11 WTF AHS Moments as Body Count Rises Amid Major Deaths, Tragic Transformations

Ahead of next week's 'Red Tide' finale, 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' asks how far you would go for greatness?

9/16/2021 6:20:00 PM

Ahead of next week's 'Red Tide' finale, 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' asks how far you would go for greatness? (via toofab)

Ahead of next week's 'Red Tide' finale, 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' asks how far you would go for greatness?

Pale People EverywhereAfter lurking more in the background, the pale people took center stage all over this episode, and they were creepy AF every single time we saw them. The twitching, the creaking bones like they're breaking them over and over, their insatiable hunger. Seriously, we don't know how anyone can be left alive in this town that isn't on the black pills, they're so pervasive now. How is law enforcement this oblivious to all these freaks in terrible jackets?

CNN fires Chris Cuomo CNN terminates Chris Cuomo 'effective immediately' Sheriff says parents and shooting suspect are 'individually in isolation' in the same jail

Belle Threatens Karen Over BabyWe'd already seen Belle (Frances Conroy) force Karen to bring her a baby, and yet it never crossed our minds that she would want Doris' baby right away -- or that she would approach Karen on the beach to threaten her into doing it. Karen in this episode (and the whole season) represents the struggling artist, the person who's been beaten down by society in every way, but clings desperately to their dream and their decency. She's convinced that either she can achieve greatness on her own, or she can just not achieve greatness. Karen is that rare person who's not willing to pay any price, and it's clear what that humane stance has done for her ... absolutely nothing good.

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