11-year-old sews 500 blankets and over 1,000 masks for kids in need

“Kindness does matter, it always will,” Blaylock said.

7/8/2020 6:43:00 AM

This 11-year-old sewed 500 blankets and over 1,000 masks for kids in need!

“Kindness does matter, it always will,” Blaylock said.

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Marvellous job done.really deserves appreciation much more Little Hero.. You are AWESOME!!!!!! Salute to her dedication for helping.... 'such a kind soul' Then why is she not doing this anonymously? Or is it all for her 5 minutes of fame? So thoughtful. This young lady is not using an auto-threading overhanging sewing machine, apparently. I'm told that is a bad thing. They also cost near $1,000 too.

God bless your heart 👏👏👏 Amazing girl well done Awesome! Great job Lucy! Proud of you for sharing hope and joy to the 🌎. Thank you and your family. 🌅 Amazing young lady to have the foresight to blaze a path of giving when it's needed the most and does the most good for the beneficiaries heart and soul! The lights shine for you!❤️👊

What an amazing young lady 😇 ادي البنات ولابلاش.... so sweet What a truly special young lady!!! So kind, thoughtful and truly appreciated 🤗 A very nice gesture. On the other hand a true investigative news agency would be asking: Why is an 11 year old working that many hours? Doesn’t this violate Federal laws? Isn’t it sexist to promote such a blatant gender stereotype? Is that taking a job from someone out of work?

This girl is amazing! 👏🏽 This has been a covid19 promotion, all proceeds go to the agenda program, You are one fantastic young lady. Thank you for doing sooo much good! God Bless and keep you out of harms way! Your parents I’m sure are way beyond proud of you and what you have achieved! How sweet 😍 Heroes do come in different sizes, colour, age and gender❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼👍🏼🇨🇦🇵🇭

Can we call her an angel ? 😍 Joe Biden may buy them and send to our troops. Does she work in an IvankaTrump sweatshop? Adorable indoctrination.

11-year-old sews 500 blankets and over 1,000 masks for kids in needLucy Blaylock is on a mission to comfort kids going through difficult times, one blanket at a time. 'When I told her it was time to pick, she started crying and said she couldn't pick just one,' Lucy's mom Veronica Blaylock said. Since then Lucy has made 500 blankets for kids in 14 Child labor. CANCEL IT Wow! What a positive IMPACT. GivingBack

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