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10 Ways To Alleviate Tech Neck, According To Experts

Hunching over a laptop, tablet or smartphone can lead to ongoing neck pain. Here's how the pros recommend catching some relief.

10/28/2021 4:46:00 PM

Hunching over a laptop, tablet or smartphone can lead to ongoing neck pain. Here's how the pros recommend catching some relief.

Hunching over a laptop, tablet or smartphone can lead to ongoing neck pain. Here's how the pros recommend catching some relief.

Use ice packs for initial pain, then switch to heat packs.Tech neck can present itself as anything from a sharp, stabbing pain to a frustratingly achy sore. Either way, ice packs can offer some much-needed relief. “Ice packs applied to the back of the neck can be a useful analgesic within the first 48 to 72 hours to reduce both pain and swelling,” Tolchin said.

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AdvertisementAfter that, combat any lingering pain by switching to moist heat, either by wrapping a warm towel around the neck or by usingfor 10 to 15 minutes every three to four hours.Strengthen your back muscles through exercise.A strong back is to tech neck what strong teeth are to a cavity — the better shape it’s in, the more resilient it is to damage. In the case of tech neck, maintaining strong back muscles means your neck is better able to handle more stress. This isn’t a free pass to keep up a bad posture, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep your back muscles in tip-top condition.

Tolchin recommended working on your back through core-strengthening exercises. “The goal is to strengthen the 29 core muscles around your abdomen, spine, and pelvic area,” he said. “These muscles will act as a brace for your spine if strengthened appropriately.”

Pilates-based exercises (with or without a reformer) as well as planks — which help strengthen the extensor muscles in your back, according to Lin — are especially helpful in promoting better overall posture and spinal alignment.visualspace via Getty Images

Planks can help strengthen your core, which in turn helps your back and neck.Do door frame stretches to relieve tightness.Door frame stretching can be beneficial for the muscles in the front of the shoulder girdle and chest wall, Tolchin said.Here’s how to do it: “Raise each arm up in the doorway to about 90 degrees at the shoulders and the elbows with your palms facing forward,” Tolchin said. “Rest your palms on the door frame and slowly step forward with one foot at a time to feel the stretch in your shoulder girdles and chest wall. You should do this until tension is felt in those muscles. Hold that position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat three times.”

Massage the affected area.The pain associated with tech neck canradiate from the neck into the shoulders and upper back. It can also increase tension in the shoulders and cause numbness, soreness and even headaches.AdvertisementA good massage can work wonders on managing this discomfort, as

it “helps alleviate the soft tissue and upper level muscle tension,” Abraham said. It can also reduce inflammation in the neck muscles, and is a great way to relieve overall stiffness and stress. Read more: HuffPost Parents »


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