13 Celeb Duos Who Were Roommates Before They Made It Big

These struggling stars decided to shack up with other aspiring actors in order to save some cash!

10/24/2021 2:56:00 PM

These struggling stars decided to shack up with other aspiring actors in order to save some cash!

Most celebrities haven't always lived in massive mansions and luxury apartments. Early in their careers, many celebs were barely making rent as they auditioned for any project that came their way. And when times were tough, these struggling stars decided to shack up with other aspiring actors in order to save some cash. For these future stars, their roommate experience was complete with everything you'd expect, complete with ramen noodles, secondhand furniture, and some pretty messy kitchens.

Raven-Symoné & Lindsay LohanDisney stars Raven-Symoné and Lindsay Lohan lived together when they were actresses on the rise — although they didn’t see much of each other. The duo first met on the set of a fashion shoot and decided to live together because they weren’t attending college and wanted to still get the "roommate experience.” Soon after, Lindsay became pretty busy with work and ended up not being at the apartment very much at all. “She was real, real cool. She was getting really busy with work and she never really moved in. I got rent from her for 14 months. Pretty cool roommate. Great shoes. She left all of her shoes in the house, like dropped all of her clothes off,” Raven told ​​BlogXilla.

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Getty2 / 13Jonah Hill & Justin LongJonah Hill and Justin Long were roommates when they were young actors pursuing a career in Hollywood, but it wasn’t exactly a great living situation. Although Justin says they were always laughing, he admitted that both weren’t very neat. “The best part is that we laughed like hyenas. The worst part was that we were both equally pretty messy...He left the bathroom door open, didn't clean up after himself. Little things like that. It got to be like an old married couple. It was time for a separation,” Justin said on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Getty3 / 13Justin Timberlake & Ryan GoslingBefore Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling were massive superstars, they lived together while working on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Ryan had originally been living with his mom, but she had to return to Canada for a job, so Justin’s family offered to house the young actor. “My mom was his guardian for like six months. We actually lived together...We were probably a little closer than the rest of the kids that were on the show just because we had to share a bathroom,” Justin said on “The Ellen Show.” headtopics.com

Getty4 / 13Robert Downey Jr. & Keifer SutherlandBack in the 1980s, Robert Downey Jr. and Keifer Sutherland shared an apartment in New York City after meeting on the set of their movie “1969.” They lived together for three years while auditioning for movie roles. At the time, Robert was dating Sarah Jessica Parker and he says that when things went wrong in the relationship, Keifer was a “shoulder” to cry on for Sarah.

Getty5 / 13Channing Tatum & Jax TaylorChanning Tatum and “Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor were roommates in New York City when they were both early in their careers. Jax says at the time, he was pursuing modeling before he moved to Los Angeles. “I used to be roommates with Channing Tatum. He was my first roommate in New York when I first started modeling,” Jax revealed on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Getty6 / 13Jamie Dornan, Eddie Redmayne & Andrew GarfieldIn the early 2000s, Jamie Dornan, Eddie Redmayne, and Andrew Garfield all lived in an apartment in Hollywood together. The three roomies stuck together while they were struggling actors — although some saw success faster than the others. “When we were fresh off the boat in L.A., someone from the agency dropped scripts for us...There must have been like 25 scripts in my pile and three in [Eddie’s pile]. What that seriously means is I had 23 more jobs that I wasn't going to get. It's just like more failure for me, I guess. But that's what is so lovely about what I have now, because good things are happening now for both of us. So it just kind of worked out,” Jamie said during an appearance on “Live! With Kelly and Michael.”

Getty7 / 13Milo Ventimiglia & Penn BadgleyWhile Milo Ventimiglia and Penn Badgley were aspiring actors working on “The Bedford Diaries” they lived together in New York City. Penn was only 18 at the time and he says that Milo used to let him borrow his ID so that he could sneak into bars and clubs. "When I was 18, my roommate was Milo Ventimiglia, who was 28 at the time. I used to borrow his ID to get into bars. I've still got it somewhere,” Penn told Bullett magazine. headtopics.com

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Getty8 / 13Brad Pitt & Jason PriestleyBrad Pitt and Jason Priestley once lived together in West Hollywood when they were young and broke. It all started when Jason’s other roommate allowed Brad to crash on their couch and from there, the duo became the best of friends. They would even have competitions to see who could go the longest without showering and shaving. "We lived on Ramen noodles and generic beer—the kind that came in white cans labeled 'beer'—and Marlboro Light cigarettes...we were broke," Jason wrote in his book “Jason Priestley: A Memoir.”

Getty9 / 13Judd Apatow & Adam SandlerJudd Apatow and Adam Sandler split rent on a $900 apartment in Los Angeles when they were up-and-coming comedians. Judd says they were doing “good enough to get by” and would have a big night out at Red Lobster once a month. Even after Adam moved to New York to join ‘Saturday Night Live,’ he continued to pay rent because he was nervous that was going to “get fired” and might have to move back to Los Angeles. “He just left, like he was going to come back, but he just didn’t come back,” Judd said on “60 Minutes Overtime.”

Getty10 / 13Lauren Graham & Connie BrittonDuring the late ’90s, Lauren Graham and Connie Britton were roommates but they definitely weren’t supposed to be living in the home where they stayed. Lauren once revealed that they had absolutely no furniture in the space and lived on junk food. “We lived in an empty house that we weren’t supposed to be living in. We had no furniture and all we ate were Rice Krispies Treats,” Lauren said on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Getty11 / 13Jude Law & Ewan McGregorEarly in their career, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor lived and worked together. While sharing a space, the duo ended up starting their own British theater and film company called Natural Nylon which lasted for about five years. headtopics.com

Getty12 / 13Glen Powell & Chord OverstreetWhile Chord Overstreet was starring on “Glee,” he lived with Glen Powell. At the time, director Ryan Murphy was trying to cast “Scream Queens” but had no idea what actor he wanted to play the part of Chad Radwell. Fortunately, his co-producer Ian Brennan knew Glen as Chord’s roommate and thought he’d be the perfect fit. “Ian Brennan said, ‘I know this guy Glen Powell, who's roommates with Chord Overstreet, and I've been out with him and I've seen him do sort of improv stuff. I think he would be great.' That led to me meeting Glen, and as soon as he read it you were like, ‘Oh, my god. Where have you been all my life?’” Ryan told E! News.

Getty13 / 13James Corden & Dominic CooperWhen James Corden lived in London, he shared a flat with Dominic Cooper. The duo admit that it was a total bachelor pad with only one bed and a thin sofa — and they often didn’t even have food in the fridge. “There was absolutely no furniture. I lied to you and said it was furnished...We only had one piece of cutlery, which was a spatula. And I remember a really depressing evening where he caught me—he came home and I was just eating baked beans with the spatula,” Dominic said on “The Late Late Show.”

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