad. set up more beds in convention center China did it in Wuhan Stay home and be cautious. You have our support, from Italy. ❤ And let's face it. Now, the president is going to say, 'Well, things are getting better in New York!' because your headline is the only part that will be read to him.

The NYT are scare mongering again. And who exactly runs NYC? Democrats. realDonaldTrump FYI That's it. No one will be able to fly ever again without showing your vaccination papers. Call your governor he is smart ass

Maybe you should have let Illegal immigrants get Deported. And maybe STOP inviting more in. blamemayorsnottrump You should really rethink your 'New York Spread May Be Slowing' headline. It's misleading. Social distancing might stall some of this, but the disease has an incubation period. Things are changing every minute. Please follow the facts and not the words of *any politician.

Tucker Carlson doesn't think America should let medical experts make coronavirus decisions

Inconsolable Jeff Sessions Tries To Commit Suicide By Smoking Joint

Olive Oil In Skinny Bottle Obviously Better

Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating

China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response

Kang Daniel Had To Step Away From The Stage To Remember Why He Loved It

Dr. Deborah Birx admits US officials 'didn't know how contagious' coronavirus was early in outbreak

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