12 Kate Moss Glastonbury Looks That Defined Festival Fashion

The supermodel single-handedly invented festival fashion.

6/23/2022 12:11:00 PM

The supermodel single-handedly invented festival fashion.

Kate’s Glasto outfits were made for Instagram, even before Instagram was invented.

. The British super has made a career of wearing couture for more than 30 years now, but to some, Kate is never more Kate than she is in her Hunters, making her way from the VIP to the Pyramid stage with (once upon a time) a cig and a paper cup in tow.

The supermodel single-handedly invented festival fashion (it’s not a coincidence that Hunter opened a store in New York the year after she first wore a pair at Glasto). From cut-offs to waistcoats to scarf belts to sequins, where Moss went, every other music fan followed, and she’s the reason ticket-holders now curate their festival wardrobes with the same care once reserved for a two-week holiday.

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She’s awesome

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