10 Underrated SNES Games Missing from Nintendo Switch Online

Let's do it, Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Online, Snes

9/1/2021 11:51:00 PM

Nintendo Switch Online 's library of Super Nintendo games is missing some true classics. Here 10 great, overlooked SNES games that we'd like to see come to Nintendo Switch Online .

Let's do it, Nintendo.

Hagane: The Final Conflictis a suave and stylish action platformer that deftly merges ninjas and cyberpunk. Hagane uses swords, chains, shurikens, grenades, and magic on his path of destruction against the Koma clan.Though not many would venture to say

Haganetrumps its ninja platformer brethren, it’s a true hidden gem and considered a lost game in the library. Copies ofHaganesell online for exorbitant prices, and its availability on the Switch could be the only way many could experience the game today.

Harvest MoonThe Harvest Moon series (now known as Story of Seasons) found its humble beginnings on the SNES, where it laid its seeds for an entire generation’s soon-to-be rural dreams. The game’s premise will echo as familiar for anyone that’s played one of the later entries or headtopics.com

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Stardew Valley: your grandfather has passed away and left you as the sole proprietor of his ranch, meaning you’ll be spending the rest of your days tilling the field and milking cows.The originalHarvest Moonmight be scant in content in comparison to future entries, but it’s a charming experience and one not a lot of dedicated fans of the series have had the opportunity to play. It’s an interesting history lesson for the now ubiquitous farm simulation genre.

The Goemon series is one of many neglected Konami franchises, which is a shame given how underrated it’s gone in the West.The Legend of the Mystical Ninjamay not be the first in the series, but it was the first to make it out of Japan, and it’s inarguably one of the best action-adventure games the SNES has to offer. Combining brawler elements with action-platforming,

Mystical Ninjawas ahead of its time in its rendering of a highly interactable world brimming with life. There’s a ton of kabuki-style spectacle and enjoyable mini-games to keep you here for a while, so it’s a bit puzzling why the series didn’t catch on until

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemonreleased for the Nintendo 64. A port ofMystical Ninjawould be a great opportunity to bring back an iconic IP and a wonderful reintroduction to gaming’s funniest thief.I’m just going to say it—it’s about time we revisitPac-Man 2 headtopics.com

. Maligned for its bizarre departure from near-perfect arcade game to side-scrolling adventure (it owes more toPac-Landthan the original arcade classic),Pac-Man 2features a fully realized world in which Pac-Man owns a home, has a family, and is conspired against by his old ghostly enemies. There’s a bit of a Saturday Morning Cartoon aesthetic to it all, and it’s mostly notable for its humor and the lengths to which you can torture Pac-Man on his own turf.

It’s a very odd game that may not be for everyone, but introduces enough off-kilter mechanics to make it stand out against point-and-clicks of a similar vein. You have to at least respect Namco for being unafraid to do something totally unasked for with one of gaming’s most recognizable figures.

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While the remaster of the originalPocky & Rocky,Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, is set to hit the PS4 and Switch later this Fall, there’s been no word on whether its sequel will receive a similar treatment.Pocky & Rocky 2is one of the cutest pick-up-and-play co-op games available on the SNES, and expands on the original by introducing a retinue of new playable characters complete with individualized abilities and mechanics. It’s a sequel in the truest sense, and new fans will sorely be missing out on an arguably superior game if it goes without a port of its own.

More than just a novelty,Pretty Soldier Sailor Moonis a side-scrolling beat ‘em up in the vein ofFinal Fight. Featuring some truly impressive animation for the SNES,Pretty Soldieris a silly romp throughSailor Moon’s first season where up to two players are tasked with taking down the Dark Kingdom. It’s a game with a lot of bombast and not one to be dismissed just because of its nature as a strange licensed game genre mash-up. Besides, who doesn’t want to judo flip a bunch of buff zombies as Sailor Mercury? headtopics.com

It’s tragic that Quest’s legendary Ogre Battle series hasn’t seen the light of day other than a few ports here and there since 2002. ThoughLet Us Cling Togethernever made it to the West in its original iteration, its PlayStation and later PSP versions secured its place as one of the most beloved strategy RPGs out there.

Let Us Cling Togetheris an epic journey underscored by an alignment system which affects the classes you are able to access for your party members.It’s a longshot to hope for a port available on Nintendo Switch Online, but it would be more than welcome as an addition and would spruce up the rather thin selection of RPGs available currently.

There are several RPGs for the SNES that rank among the console’s most underrated games, andTerranigmais no exception. Developed by Quintet (known for their Soul Blazer Trilogy which features

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