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Anthony Hucker, Romay Davis

101-year-old grocery store employee honored with a grant in her name

The Winn-Dixie grocery store in Montgomery, Alabama, celebrated the 101-year-old employee for Black History Month.

3/3/2021 10:57:00 AM

At 101-years-old, Davis is still working even amid the coronavirus pandemic and still drives herself to the grocery store each day for work.

The Winn-Dixie grocery store in Montgomery , Alabama, celebrated the 101-year-old employee for Black History Month.

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So sad! 101 already, and still need to work! Need your help covering this story! My friends life depends on it please cover his trial this month in San Bernardino!!! Please contact me for more info. Mark geragos and Alexandra Kazarian is defending him! Please help save a life and bring light to injustice

Before all of you give assinine comments, read the article. She’s working because she wants to. She’s 101, no-one is going to make this phenomenon do anything she doesn’t want to. Let her live as she sees fit. This woman is amazing but I am afraid for her being out in public place like she is with this virus. Please keep her safe

eternal life Jesus 10,000 yrs in perfect health no aging This is a very sad thing This is not inspiring. This is disgusting. I hate America.... This sposed to be heartwarming or something? I think the fuck not. God won’t let you die until You pay off your student loan! StudentLoans money LetHerGo 시국관에 대한법은 외국인 외국기관 외국의 언론인 종 교인등 의 견해 참조가 좋을듯--죽기전에

If she's working because she *wants* to, then ok. Not exactly a smart move given the pandemic and her age, but ultimately her decision. However, if she's working because she *needs* the money, this is straight up dystopian. SASam1714 Maybe because he can't retired because the USA system? This is why women should rule the world.

Why are you trying to make that sound inspirational? A 101 year old person should be taken care of. this is terrible news